Pro tactical clothing. Why was it originally needed?

As household clothes, “Tactical clothes” just so very comfortable. “Composition”. That is, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in operational work.

Desert, can you tell me how to do it? “Tactical” pants if it is a heaped design unloading vest, warbelt and hip platforms? What will he put in his pockets? Especially considering that you’re warbelt and there are platforms, then to the hip pockets too? Or what will he keep in tactical shirt (under a bulletproof vest and unloading)? Passbook? So, according to the covenants, to be closer to your heart?

In fact, the military doesn’t need such clothes. For maximum comfort and functionality. Remember the same BDU, Snipe, Gorka. Nothing extra. My pants and shoulder pockets Acu jackets This is already some excess, it is already questionable.

However, especially army clothes It is a topic for another conversation. The standardization is much higher.

As for me, you can safely borrow from “Tactical clothing” pockets of pants and jackets. All the rest is excesses and from the evil one. Even the same “integrated knee pads”, despite the fact that they are comfortable, but significantly reduce the survivability of clothing. It would be completely.

So, the fact is that the main consumers “Tactical clothing” It is a fact that it can be used. Well, and again, it is associated with carrying weapons and special means. It is a lightning.

But in reality, it’s not out of order “Tactical” punching. Which they do not use.

In the same way, I am sincerely amused by citizens, who say that in the same TacPro from VN If you don’t hang out or rattle, you don’t have to hang it up.

And all this tactics more among the civilian people. It is not as aggressive as it is comfortable and functional as possible.

Clothes and shoes

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