Procurement of surplus game meat, smoking of boar, freezing of elk carcass, drying and smoking of poultry, shelf life of the finished product.

It is sometimes impossible to eat in the field or immediately after returning from hunting all the extracted game meat. Excess game meat must be preserved. The main methods of preserving game meat are smoking, salting and drying.

Procurement of surplus game meat, smoking of boar, freezing of elk carcass, drying and smoking of poultry, shelf life of the finished product.

Each of these methods is good in its own way. For each type of game meat, it is preferable to choose one. So, for example, the bird is smoked and dried more often, boar meat is salted or smoked. Moose is salted or just frozen.

30% strength with a content of 0.5% saltpeter and 0.5% sugar. With this brine, the ham is squeezed at the rate of 3-4% by weight of game meat. Next, the boar is salted with a dry ambassador. The curing mixture is prepared from 3 kg of salt, 50 g of sugar and 100 g of crushed garlic per 100 kg of game meat.

Dry ambassador lasts 3-5 days. Then the ham is poured with brine with the same content of saltpeter and sugar as in the first case, but with a total strength not exceeding 15%. In this brine, the meat lasts 20-30 days at a temperature of 3-4 degrees.

Before smoking boar hams, soak 2-3 hours to remove excess salt. The soaked ham is hung out for drying in the smoking chamber for several hours. Smoking is carried out at a temperature of 32–45 degrees for 24–72 hours. Smoked hog boars can be kept suspended at a temperature of plus 6 degrees for 3-4 months.

Elk carcass freezing.

The best way to keep elk meat fresh is to freeze. This seemingly simple procedure requires attention. The cooling of the carcass, chopped into quarters, is carried out in suspension. The place where the freezing is carried out must be protected from rain and snow, as well as from strong winds. The temperature of the meat should be plus 3-4 degrees. This is achieved by hanging the meat in a cool place for 24 hours.

Dried birds.

Like smoking, cured meat begins with pre-salting. Preparation for this salting is that large and medium carcasses of birds are divided into two longitudinal halves. Salting is best done by rubbing the surface of the carcasses with dry salt. After this, the meat should be processed in boiling brine for 20-30 seconds.

Drying is done in dry weather. In the shade or in a dry, well-ventilated area. The drying process lasts 5-7 days, sometimes more. The result should be a meat of dense texture and dark color.

Smoking poultry.

The quality of jerky is relatively low. Therefore, this method of harvesting is used extremely rarely compared to smoking, which is performed in approximately the same way as smoking boar brisket. Only a brine for extrusion is prepared with a strength of 40%, and smoking is carried out in smoking chambers.

Such a chamber should be narrow, about 1.5 meters wide, the length of the chamber should exceed the width by 2 times, and the height should be 2.5–3 meters. A pipe with a valve is made in the roof of the chamber, and on one of the narrow walls there is a door with a lower blower. Along the line of long walls, slats are beaten for laying on them crossbars with suspended game carcasses.

Reiki nailed at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor. The fire is located on the ground in the form of a hearth. The best smoking woods are alder, birch with peeled bark, hazel, ash, oak, poplar or linden. You can also use willow, elm, maple or beech. It is unacceptable to smoke on resinous woods: pine or spruce. In order to improve the taste of smoked meat, it is recommended to add a small amount of juniper branches to the bonfire.

Smoked game for 1.5 hours at a temperature of 45-50 degrees. Then the temperature is raised to 55-60 degrees and the carcass is held for another 2 hours. On average, the smoking process for carcasses not exceeding ducks or halves of goose carcasses takes 3.5–4 hours. After this period, the meat is left in suspension in a dry room for 4-5 days. Well-smoked carcasses can be stored at a temperature of 10-15 degrees for up to 40 days.

Based on the materials of the book “Encyclopedia of the Avid Hunter”.
G. Luchkov.

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