Prevention and first aid for frostbite in the field, first aid rescued from wormwood.

In the campaign, at low temperatures, the use of alcoholic beverages is unacceptable, since a breakdown that occurs after taking alcohol increases the risk of serious consequences from frostbite. 

Prevention and first aid for frostbite in the field, first aid rescued from wormwood.

If you feel chills or drowsiness, you need to drink hot tea, eat a piece of sugar or several glucose tablets with vitamin C. To prevent frostbite on the feet, keep them clean and your shoes, insoles and socks must be dry. If your feet freeze, it is useful to perform wide swings back and forth and deep squats. For chilled hands, it is recommended to do energetic swings from the shoulder and quickly clench your fingers into fists and unclench.

, bubbles should not be opened. In the case of general freezing, the victim is in a semi-unconscious state, his thoughts are confused, weakness and drowsiness increase every minute, he is rushed to a warm room or placed around a fire. Take energetic measures to warm, rubbing the body with alcohol. They give heart remedies and, if necessary, do artificial respiration. Then the victim is warmly dressed, watered with strong hot sweet tea, fed and transported to a medical institution.

First aid rescued from wormwood.

The victim needs immediate medical attention. If he is conscious and can move independently, it should be carried out. Because brisk walking or running to some extent warms a person. In a warm place, they take off wet clothes from him, rub them dry and dress them in dry clothes or wrap them in something warm. Help is the same as with general freezing.

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