Protection against burglaries: Strengthening doors and windows

Tips to strengthen the front door

  • It does not have a key hole (for example, an electronic power supply system). It is a mechanical lock, or mechanical button that knocks out the core. Invisible locks, today is the best solution for apartment security. Of course, in combination with other factors.
  • If there is no LOCKS INVISIBLE, then there is a key lock and a lock (for a key “butterfly”). ), or a combined one. They should be separated from each other by no less than 35-40 cm. If there is a vestibule, then it’s an additional obstacle for the criminal.
  • It is protected by an armored cover.
  • There is a possibility that you can lock your neck on the door. The screw is screwed into the lever lock.
  • Can to strengthen the door Do you have to strengthen your door frame?
  • You can’t knock it out. If you put the lock on.
  • Thickness of at least 7 cm. It is not bad to cover it with a metal sheet. Imitation imitation leather. Better yet, the second is metal.
  • Equip the door chain with a dead metal chain. The door doesn’t hurt.
  • Use the disinformation method. For safety, for example, The apartment is thirsty. After all, he will still work.
  • Remember, the key locker

Tips to strengthen windows

Glazed doors of the windows of the buildings of

Viewed from the street. of residents of the house. It also protects you from visits.

Thirdly, use protective films that are glued to the glass (such as Bryuksafol, AWP 360, Solar, etc.). These films prevent it from scattering into fragments. It prevents the penetration from the outside. Molotov cocktail “.

Place only double frames with increased strength. If windows open, make sure they have strong and reliable latches.

Balconies, regardless of the floor, must be fenced with decorative grilles of sufficient strength. It is the best way to turn them in.

From M.Didenko’s new book – “Self-defense without weapons. How to win in a street fight

Own security

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