Prevention of life safety in the city, elimination of risk factors.

We take the very, previously compiled register of risk factors and dangers and see what to do to ensure the safety of life in the city, we begin to eliminate them. One by one, as far as possible. 

Prevention of life safety in the city, elimination of risk factors.

What do we have in paragraph one? Petrochemical plant. This is serious. No, no, I do not call for the purchase of anti-tank grenades from former military personnel. In order to eliminate this first paragraph. Will not succeed! He’ll be restored anyway. With the help of terrorism, hazardous industries cannot be eliminated. You can only do worse. But if you really want to act, I can give one recipe for the safety of life in the city. Calculate to whom, besides you, this giant of petrochemicals is dangerous, go around apartments, explain to people what such a neighborhood is fraught with, convince, in the end, scare.

Next, organize in a group that will require clarification from the city administration and company management on the nature of the production, possible negative consequences, on measures aimed at saving people who are in the danger zone, and on the compensation they have in this case. It is your right. If you do not want to listen, contact the higher authorities. And to the press. If this does not help, start a lawsuit on the safety of life in the city. It didn’t work then turn to the latest civilized protest demonstrations and picketing of administrative buildings on the safety of life in the city. Follow the recommendations of the international environmental organization Greenpeace.

There they taught the authorities and production workers to reckon with the opinion of the people on the safety of life in the city. That is probably why they live almost a quarter century longer than us. And an order of magnitude better than us. And we are silent. And even then we are silent, when in front of the windows one looks and tears. And even then we are silent when it exploded! It can be seen that even untimely death is not so terrible for us as the struggle for our safe existence. If you did not succeed in entering into an organized struggle for your future salvation, then you can only rely on yourself. And act yourself.

Look into the details of a possible accident, draw up a plan of actions where to run, how to breathe, what to wear, who and how to prevent, etc. If possible, get the necessary devices for radiological (if it’s a nuclear power plant), chemical (if it’s a chemical plant) or other control. If this is not possible, recognize the characteristic signs of the presence of toxic substances in the air and water. It can be specific odors, the color of smoke during a fire, precipitation on glass and soil, sore throat and other clinical manifestations. All these signs must be known in advance.!

If the inhabitants of Pripyat knew ahead of time what a nuclear explosion should look like, they would not have gone out to the balconies with all families to look at the beautiful flame, or at least taken them into the rooms of the children when they felt a tickle in their throat and a strange smell, as they later recalled. Prepare rescue equipment for this particular type of accident. And an alarming case in case of temporary evacuation. In order not to face the catastrophe that happened, what is there, as happened with the Chernobyl victims.

And be sure to instruct your loved ones about the rules of conduct at the time of the accident. Especially children. So that they do not run to look at the hefty fire, where they were called by friends, and headlong fled to the opposite side. And they dragged those friends. With other, local threats it will be a little easier to cope. Because you don’t have to coordinate your actions with high production managers. But with not very high you still have to.

For example, with employees of housing department. So that they strengthen the front doors through which dozens of suspicious personalities are stuffed into your doorway in dozens. To repair the stair railing, through which you can fall down. The attics were locked in locks, from which adolescents fall onto a roof that is potentially dangerous for them. They made a suggestion to the janitor who turned the porch of your entrance into an iceberg. They blocked the entrance to the courtyard for cars scurrying there..

And you will have to talk with the district traffic police so that they contribute to the establishment of prohibition signs where they are desirable. Traffic lights on the approaches to the yard were repaired. And you have to mess with the repairmen of heating networks, who dug many-meter pits and abandoned. And the water has accumulated and soars. And to talk with the district police officer, so that finally the company will be removed from that arbor. And more … And more…

What do you want! Serving the security muse, unlike the more sophisticated muse of the arts, requires fuss. What a fuss! If you are, of course, interested in the end result. Which is sometimes equal to life. If interested, then run. If not, then lie down in hospitals, gypsum, or maybe in the city cemetery. And finally, the easiest way to become the security zone of your apartment. This is where you bow to anyone and do not have to scandalize anyone! Or have to? No, still have to.

Do not touch my shelf! mom will be indignant.
Yes, on it is a load of three centners. Yes, if it falls off the head.
Not on your head. So leave me alone.
Ah! the younger generation will shout with one voice.
Let him not remove the bench from the balcony. It’s convenient for us to stand on it!
And flying down is also convenient.

And so with every piece of furniture and every potentially dangerous little thing.

This oil we will not eat!
Why is this?
Because it has dangerous markings. These are the numbers. They indicate that it is carcinogenic..
And what will we eat?
Nothing better!
A a a a!
I throw these toys away. They are painted with lead..
A a a!
We change this linoleum to fiberboard.
But linoleum is prettier!
And more dangerous!
Let it be more dangerous! But it’s nice to watch! I will not give linoleum! Only over my dead body!
The corpse will be sooner or later.

No, even in your own home, security is not easy. Maybe spit on everything and live as before? You can spit. But you can miss. Miss a lot. Deadly miss. So better go and look for something that could tear under your careless stepped foot at any next moment.

So, we remove it … We move it here … We change it … We generally throw it away.

And so on until the complete and final victory of security over the threat.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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