PROOF of life: Universal ultra-light tactical tomahawk

Knife Master Jake Hoback teamed up with the company PROOF Research, creating custom firearms, to create a unique tactical ax “PROOF of life”. Using the most advanced technologies and knowledge of materials science, they tried to create a high-tech ultra-light ax that could cope with both tactical and practical tasks.

“The task was to create the lightest, but extremely strong ax”

After all, all other axes of this class weigh at least two pounds (0.9 kg). It was from this number that it was decided to work. As a result of working only on the metal part, it was possible to reduce the weight almost by half without loss of functionality. Using computer analysis, it was found out which parts of the metal can be removed so that the structural integrity of the structure is not affected. The result was a very lightweight, as if “skeletal”, tool that retained more than 95 percent of its strength. Weight “PROOF of life”. The full assembly is only 18 ounces (approximately 0.5 kg). (Used tool steel S7. Editor’s note)

“PROOF of life” compact enough to be used as combat tomahawk, but also quite durable to cope with the tasks assigned to an ordinary ax. 4.8 inch blade is divided into two oblique parts. A thinner lower edge copes better with cutting, and a thicker upper one – with chopping and striking.

“Just when you want to destroy something, you beat it with a sharp edge with all your might.”

Company PROOF Research known for its carbon fiber weapons. So it’s not surprising that they brought Khobak a batch of high-temperature resin permeated with non-directional carbon fibers for tactical ax handles. Indeed, as practice shows, different manufacturers of carbon fiber is quite different. Specifically, the material that Khobak used turned out to be an excellent choice for axes, since he was able to effectively disperse shock vibrations.

The master noted that the overwhelming success of a limited party “PROOF of life” prompted him to continue working in this direction

“I am still pondering where you can still reduce weight a little …”

The master also plans to release another batch of already proven axes – about 150-300 copies.

Original article – Hoback Teams Up with PROOF Research for Ultralight Ax

You can add here only what this hatchet costs about 750 bucks, which is not so much for custom limited edition products.

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