Proper float ogruzka: everything you need to know

Any fisherman will say with confidence that a good catch depends not only on professionalism and quality gear. An important role is played by the conditions accompanying the hunt for fish. Loading the float will allow you to send the baited hook exactly to the intended place and not to miss even a weak bite.

  • What are the sinkers?
  • 2Type types for floats
    • 2.1 Distributed float float
    • 2.2 Concentrated Float Float
  • 3 Factors affecting the load
  • 4Features and rules for float float
  • 5Backing devices for float
  • 6How to fire a bobber for long-distance transport

What are the sinkers?

The correct position of the float on the water – the key to successful fishing. Without special sinkers to perform this task is almost impossible. Ensuring the correct functioning of the float is not all the benefits of ogruzki. The purpose of the sinkers is as follows:

  • to bring the float rod into working condition without excessive buoyancy;
  • transfer float information about even the smallest bite;
  • help to deliver the baited hook to the fishing spot along the chosen trajectory;
  • do not give off the bait;
  • keep the line taut because it is in this form that it will provide accurate information about the bite;
  • help to throw equipment at the desired distance;
  • give information about the status of the hook with the bait on the course.

Float loadingIt is only necessary to load the float with a sheath – the smallest weigher of all involved. It is with its help you can achieve perfect balancing gear. Compared with the other elements, the sub-cubicle is located at the shortest distance from the hook.

Fishing rods are very sensitive. Suitable for fishing, both in stagnant water and in the course. Fish are more likely to peck on such gear. Almost all the bites are successful, because immediately transferred to the float. The main task of the subpacking is to fix the bite, so its weight should be minimal. So the fish, raising the bait, will not feel the catch and will not break.

Types of hoops for floats

The use of long casts requires a large amount of fishing line. Its length must be greater than the length of the fishing rod. This is possible only when special coils and floats are selected and installed. The latter may be in the form of an arrow and a center of gravity displaced downward. At the time of casting their aerodynamic properties allow you to drag a fishing line with a sinker, without entangling it.

Proper ogruzka for float with long casts is important. Weight setting above the float is performed in two ways:

  • distribution;
  • by concentration.

Distributed Float Bar

Distributed ogruzka – a way suitable for almost all types of fishing. With its help it is possible to fish quite productively both in the pond and in the reservoir with the flow. Most often, the distribution of weights is used for deep fishing. This allows you to cast with a minimum amount of noise and not scare the aquatic inhabitants. In addition, the weight distribution is done in such a way that the bait plunges into depth as smoothly as possible. The distribution option makes bites more sensitive, increasing the likelihood of a quick and rich catch. Distributed load has its drawbacks. It is ineffective in shallow water, where the water level is below 50 cm.

Concentrated float ogruzka

Concentrated loading is also used at depth, but unlike distributed, it requires heavier tooling. This allows you to achieve high speed lowering the bait, but to throw the bait quietly fail. It is better to leave this type of bunker for a good bite, with a lot of fish.

Concentrated barge is suitable for catching cautious fish, as The sub tackle will be located away from the main load. This is exactly the exceptional case when a tool doesn’t respond well to a bite. Using this method of loading, you need to be as careful as possible so as not to miss all the bites.

The choice of this or that type of barking depends on the personal preferences of the fisherman and the fishing conditions. Distributed and concentrated has its advantages and disadvantages, but without trying each one, it is impossible to understand which type will fit the most.

Factors affecting the load

In addition to choosing the type of load, there are many other factors to consider. This will make fishing even better under any conditions.

