Protection from an aggressive dog, action at the time of the attack of an angry and aggressive dog.

A common proverb claims that a dog is a person’s friend. I want to amend not every person, most often only its owner. But for all other dogs, the enemy is more likely. 

Protection from an aggressive dog, action at the time of the attack of an angry and aggressive dog.

Unfortunately, recently we have to talk about a dog not as a friend, but as a threat to the health and even life of an average resident of the country. In my archive there will be up to fifty cases when four-legged friends bit their two-legged older brothers or their children to death. And how many victims of dog bites will be typed, one can only guess.

, where they sell us not the best quality goods. Dogs that are forbidden to be kept in homes in civilized countries are sold to uncivilized, where they periodically eat their population..

No, I am not against dogs and dog breeders, but I am for the law and universal security. It is necessary to determine, at least at the local administration level, potentially dangerous breeds of dogs (for which it is enough to look at the statistics of injuries) and accept the rules for keeping them and make it obligatory for the owners to strictly follow them. In all developed countries, there are such rules and all dog breeders are strictly observed, to the extent that they go after their dogs with special scoops and panicles and all that they walk on the lawn, they are collected in plastic bags and disposed of at home. And in order to leave without a muzzle or to pull off this leash of your pinscher, there can be no talk.

God be with them, with scoops and panicles, but at least the owners of domestic bull terriers should put muzzles and leashes on them? Or, as is customary with us, to reassure passers-by shouting from their grinning mouth of their pets, shouting: Don’t be afraid, he doesn’t bite to death. When full! or even better: Do not dare to raise a hand on a dog, she does not like this! But how not to lift it when she already nibbles at the trouser leg? No, perhaps you can’t wait for the adoption of the relevant resolution. It looks like you have to fend off the unbelted bull terrier yourself. Why it is advisable to know how to protect yourself from an attacking dog.

Prevention and action when meeting an unfamiliar or aggressive dog.

You should never flirt with an unfamiliar dog, even if it seems friendly to you. Friendliness can end at any moment, and then instead of a wagging tail, you will see bared fangs. For example, if you raise your hand too high or allow yourself some other gesture that the dog took as a challenge. It is dangerous to approach the dog when it eats, guards some thing or is carried away by love affair. A dog protecting a bone, its chosen one or a thing left to be kept by the owner may, if you get too close, attack you.

Extremely dangerous dogs guarding other people’s cottages. These are not the mongrels of the blanks of yesteryear. These are dogs taught to kill. Leave the habit of creeping into the cracks in the fences, shortening the path. If the dog is aggressive towards you, do not turn your back on it. And do not try to run away. Escape provokes pursuit and attack. In a dog, as in any predator, the instinct of persecution is strong. The fleeing victim proves his weakness, and, therefore, it can be finished with impunity. Standing still shows strength and should be feared.

A dog that is ready to be attacked should be slowly backed away, not taking its eyes off it and not showing its fear. It is dangerous to wave your arms and make sudden movements. Any of them can be interpreted by the dog as aggression. At the time of the attack, the dog should be loud and confident to command: Fu, Sit !, Stand! etc. A familiar command acquired at the level of the conditioned reflex can stop the dog.

If the dog does not respond to commands, you can try to throw some object into it to gain time for grooming or searching for some kind of impromptu weapon. And have time to retreat to the nearest tree, open porch door, stairs on the playground. Or use a pause in order to pull out of your pocket and prepare for work a gas gun, a stun gun. And, armed with them, go on the attack. All these remedies are effective against dogs. And even a gas spray, if it is charged not with tear gas, but with pepper mixture (IPC).

From domestic, gas cartridges of the Scorpio 5000 series are most suitable. They include sensitive ingredients for dogs. For example, a spray can Scorpio 5003 should cause unconscious fear in dogs. A similar effect is possessed by some modifications of Shock cans and others. Finally, you can use a handful of ground pepper. You can carry it in a paper bag in your pocket. When attacking, you should tightly squeeze, break the packaging and throw the pepper along with the paper in the dog’s face. Just throw it point blank, otherwise your pepper will scatter in the wind. Although I must warn you that just pepper is much less effective than pepper spray.

In the absence of weapons and the impossibility of a real attack, you can portray the mental. Why decisively rush forward. A poorly trained dog can frighten your pressure. To enhance the effect, you can try to dramatically change your appearance. For example, spreading the floors of outerwear. Exactly so, by changing the shape of the body in nature, potential victims scare away predators. There are cases when people thus fought off forest animals. Just spreading the floors, do not put your hands in your pockets. Hands can come in handy if the dog is unimpressive.

Actions and protection at the time of the attack of an angry and aggressive dog.

Beating a dog is best in the most painful parts of the body in the nose, groin, tongue. It is preferable to use the foot than the hand, as this allows you to act from afar and keep it close to your face. It is permissible to use improvised pricking and cutting objects with pocket knives, nail files, scissors, sharp keys, and a broken bottle. It is most reliable to defend against a dog with a long, strong stick. With the help of which you can restrain the dog at some distance. In an extreme case, pick up a piece of brick, a stone. Two stones are better to have one in stock.

