Protection against human hostility, fraud and robbery

Wagon – all these cases are hard but rare; but man faces man every day. There is no trouble more often, no more persistent, no more smarmy.

Seneca. Letters to Lutsiliyu (103)

Table of contents

  • Protection from human hostility
  • The most dangerous people
  • The criminals
  • Fraud
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Theft
  • Theft in the workroom
  • Stealing on the beach

Protection from human hostility

It is clear that there will be a bit difficult. Be clean, dry, ready for a handshake. Hello first, show care and respect for the lowest). If you don’t like your person, hide your dislike. Because you couldn’t be mistaken in assessing its qualities. The concept of misunderstanding. It will not bring you. Stay away from dishonest people, even if you’re a joint venture. Be attentive and friendly listener. Say less assessments and controversial opinions.

The most dangerous people

People are the most unreliable component of any plan. They’re stupid things, fall under the influence of evil, go crazy. Thinking of people is badly, they are likely to turn out to be even worse than you think about them. Over the years, people change their mind barriers. It’s possible that it’s been much less than a few years.

The greatest vigilance require the following human types:

  • LOSERS. They are, as a rule, are embittered, touchy, vindictive. Possible signs of a loser: a small position in adulthood, gloom, irritability, a tendency to sarcasm.
  • Silent. Their actions are difficult to predict, because there is little to know about them.
  • PSYCHOPATY. Those suffering from hysterical psychopathy are capricious, touchy, act out. A sign of hysterical psychopathy – the desire to be visible. This can be seen as an extravagant, trendy clothes, the headdresses, the jewelery, the tattoos, the desire for leadership.

    Seneca, “Letters to Lutsiliyu”, (114): “If you’re still a person, you’re still unnoticed, you’re looking for a little bit …”

    Bright colors, loud sounds. It has been noted that it can be used in the past year. Hysterical psychopaths are a significant part of the social activists. Another common type of psychopath is schizoid. They are uncommunicative, serious, categorical, pedantic, stubborn, uncompromising.

  • PERSONS WITH EASY EXCITED PSYCHE. They are prone to scandals and, in a state of excitement, lose control of themselves. The main sign of affection for excitement is the inability to remain immobile for long. Spin, make it up, often make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up. Also, they can produce a lot of hair during a conversation. It is clear that there is a problem.
  • SMOKERS. They have a flabby will and / or an absurdized thinking. They can make a fire. They may die without repaying debt.
  • ENTUSYASTS. They are trouble free.
  • DIFFERENT ANIMALS. He doesn’t have any moral restrictions against doing the same for people.
  • PRINCIPLE. They can sacrifice you to celebrate their principles.
  • EXTREMELY CARING. The normal attitude of strangers to you is poorly concealed indifference. If you want to trick:
  • WITHOUT DISEASES, WITH SIGNIFICANT DEFECTS OF APPEARANCE. Physical impairment has a moral disadvantage.
  • PROSPEROUS. Wealth, high position, fame too often was achieved by well-concealed unseemly deeds.
  • FOOLS. You can expect anything from them. The main feature of the fool is the standard appearance and behavior. Fool big collectivist. In judgments, he is unbearably petty. His jokes, aphorisms, generalizations are beaten to impossibility. Fools are especially dangerous. Sometimes it prevents them from recognizing.

Possible reasons that people hurt you:

  • randomness;
  • unsuccessful attempt to provide you with a service;
  • focus on your own problems;
  • disregard for your interests;
  • At your expense.

The criminals

There are two types of criminals:

  1. those who like the process itself crime It is a fact that it’s not worth it. when they commit a crime, they are calm or joyfully excited;
  2. those for whom the crime forced necessity; when they commit a crime

The first to suffermoral insanity“And they cannot be neutralized otherwise than by isolation or extermination. The second can be persuaded, rehabilitated.

Hopelessly vicious people need very justification. Preparing to committances, such as this, until the last moment hesitate, and some important circumstances. This can be used to protect against them. It’s easier for people to commit violence against abstract sacrifice (what doesn’t you know?) It is not a good idea. their irritation, or even a petty service.

Criminal intent:

  • train stations
  • markets,
  • items of expensive and / or scarce items,
  • restaurants,
  • casinos and other nightlife
  • hotels

Crimes are divided into situational (performed without prior deliberation); and planned. For some victims, for example, the case of the intended victim.


significant portion the criminals achieve their goals, that is, by fraud.

The following human qualities are usually played up by scammers: greed, laziness, carelessness, caution (!), Compassion, vanity, curiosity, friendship, sexual attraction.

Women are caught on pretty women. In the end of the day, it would be a question. If you’re a criminal distracts, you know?

Here are the general rules for dealing with unfamiliar people:

  • Do not give them your keys, of money, of documents, suitcase, etc., even for the minute and even with the most innocent and convincing formula of the request. An experienced fraudster will not have any difficulty in making it.
  • Do not take other things on temporary storage “for an opportunity”. You may be given a drugs, an explosive device, or a severed head. Scammers can be backed up in real ones.
  • Do not rejoice if you find a thing lost by someone. Purse on a string – the most harmless thing that perverse fantasy can produce.
  • Not be seduced on cheapness in the gateway. If you’re getting money, you can be cleaned up.
  • Do not tell the first comer About me, relatives, familiar, work. The criminal does not always have a malicious or cunning look. It is happy to know how to leave for your summer cottage.
  • Do not help strangers, It’s not a problem. It was not a long time ago to make a statement. He remembered that he’re helped.
  • Do not treat with full trust to those who have provided or assisted you. For example, if you’re a driver, you’ll be able to make your choice.

