Priorities when purchasing components for a radio station

It is an understanding of the situation in your region. Building on this understanding, you will take further steps. For example, you choose the unlicensed standard radio stations, or, to the contrary, you can pass the exam and get a radio call sign. It is a matter of law.

Translator’s commentary:

1. Required equipment

  • 1A – dual band radio station

If you have a very limited budget radio stations. I (tango-05 – approx. Trans.)

  • 1B – at least one spare battery. You charge one while using the other.

If you can spend the Yaesu FT-60R station instead of baofeng.

Translator’s comment:

Knowingly it is assumed that radio stations There is a charger with a cord. It can be noted that it has been trimmed.

The author recommends that the battery be reduced to a minimum of baofeng, and the main, and spare. However, I’m advising you to take a little bit of battery space, it’s much easier to keep up with

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to make a difference. It can also be noteworthy that it can be decisive. Interestingly, among the baofeng, UV-5S.

The Alinco DJ-V57T and DJ-500T models may also be of the most expensive models.

2. Very useful equipment, without possibility to work.

  • 2A – cable programmer, programming cable. You can add frequencies to the keyboard. radio stations, but it is quite a chore. Easily fill in memory cells. radio stations using the CHIRP program. Preferred programmers are built on an FTDI chip, rather than Prolific.
  • 2B – improved compared with the complete (longer) antenna. It was a wavelength range compared to the complete antenna. 37 cm, something like the popular Nagoya NA-771.
  • 2B – J-pole portable antenna, jay antenna. It can be folded and put in a pocket. She is able to provide communication through the whole area of ​​the region!

3. Desirable items, for capacity expansion or redundancy.

  • 3A – USB powered baofeng charging cup. The adapter is a car cigarette lighter, etc.
  • 3B – car cigarette lighter power adapter, battery eliminator. The device extends from the battery. It is inserted into the cigarette lighter instead of the standard battery.
  • 3B – battery case. Battery, AA or AAA batteries are inserted inside it. AAs are more than the AAA weight and price. AA and AAA replacement batteries. When using cells with voltages higher than 1.5 V, i.e. It is imperative to use “dummies” and the battery.
  • 3G-like Nagoya UT-72. To work out the car body, so that you can’t get out the signal without drowning the car body. With adapter from PL-259 to SMA. They can’t
  • 3D Mobile Amplifier 5-watt baofeng from 5 to 50 watts. To radiate such power, we need the aforementioned mobile antenna. The amplifier is powered by a 12 V power source, such as a car battery, but it can also be powered by a transformer power supply.
  • 3E – solar charging, including a solar panel. It can also charge other electronics: mobile phones, navigators, etc.

Translator’s comment:

  • 3E – speakerphone, or tangent. Take in hand radio station in fact, is not very convenient. Tangent itself from the clip. It can be plugged in. Waterproof tangents are available.
  • 3J – disc, hermetic stool, bag for radio station. It protects the station, improves its usability.

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Radio communication and survival: for radio station

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