Protection against burglaries

  1. Going on vacation or business trip, create the effect of presence.
  2. Mail bills once every 2 days. Or cancel your daily delivery of mail
  3. This is a radio station,
  4. Only back.
  5. Traveling around the doors to all other rooms. And they were taken out of place. It is also desirable to find your friends.
  6. (Especially habits and incomes)
  7. If you’re trying to get in
  8. The strangers say that “talker is a godsend for a spy”
  9. Do not talk at any time about your upcoming departure or your family plans.
  10. If you’re waiting for your door
  11. As soon as you entered the apartment, look around. If you think that everything is in order, close the door from the inside. If you’re not sure, you can’t get to
  12. If you went to the house, go ahead and go. After that, be a hero (especially for women)
  13. If the keys are gone, then all the locks.
  14. Security stickers, “protected”, can be an additional obstacle for the thief.
  15. It is more than a house for a couple of people. You see, Pekingese, in this case, is not the solution.

From the book of M. Didenko – “Self-defense without weapons. How to win in a street fight

Protection against burglaries. Part 4: How to prevent potential robbery

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