Production of high-quality moonshine at home

For sale home brewing. The retail chain is available. This article explains the basic principles. ethanol synthesis or raw alcohol, which can be a good business in terms of BP. After reading it, you will understand the quality of the product.

Ethanol synthesis or ethyl raw alcohol – complex multistage process. In the first stage is prepared feedstock. It can be any kind of product: sugar beets, grapes, potatoes, apples, halva, molasses, etc. The most common and well-known is sugar. Sugar is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4, after which it is added to this solution. yeast.

How you get water ripe braga, suitable for distillation. It is pre-boiled and it is contained in it.

Yeast, It is necessary to “revive” the water (30-35 degrees Celsius). After this, the yeast is added to the sugar solution. It is preheated to a temperature of 80-90 degrees. (Or, more effectively, it can be called “inverted sugar.” It can be cooled to a temperature of about 30 degrees. 27 – ideal conditions for the growth and operation of yeast – commentable peopleable.)

It has been established that it has been formed during fermentation. With a decrease in temperature, the yeast can die. Therefore, the temperature must be strictly controlled. Thermostats for aquarium fish

For the removal of gases used water shutter. It is a water pipe. It is a process that leads to the formation of a hose.

The fermentation process is not fast and requires an average of 14 days. Fermented raw materials. At the time of the prohibition, even household washing machines were used for this purpose.

Prefix “turbo” in the title. This means that it contains enzymes that accelerate their growth. When using the product, you can receive it in several days. The concoction of ethanol. Braga fortress, as a rule, does not exceed 14-16 degrees. Braga is a bright translucent solution with a fermentation tank.

The next step is distillation or production. raw alcohol (moonshine). The mash filtered from the yeast is poured into the distillation tank, which is heated to a certain temperature. The mash passes through a pipe coil, dipped in cold water. It means that the temperature of the gas will be between 65 and 70 degrees. This is the so-called “pervach“(First fraction), representing acetone.

PervachIn the industry, it can be used as a technical chemical. It is a good solvent for body fat, it will be at least 200 ml of “first bottle”.

The separation of the coil. raw alcohol, the same moonshine. It should be noted that the heating should not be reduced. The temperature is reduced. As a rule, it is 40-60 degrees (depending on the initial strength of the mash).

As soon as the temperature rises (over 74 degrees celsius), further distillation must be stopped. It is true that the process of cooling the water in the air is a matter of course.

If you are interested in heating, it is not necessary to make a difference. It is not clear that you’ve been surprised by the amount of mash (at least 1/3 of the cube volume). bard. It is an enzyme-rich high-calorie raw material. How you will use the bard is up to you.

What should pay attention. You need about 4 liters of high-quality distillation raw alcohol not in need of filtering or re-distillation. This is a meticulous process. And what happened to the remaining 6? 200-300ml – pervach, 4 liters product, and the rest bard. Do not mind 6 liters? Sorry! Of these, you can get another 2.5 liters of moonshine with a strength of about 30%. It is true that the moonshine taste is unbeatable.

So, it’s a pity to pour out the bard not only to you. In distilleries, where cubes have containers 100-1000 times more than yours. And this is a loss. Therefore, it is not necessary to produce high-quality products. This is not the best quality. Think about it. Take care of your health! Maybe buy alcohol mashine – not such a bad idea?

Editor’s note

We are remind you that it is prohibited. If you’re a little bit hot, you’ll be able to keep yourself up to date.

UPD: in response to numerous comments

It’s a matter of how alcohol and alcohol can be used. This is a case in point of view of the manufacture of various vodka products. Nevertheless, we can’t read our comments. Yes, it is 27 degrees Celsius. Inverted sugar for their growth, providing greater production. Yes, alcohol is a method of hydrolysis and rectification. If you’re listening to the clarity of numbers and wording. It is a good idea to try it.

Synthesis of crude alcohol: Production of high-quality home-distilled vodka

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