But only, having taken a stone or a stick, a dangerously approaching dog should not be scared, but beat. A strong blow can sober her up and make her retire. The weak will only piss. Then forget about the love of animals instilled in childhood. The main task of the victim of the attack is to stand on his feet. A fallen person has far fewer opportunities for protection. To do this, it is advisable to find some support behind the wall of the house, a fence, a pillar, etc. When a dog jumps, and preferably a little in advance, for example, noticing that she was crouched, one should try to take the most stable position and protect the throat by pressing the chin to the chest and holding your arm forward.

If you still fell, you must try to restrain the attack by grabbing the dog by the face and kicking it from below in the stomach. Beat your eyes and ears with your fingers. Choke. Of course, your hands may suffer at this point. But here one does not have to spare one’s hands just to save the throat. Well, if you don’t take care, put your dog’s hand right in the mouth. And push deeper into the throat. There are cases when, by such a technique, people even defeated wolves. But Baron Munchausen even turned them inside out! This is me, for detente and gaining common sense. After all, it’s not with the lion that you are fighting, and not with the Hound of the Baskervilles!

Do not give vent to emotions! The main task when attacking you dogs is not to succumb to fear, not to lose control over yourself. Only in this way can one strike wherever, but where one should strike. I understand that it’s scary, but this is not a reason for surrender. In the end, you are bigger and heavier. Well, resist! A dog rescues from aggressive defense sooner or later. And a limp person will gobble up and forget to choke! Not capable? Then roll onto your stomach and protect your neck with your hands. Maybe that creature, in order to calm down, it will be enough to nibble your soft parts. Well, well-fed, she will be much kinder, and you can even make friends with her.

A trained dog, which simply cannot be driven away with kicks, can be recommended to beat at the moment when it clings to the exposed hand. For this, some sources recommend tightly wrapping the left arm with a removed jacket and artificially provoking an attack by a dog. She, trying to get you, almost certainly clings to your hand. And at that moment her head, especially the eyes, nose and ears, is not protected. And you can beat it with your fist, fingers or an improvised item. Beat in an open stomach with a knife or a random sharp object. Kicking in the groin. Only with all my might to beat and kick.

You can hit a tightly clenched fist on the upper jaw that clings to your left hand. It is weak in dogs and, if the blow is strong enough, it can break. I apologize in advance for my harsh recommendations to the dog handlers, for whom the dog is the same as a cow for Indians. I understand their annoyance and protest against these lines. Nevertheless, I remain unconvinced and believe that human life is higher than a dog’s life, even if one and a half thousand dollars have been paid for the latter. If my position is a protest, let lovers of four-legged friends imagine for an instant that an unknown dog has attacked and tears their child into the blood.

What will they do in this case? And who will be more spared and protected? Of particular danger are dogs that come together in a pack. Most often these are homeless dogs thrown into the street by the owners, forced to earn their livelihood. They inhabit the outskirts of cities, landfills, abandoned buildings and, gradually running wild, turn almost into wolves. Flocks of stray dogs are characteristic of poor and developing countries, that is, including our country. Such feral dogs can be extremely dangerous for a person entering a territory protected by a pack.

Features of communication with the owner of an angry and aggressive dog.

Another dog related comment. After you defeated the dog that attacked you, do not relax, be prepared to continue the fight. This time with the owner of the dog, who for his pet will cut your throat no worse than him. Do not rush to throw aside a stick and a brick. On the contrary, demonstrate their fullness, their state of passion and their willingness to use improvised weapons. And most importantly, attack. Believe that you don’t leave this thing so that send the dog to the kindergarten, and its owner to prison, that you will sue for compensation for material and moral damage, which…

But by the way, and serve. Don’t be threatened, but serve! In this case, the law will be on your side and you will receive very good money. It’s time to get used to defending ourselves not only with fists and clubs, but also with the law. Protect yourself and at the same time all the other citizens of the country in which you live. Because if an undisciplined dog handler pays in cash for every bite of an unattended dog, he will quickly appreciate the cheapness of leashes and muzzles. And others will appreciate.

Prevention of rabies infection from a dog bite.

The last aspect of antipode safety concerns sick dogs. No matter how terrible the flock of feral Saint Bernards is, it is much less dangerous for humans than one louse infected with rabies. Rabies today is an incurable infectious disease that a person becomes infected when bitten by sick domestic and wild animals. If, after being bitten by a rabid animal, the person did not go to the hospital on time, he is doomed. For prevention purposes, any dog ​​bite, as well as any wild animals, should be construed as a potential risk of infection and seek medical attention immediately.

Of particular concern should dogs whose behavior is different from normal. So, for example, many animals infected with rabies cease to be afraid of humans, become aggressive, they have increased salivation, and fear of water. If you have the opportunity to take a dog that has attacked you to the hospital, drag it along with you. This will accurately determine her condition, and you will avoid a dozen painful injections in the place that is responsible for perseverance at work.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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