Answer: “I don’t have a chance to help you”, “I hurry”, “No money”, etc. Do not interest you. It should not have been tempted by the occasional large gain, since it has been rigged by criminals. Seneca, Letter VII to Lutsiliyu: “With suspicion and fear, stop before every chance blessing! After all, the sweet hope! “

It is a rule of thumb.

Do you need to redefine yourself?

Of the ten who have approached you with suspicious requests five small parasites, one insolent, one professional help. It’s no longer a refusal.

For the most precious metals meeting at the station, etc. Fraudsters usually act in groups.

Some scammers publish newspaper ads: collect a small number of people, offering a seductive service. Some scammers trash collecting fines. Therefore, for example, you can check out a receipt.

Another type of fraud – non refund, borrowed on parole or on a simple receipt. For example, it can be used as a rule.

Often, fraudsters beat the client’s willingness to deceive the state. This is not the case. At making a big deal A private firm is a safer than a limited liability company, since the latter has been created.

I’ve been able to get in and out of the office. “The organization offers”, “The firm will buy. “

It happens and vice versa: fraudsters with loud name, aboudant advertising, luxurious office. The company has not been able to accept the integrity of the company. First of all, newly formed firms should be suspected of fraud. But for the large scam is also not included.

You must follow these rules:

  • do not rush; this should be especially suspicious;
  • do not install close friendships It is a way to make a difference;
  • implementation of the transaction to not allow any violations prescribed order (even if they are very profitable);
  • carefully to study everything signed documents;
  • notarize contract about the deal;
  • avoid payment forward;
  • money for the deal carry through the bank (to certify their transition from hand to hand).

Often, people become victims of fraudsters in the sale, purchase, rental housing. The following methods of fraud in this area are known:

  • it takes a little extra money;
  • several people at once;
  • it’s a duplicate;
  • sell a house at a false address.

Collecting someone else’s sadness.

Counterfeit currency

The following methods of counterfeiting money are known:

  • redrawing small banknotes on large ones;
  • reproduction of banknotes on a color copying machine;
  • making counterfeit banknotes through a cliché.

The most likely fake bills average dignity: it is paid to large. Counterfeiters specifically “get old” fake banknotes, so that they look past many hands. A bundle of money, which is a whole, may contain fake among actual banknotes.

Protecting money from counterfeiting are used:

  • printing complex, subtle, irregular, multi-colored pattern;
  • placing a unique number on each banknote;
  • abrasion on bending;
  • the substance of the paper;
  • use of watermarks;
  • In this case, it is possible to add some light and UV irradiation;
  • printing part with magnetic ink;
  • placing a metal (usually platinum) thread in a layer of paper;
  • expressing the paper of the banknote (for the blind);
  • There is a special felt-tip pen.

As practice shows, any remedy sooner or later copied by counterfeiters.

There are a lot of things to do.

In determine banknote authenticity protection against fakes. Most likely to be deceived when dealing with foreign unfamiliar money. It is necessary to compare the banknotes with the banknotes. Of the most popular currencies, US dollars. With the fraudulent stunt: replacing with the banknotes? The calculation of the amount of money in the bank.


It is a fact that). Need to portray indifference. Also, if possible, avoid meeting his gaze. It’s better to see it in detail. It should not be notice.

It is necessary to take it away from you.

It means that it’s possible to confirm the maximum damage. Otherwise, you can be sued for you. Successfully repulsed from the attacker, think carefully. It is not always a case for convicted revenge.



Theft from the bag or often it is committed most often when the victim has died. Hey, he is also interested in the displeasure of the wallet. And in crowded public transport, people are always pushing each other anyway. Pickpockets others are busy with pockets and bags. If you count the passenger, the vehicle should not be used.

Do not keep your bag stacked on top, because they can pull out. It is not necessary to place it on the skin.

To defend oneself keep the bag in front, although it will be in the way. Do you need to take care of your baby?

Keep keys, money and documents in your inside pockets, and moreover. If you have a coat and jacket on it, then hide it away. It is also a good idea to get there. If you turn upside down, you can’t lose anything. The most vulnerable pocket of the pants. Thieves call it “another pocket.”

Buttons, or “zippers”, or buttons should be external pockets.

Store money in several places. It is better to keep your skin on the belt.

Do not show large amounts of money around. From the thick tutu reach the notes unnoticed. Heading for an expensive purchase in advance. Do not make conversations with you. If you’re a long time, you can’t follow them.

If you keep yourself at the bag, then it will get your money. You should go home and change your lock. A spare lock should be ready.

You shouldn’t be visible.

Theft in the workroom

Institutes and offices often have the so-called situational theftThis is what you see, it gives you a thoughtful moment.

To avoid such things, lock your work space, even if you leave it for a very short time. Do not leave it on strangers, including those who need it. Keep your keys, personal documents, money with you. Do not leave them to go. When you open the drawers safety regulations your neighbors

Do not pass your keys to people who are careless, forgetful, distracted.

You also need to send you a message. If you want, you can always leave it at your absence. Do not keep things in the workplace that could compromise you (better still not have such things at all).

Stealing on the beach

The beach is a very convenient place to commit petty theft. It is especially unpleasant to lose clothes or shoes. It’s not a good deal.

This bag protects you not only from thieves, but also from drowning, it doesn’t allow you to travel.

The eccentricity. Tie the bag, already in the water. This will attract less idle attention.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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