Project “Typhoon”: Armored car “Ural-63095”

Armored “Ural-63095” There are also many types of off road traffic. Military mission armored vehicles “Ural-63095” – taking it into account.

In the design, equipment, units and armored protection. According to the designers, “Ural-63095” sustain undermining 8 kilograms of TNT.

New car “Ural-63095” It was a closed-type exhibition near Moscow. In addition, the plant for the seventh destination. The exhibition was held under the state defense order. It’s not a problem. project “Typhoon”. Earlier, in a mid-2011, he made a statement that “Typhoon” The Russian army.

It’s not a bad thing. According to the main characteristics “Typhoon” based on the Urals, is not inferior to their foreign counterparts. As a commented on the design of the machine, “the new arm installed on Typhoon, anti-tank mines. It is not a good idea to make a statement.

All-wheel drive triaxial multifunctional frame machine “Typhoon” on the base Ural-63095 has been designed for twelve people. This is a modification of the system. “Ural-63095”. Formula wheels armored cargo vehicles 6Х6. It has been designed to ensure that the armored cabin is provided with a sleeper folding space.

Chassis armored vehicles “Typhoon” has a hydropneumatic suspension of independent type. Installed engine – 450 – strong, with increased power. The engine was manufactured by Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which is also part of the Russian GAZ Group. YaMZ-E5367 has an automatic 6-speed gearbox, a mechanical 2-speed transfer case Turbocharged diesel engine, made according to modern environmental standards Euro-4. The steering is provided with a 2-sided power steering.

The “Typhoon” is a 2-meter ford and 60-centimeter vertical obstacles. Ural-63095 has 2 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 600 liters. It can be measured with the armor-piercing of 200 meters.

On the armored vehicle, you can install various weapons, such as a machine gun (on the roof of the car), which will be controlled remotely from the armored module. Of the equipment, we have satellite vision systems. An LCD monitor can be monitored and adjusted.

Family “Typhoon” consists of three types of armored vehicles, two bonded “Urals” and one bonded “KamAZ”. According to the MRAP. Cars project “Typhoon” – a completely new development, which is not ordinary. “Typhoon” – GAZ Group project, they are engaged in car factories “Ural”, “KamAZ” and a number of other plants and enterprises. Developments are carried out simultaneously in several directions:

  • Armored vehicles with the wheel formula 6×6,4x, 2×2;
  • Bonnet and bonded performance;
  • Frame and case.

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