Prevention of accidents in automobile transport, the main causes of accidents on the roads.

Road transport is the most dangerous transport. It is in automobile transport that the lion’s share of human losses is accounted for. The most probable death of the driver or passengers as a result of a traffic accident, to a lesser extent during the capture of a car by intruders and a fire. 

Road accident prevention, the main causes of road accidents.

Statistics argue that the main causes of accidents in road transport are:

Violation of traffic rules. This is understandable, no one lives in Europe, nobody is inferior to anyone, we don’t stand in front of the signs, but, on the contrary, skips as quickly as possible, the yellow color of the traffic light interprets as almost green and so on.

it will be too late to think about what to do. And so there is a chance that memory itself will give a ready-made solution even before consciousness finds a way out. This is how professional race car drivers are trained on special simulators repeating the path of the future track.

It will be useful to familiarize with the rules of accident prevention and behavior during a possible accident of its regular passengers. They are pretty simple. Firstly, without unnecessary reminder to fasten your seat belts. Secondly, to seat children under 12 years old exclusively in the rear, much safer during a collision seat. Do not let them get up while driving and protrude between the front seats. And be sure to lower the fuses on the doors. Thirdly, remove heavy objects with protruding edges from the rear window that, when braking sharply or in a collision, can most naturally shoot the passengers sitting in front of the head.

Fourth, do not distract the driver from his main business. Do not chat, do not ask empty questions, do not shout: No, well, look what is being done there! And there, there! poking a finger in the back or in the side window, do not give advice on hand, do not do home disassembly. One of my acquaintances, actively figuring out in a car running at full speed where her husband was doing the rest of her salary, achieved that she had lost all his other salaries two years ahead, who had gone to repair someone else’s, to smithereens.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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