Prevention of robbery of an apartment and a dwelling, complication of approaches to an apartment, strengthening of penetration paths.

Not every apartment break ends in a robbery of an apartment. Very often, the criminal, having examined the approaches to the object, abandons his intentions. Convincing him to abandon his plan and helps in time carried out the prevention of robberies. 

Prevention of robbery of an apartment and a dwelling, complication of approaches to an apartment, strengthening of penetration routes.

Prevention is the complication of approaches to an apartment, the strengthening of ways to enter the apartment, control of information provoking thieves’ interest, imitation of the presence of people in an empty apartment, and others.

Approaches are all the same meters and steps that lead to the door and windows of the apartment. This is the environment. To evaluate him from the point of view of the robber, you must try to get into his skin. What makes it easier for him? What complicates? And make every effort so that the second list is much longer than the first. Is it dark and hard to discern the face of a person entering or leaving the entrance? So, you need to install a powerful lamp. Can you leave the yard in a car in three directions at once? Block the makeshift roads by digging across the pillars. Let there be one uncomfortable one, for example, exit onto a well-lit street.

Is it easy to enter the entrance through broken doors? Make them strengthen. Discard with the neighbors, put the iron. Remember, avaricious pays twice. It is better to sacrifice one-thirtieth (in terms of the number of tenants of the entrance) of the cost of reinstalling the door than once to lose all of your apartment property. Install a doorphone or a secure combination lock on the door. To communicate with the apartments, you can set up individual electric calls if there is not enough money for telephony. And be sure to keep a bright light on the landing.

Not only that. For peace of mind, install additional doors at the entrance to the common corridor, again averaging spending with neighbors. Still scary? Put the gatekeeper on duty with the dog. Feel better? Then we will approach the windows. See this tree? It is better to cut it, or at least its upper side branches. Because you can jump from it to your balcony. And remove that dense, covering view from the window shrub. Pour glass and pieces of rumbling tin onto this close roof. Sheathe this fire escape at the bottom with planks to make it difficult to climb. At the same time, it will protect children from the temptation of dangerous climbing on the roof..

It is better to glaze the balcony, which will greatly complicate the task of the robber trying to get down to the apartment from the roof or climb over from the upper balcony. On the windows of the first and last floors, it is desirable to hang reliable lattices. If you are confused by the “sky in the box”, you can use the sliding grilles installed between the frames. Moreover, they do not attract attention as much as external ones, and in strength they are not inferior to them. It would be nice to install an intrusion alarm.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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