  1. Fishing conditions. The current significantly increases the weight of the load, so the tackle can be pulled far away from the casting site. Shotguns should be located very close to the hooks. Also, the float will not lead behind the current, if we place the weights below the sinker level. So the bait will move without obstacles along the bottom. Fishing in stagnant water will become more productive if you place a float with a small plummet and with an antenna that can be clearly seen in the water. When you need a slow immersion of gear, the distance between the sinkers is made sufficiently large, and their weight is chosen to be minimal.
  2. Type of fish. If the fish is active enough and swallows the baited hook quickly, this factor will not affect the quality of the load. Bite see immediately. But, if the fish is cautious and in no hurry to touch the nozzle, the tackle is adjusted accordingly. To do this, evenly distribute the pellets along the entire length of the fishing line. When bottom fishing at a shallow depth, sinkers are placed closer to the hook and are evenly distributed from the fishing line. In deep places they are shifted closer to the float.
  3. View of the float. Use the deaf and sliding float. The first will allow the hook to quickly sink to the depth. Installing the grains closer to each other makes it possible to attach a sub-tackle. Thus, the flow of water will not affect the float and will not lift it up. When ogruzka float for standing water, the pellets are distributed at the same distance. With deep-sea fishing – with a gradual decrease in the weight of the weights to the leash. When using a sliding float, the ogruzka occurs in the same way, but the uppermost weight will serve as a stopper, so it must be very securely fixed. It is possible to install one large or several small weights, but taking into account the fact that the mass of large should not be less than 90% of the total mass of shipment.
  4. The shape of the float. There are 5 forms of equipment, most often used in fishing. The needle shape fixes the bite well, keeping its position on the water even in the presence of waves. The barrel is suitable for installation on fly-rods, leaving them in their original position with small gusts of wind. the shape of the ball is selected in windy weather. A float drop is suitable for catching in stagnant water on flywheel and plug rods. Inverted and elongated drop type is used in standing water bodies and for large bait.

Float loadingSeasoned fishermen know that it is better to take along a set of different, pre-shipped floats, and change them depending on the conditions. Shipment work carried out at home. To do this on the spot is troublesome and long, you can lose half a day until you set up all the gear.

Features and rules oruzki float

If you are going to manually deluge the float, consider the selection and the correct location of the weights. This will allow the float to respond with maximum impact at the time of biting. There are some principles to consider when shagging:

  • Ogruzka performed with multiple weights, the number of which can vary from 4 to 10 with different weights. They are distributed on the line to achieve the required sensitivity;
  • selecting weights, it should be remembered that their total mass should not be greater than the carrying capacity of the float. Usually gears are labeled accordingly;
  • loads are set on the fishing line on the principle of increasing from the side of the float. Thus, the bottom will be podpasok, and the top is the largest pellet;
  • When you first perform the load, the free long end of the line is left. The weights are fixed in the desired position, and the remaining piece of fishing line is cut off;
  • the float is surrounded so that its antenna is almost completely peeping out of the water. This position allows you to fix bites and hold the bait on the hook. With small waves, you can remove some weights to float a small part of the body of the float.

Before using ogruzki need to check the quality of its implementation. To do this, take a ten-liter bucket, pour water into it and place the float with weights. When properly shipped, the body will be completely submerged in water, and the antenna will be visible above the surface. After flooding the antenna under water, the ascent should be fast and accurate at the designated location. If the antenna is not fully immersed, or, conversely, too much, you need to remove or add a few weights. This selects the desired weight podpaska.

Devices for ogruzki float

Going fishing, you can not immediately cling weights and check the performance of the float. Now on sale there is a special device for loading, which greatly simplifies the life of fishermen.

Float loadingThe device for freezing the float is a cone-shaped container at the top with a kind of plate. At the top of the set float, whose keel looks down. The design is lowered into the water, and pellets are laid out on top of the plate. The draft of the float will show how many weights need to be attached to the fishing line for the float to work correctly.

How to load a bobber for a long-distance transfer

First you need to buy a suitable float. It must be specifically for long casts. This tackle has a long antenna and high sensitivity. Well-established boom-shaped floats with a center of gravity at the bottom. They have high aerodynamic qualities, providing a long range. When the choice is made, you can start ozruzku.

Correctly executed shipment is considered when the entire top of the float is above the water, and its bulk part is completely submerged in water. You can carry out the process of preparing the float for long-distance fishing on the spot, but it is better to spend this time with benefit, and the adjustment should be done at home beforehand.

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