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Yes Yes Yes. Again Cold steel, I know that I am already tired of my pets, but what to do. First of all, I have a moratorium on knives (I’m barely enough money to do other things), and the most I can get is, it will be … So, stop, there will be a little intrigue. In addition to ProLite, there will be another knife, but I will not say which one. And do not guess which one.

Anyway. Now about the random acquisition. One of the reasons that I had this knife at such a difficult time for the budget is its price. At the moment it is the cheapest knife from CS. New it costs 49.99 dollars on the official website. So, in principle, there is no problem finding it in the 3.500 area.

In general, if anyone remembers, I had a review of their own folding Finnochka FinnWolf. And, interestingly, with ProLite they have quite a lot in common. The most important thing that makes them similar is the handle. If you remember u Finnwolf very simple hilt. Almost primitive. Elementary Griv-ex, which even prominutsya a little under the fingers, if you press harder. And all because there are no steel liners in the handle, and even then such a solution raised some questions. Here the story repeats.

Similar material, perhaps a little thicker, and the handle itself is a bit more compact. So, by virtue of geometry, it is in no way deformed, except to begin to press on it with something mechanical, well, or just to be an owner of very strong fingers. Similarly, fellow ProLite There are no liners in the handle. And in general, in addition to the clip, screws, sleeves and the actual “backs” of the company Tri-ad-lock, there is no metal at all, the spacer is also plastic, and in the same way as in Finnwolf It is an integral part of one of the sides of the handle (although all the time I want to say that this is a “lining”).

Characteristics of the knife Cold Steel ProLite

Blade Material: 4116 Krupps
Hardness: 56-57 (Hrc)
Blade profile: Tanto
Cutting edge: Plain
Blade cross section: Flat Grind
Blade Coating: Stone wash
Handle: Griv-Ex
Lock: Back-Lock
Blade length: 89 mm.
Knife length: 114 mm.
Length of the folded knife: 114 mm.
Butt thickness: 3.0 mm.
Weight: 92 gr.

Visually, the knife was a success. As, in principle, everything that has recently come out from under the “pen” of Andrey Demko. Although the line between simplicity and conciseness on which the knife balances is very thin. I have not fully decided, but I still like it, although it does not leave the feeling that “simplicity is worse than stealing”. Moreover, the knife is so simple that it does not even have the traditional second clip in the kit (under the left hand). True, the existing clip is universal, that is, you can easily rearrange it (all the notches are available). But still, they cheapened as much as they could, and this is having an effect.

Despite the fact that the knife is as cheap as possible (well, it would be cheaper to just roll in some 420th on the blade, and make the lock of something like aluminum), from an ergonomic point of view, it came out very successful. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to note, perhaps, only the overall dimension, which does not fit a large hand, and a rather slippery handle. Although, if we consider that power work is not what it is intended for PrоLite (no, it still doesn’t fit in the head: “What is this CS for which you can’t squeeze the hatch?”), this lack does not spoil the picture so much. The rest of the knife turned out to be convenient, and what is especially nice – not monstrous, but with something like a slightly more serious version. Finnwolf (and it is a pity that there is no version with a gray handle, but only with a black one).

Anyway, if you go to ProLite with straight arms, you can make a rather interesting knife, just by playing with the material and color of the handle.
And besides, the knife they turned out not scary. While in size it is comparable to the same CRKT Ruger 2-Side Mini, but the latter still looks pretty harsh as well ProLite due to the fact that it looks more compact, it is quite suitable for the role of a knife in a pocket, which can not frighten anyone.

That is, it turns out quite a strange situation. On the one hand, we know that Cold steel able to make strong knives with “linerless” handles. Same my favorite Recon1 This is a bright confirmation. Folding knife, which is easier to break the blade than the handle and in which there are likewise no liners. Although, we must remember that Recon1 and the material, to put it mildly, is another – g10. But still – they can. With another, Griv-ex – after all, soft plastic, which is not designed for heavy loads.

And in this lies the main paradox of this knife. See, this is honest. Cold steel. Corporate and not killed Tri-ad-lock, that is, the lock is absolutely reliable and designed for horse loads. The blade also delivers, with small dimensions it is 4116 Krupps (which in this case is referred to as interesting – German 4116). For you to understand, this is the same steel that stands on the practically non-killing CS Pocket Bushman. Besides, in order to finally get rid of the old reputation of knives that are rusting (oh, and the transfer to AUS8 cost them dearly – they still cannot wash off until the end), they started to make a very neat and lightweight Stone wash on the blade. Moreover, this very processing gives the knife a very pleasant look. Still, polishing is not the thing that appeals to the product. And then it protects against rust. Yes, and the blade itself … The form is very simple, but there is something in it from knives Emerson, to which I am not indifferent.

And what happens? The blade that can be killed (there are many idiots with a creative approach), but it’s problematic if you have heads on your shoulders and not asses. A knife that shaves out of the box so that it even gets a bit creepy. Yes, the geometry and dimensions of the blade ProLite (despite the compact class) suggest that if necessary, with a knife, you can move mountains … But here is the handle … Hmm. A strange thing still happened. With that CS Recently, it is difficult to find a knife cheaper than 100 bucks, of course the presence of this CS only for half a year, of course, I am happy, but personally I don’t leave the feeling that we have been particularly fallen in love somewhere.

Special offer for readers to buy Cold Steel ProLite available at the official dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount.

What to say on the basis of … A strange feeling. I understand that you now say that in 3,500 you can take a huge number of options for the Chinese. And the Chinese are good, the same Ganzo budget fit two. Same The rat (and all the same its Chinese clones) has not been canceled. I will not even argue, and if you do not understand such a purchase, then your line of thought is completely clear to me.

But, if you want to have a knife in your pocket for simple household things, and China ideologically sickened you, then at the moment this is the best offer on the market, because for 3,500 you will find something from a famous producer horseradish. And the fact that this knife will work every penny (with a reasonable understanding of its capabilities), I am almost certain. The main thing – do not think about China =)

P.S. For lovers of classic shapes, there is a version with a blade like Clip Point.

UPD: After reading the review in the morning, I thought one more thing. If you have straight arms, you can make a very interesting knife. With this form of the blade, do something based on Emerson it will be pretty easy. I am even thinking of taking the second such knife, and changing it a little visually, with the exception of the handle.
And in the end, I understand that the knife ProLite – especially for fans Cold steel. Because just for 50 bucks, this purchase is not so much in the mind as in the heart. And if you deal with modifications (decoration), then you can forget about the rationality of the final cost of the knife.

And after that … The conclusions are very simple. This is a knife for fans. Yes it is the cheapest Cold steel from the foldable series with tri-ad-lock. Yes, it is a good knife. But at the same time it is a knife with a very limited functionality. And so limited that any (ANY) Ganzo knife will block it many times, being at the same time cheaper by at least a thousand. So … Heart is bought, heart. And nothing else.

Steel arms

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