Pro tactical axes in real life

In fact, as much as I live, I encounter so much the opinion that cold weapons are not suitable for combat use in the conditions of a modern war. This is a useless toy. There is no single opinion on this. Of course for an ordinary soldier, a knife in the army is a matter of economic purpose. And for the most part for “unusual” soldiers, too, lately. Knives are replaced by silent weapons, and the likelihood of close contact with the enemy, according to the assertions military experts, under current conditions tends to zero.

However, military experts are military experts, and specialists from all countries rested against the training of a knife fight, they are looking for instructors and teachers, improving the equipment and the knives themselves. They invent new configurations, equipment, systems. Apparently they know something like that, what military experts do not know.

Tactical tomahawks are also included in the combat weapons section. And although in its main purpose, it is an element of the Entry Tool, no one stops us from thinking about what is pleasant. It is clear that no one is talking about a full-fledged “on axes” sparring. Situations like the one we could see in “Deliver us from the Evil One” are manifestations of the idiocy of individual citizens. I do not see any reason to enter them into the system.

So the “hatchet” is a tool of “hidden impact” on the enemy.

That is, it is convenient for them to work in those places where silence is fundamental and (which distinguishes it favorably from the knife) high penetrating power. Tomahawk is able to pierce helmets and body armor with his “tooth”, not to mention splinter collars, and other light equipment. That is, in those situations where the knife has all the chances of a collision with an accident, the ax just minimizes such chances and probability.

It is clear that we are talking exclusively about the military use of the hatchet. Nobody talks about carrying it with a citizen.

And here lies a very funny moment. The technique of working on a person in their base is not much different from the usual cutting of a tree (which frankly once again suggests the idea of ​​kinship). Everything else, type Kalihawk and curly pirouettes, just a skill training unit.

Main working part tomahawk in battle it is of course spike. It is clear that you can chop and blade, but given the means of individual armor, the effectiveness can surprise you unpleasantly, and surprise will border on the lethal outcome. Therefore only spike.

The obvious advantage is that body armor without rigid elements for the spike tactical ax They do not pose any problems at all (when testing with a spike, I cheerfully pierced the trunk of the Zhiguli and stamped the board on which it was laid).

In the presence of a bullet-proof vest with rigid elements, you need to connect the mosk, and beat where there is no hard armor. The benefit of any fabric (Kevlar, Cordura, leather, and in principle, any aramid) thorn punches with a bang. Again, do not forget that with enough swing and strength, the tomahawk is able to penetrate the helmet into the holy of holies of the enemy – in Moscow. Struck in the gray matter, the opponent instantly loses the ability to rational activity, and from the sadness caused by this fact, rapidly losing the will to live. And this is where the full combat potential is revealed. combat tomahawk.

Let’s start with the fact that (on the example of Churkoruba) there are three main grip, from which we actually dance in terms of use and effectiveness:

  • at the end of the handle
  • for the middle of the handle
  • under the ax handle

In the first version of the grip, we get the maximum power of impact, and accordingly the maximum striking ability. There is only one drawback here – this is a place for open space, when there is a place to wipe. And for “prepared strike“, That is, from around the corner, to remove the sentry.

The second option is more suitable for closed spaces. It makes no sense to hold in the middle when there is a lot of space around and you can not hold back the breadth of the soul, no. Among the shortcomings, of course, is the reduced piercing ability, and the difficulty of pulling the “harpooned” opponent towards you, and the effort is needed more, and there is a greater likelihood that the spike will jump out of the body.

But on the other hand, there is always the possibility of tipping the opponent’s arm between the eyes with the butt. By the way, and to remove the watch option is also suitable. Remembering a recent seen photo Federal Drug Control Serviceovsky spetsury (with an uncontrollable trunk sticking out from behind the corner), they grabbed the rifle by the barrel, and threw a thorn into the throat on a short backswing, twisting the rifle.

The third option is also for melee at confined spaces, but it is more an option for the “battle for a breakthrough,” when there is no time to swing a weapon, and all the blows are pointed and as accurately as possible directed in the direction of travel. And given that the grip in this case goes under the very ax, there is an opportunity after butting to cut the enemy with a blade. Plus, with this grip, it is possible to beat the stick (this is especially true for fullang axes), by the movement “from the elbow”, that is, in fact it is an elbow hit on the move, only instead of the elbow (which can be greatly softened by clothes) the opponent arrives with a handle of the hatchet. Well, on the reverse movement after the strike, you can perform a hook with a spike, followed by throwing the “harpooned” to the side.

And in principle, the hatchet in this case, technically, by the principle of work is more similar to the classic work with a short baton (the same Churkorub is 5 centimeters shorter than the PR-K), the only thing that, considering his two-sided defeat, will not work is to put it on his shoulder, to give extra acceleration (I personally never took the risk).

Also, there is a very funny way of using such an hatchet as a regular baton.

To do this, it is enough to take him for an ax handle, passing a handle between the middle and ring fingers. It turns out a sort of tychkovy retention (in association with the butting knife), which allows you to wield a hatchet as a normal dubinalom, with the auxiliary presence of a spike on the outside or inside.

Well, no matter how boring you are to read tons of text (because there is no one to photograph me so militant), here is the beautiful and beautiful from Doug Markaida – Kalihawk.


Pro tactical axes in real life

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