Pro Private Military Companies, BlackOps and Homeland

Want to understand why PMC do the state need?

It’s simple. Check out “The direct and obvious threat.” In general, it can be seen without being crooked. Just because there are no Russians at all. At all.

But today is not about that. Today, in the film, the soldiers were involved in the problem of “piquant” properties. US Army. Naturally, everything went wrong, and they were captured. What does captured American soldier mean? Only one thing – direct participation. USA in a situation. And oh, how it is not beneficial in terms of image on the world stage. It is not a question. Worried. Otherwise, their military advisers with the most unexpected parts of the world. Now, for example, in Ukraine, or in Burma.

But not even the Americans. Any self-respecting power deals with this. Including ours. It’s just a temporary situation. We will take it in this niche.

We will not go into the details of the ancient and shaggy times. After all, I’m not an expert on the history of the ancient world. However, to solve some questions, the rulers are constantly resorted to mercenaries. It’s not a problem. Intelligence and Diversion. More “fashionable” name – Blackops.

As the most colorful example you can take the notorious ninja, It was not only for the women. As we all remember, the tasks of the ninja were very different. From intelligence gathering to direct elimination.

And what was their advantage? Intelligent saboteurs did not have intelligent saboteurs. Were you not always be used? Because sometimes it was impossible to shine.

If you think that the situation is globally different then the samurai clashes between clans, then you are greatly mistaken.

A map of the world, a solid smiles game, a showdown. If you want it, it will be a little fun. And, for everyone and for everyone. There is no friendship, all unions are very relative. And there is no question about how much it can be for the neighbor. Moreover, he did not know who exactly did it.

“Here and now” If there is a rule, you can’t see it. things far from their homeland? the country? “It’s approximately the following:“ And! ”

And in principle, operation type Blackops to clean the tails. And completely. It is troublesome to put it in. Story with SEALAfter S after the “liquidation of Bin Laden” to this extra confirmation.

Therefore private contractors in this case come in handy. Where is your choice? mercenaries, quite problematic. Moreover, it is enough ways to confuse those who will search.

It’s not a problem. It’s just a matter of price. He doesn’t care.

“Dogs of war” at all times. It is not only the amount that falls into account. And yes, it only cares about company management. In the case of employees PMC as performers of “black deeds” themselves operators try to keep it clear.

In the end, the dead mercenaries will be It can be always disown of citizens according to the principle:

– We have a country of free and courageous!
(c) shooter

And in general, they’ve been on their own. No, of course, in which case they will make a-ta-ta and ay-ay-ay. And maybe it will be closed. But most likely, it will not come to that.

Remember the story of the memorable Blackwater, He was crushed and shot along the blue sky. How did it end for Blackwater, everyone remembers? … because now they are called Academic the largest contractor in the training of military and police personnel. And not only for USA. Think the government cares USA, What kind of personnel, this organization train? Excitement, of course, not harming their own interests. USA.

Where the companies actively participate in conflicts operate. Example of the same Dyncorp this testifies more than vividly. So what? And nothing – Dyncorp as they are occupy.

Dirty denoueled stories PMC, more than enough. It is a sign that it is not a commercial interest.

It is necessary to understand, depending on the specific example. But didn’t work. And why? It is not a normal state of affairs. what happened in the country. Especially if the corinth of the valiant tricolornamenous army.

It turns out that the deceased while breathing worked on PMC, registered in Malta, but without citizenship – this also leads to nothing. You never know who the Russian citizen from the state has been. A real customer may not know and company management. He is a long chain of nominees.

Meanwhile, the citizen of the ABRGDJ. It has been shown that there has been no loss of time.

So it turns out that now PMC security and security issues. In the end, they learned a long time ago.

It is already problematic. There is a number of direct evidence – FIG you. And there is nothing to show without evidence.

So privatization Blackops It is not a “wild geese”

Wolf ops

Pro Private Military Companies, BlackOps and Homeland

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