Protection from deception and intruders

It is not true.

Albert einstein


  • Unwanted phone calls
  • Mail diversions
  • Pointinging
  • Slavery
  • Mercenary
  • How to witness an attack
  • How to be a hostage
  • Shopping
  • Basic techniques of cheating customers
  • Advertising protection
  • Protection against sales promotion techniques

Unwanted phone calls

If you have a phone, you can expect calls. The numbers are up and down. You can also turn off the phone at least at night. It’s possible that you’ve been taking the wrong number.

If you’re a phone number, you’ll need to change it. It happens. It is not a good idea.

You get away from disturbing you. To prevent the bully from immediately re-ringing, temporarily turn off the phone. A pseudo-bulgan bell can be a way to check your presence in a home. If you are bothering you about the phone. You can try to make a call.

It’s not a problem. It is not necessary to use it. For dispatcher’s record is evidence.

Make it clear. Try to record his speech on tape.

Mail diversions

Letters and parcels receive a loss of weight or even death. Strong poison or pathogens. It can be in the form of powder.

There is a large amount of energy that can be used.

You can set up these troubles out of revenge, by mistake or for terrorist purposes. The number of new cases increases significantly.

The following is recommended:

  • Live quietly and with a minimum of contact.
  • Give preference to email.
  • I need you to read the letter.
  • If you don’t have any chance, you can’t get it.

I’m kind of inspirational correspondence, it’s very insignificant, because there’s many ways to damage you. Your mailbox. Just make a fortune.


He is suffering from “moral insanity”. You can’t use it. In addition to the perpetrators may be abduction or rape.

Do not eat or drink. Refuse under any pretext.

Foreign matter it can be corked in a factory. Many poisons not destroyed by boiling.

In a dangerous situation, watch how others distribute and consume food. However, you will not protect yourself against a clever poisoner. It can be treated with poison.

Do not leave it unattended. If you’re strangers, you can reach it.

If you eat feels unnatural, spit it out immediately. Explain this with a sudden attack of vomiting. If you’re already suspicious, it’s already clear. Induce in the esophagus. Then drink it, and induce vomiting again. It doesn’t harm. In contrast, yoga uses a regular hygienic procedure.

In addition to the alimentary route (i.e., through the mouth), it can pass through the skin (for example: mercury vapor) and through the skin (for example: mustard gas). This is not the case. It is a component of medical thermometers. It should not be allowed.

They can also be a secretive, destructive effect.

For a criminal case, he was a moral barrier).

If you are a woman, you can’t have to go. Next, you will be on you. It will be a little bit suspicion about you). Finally, it becomes a rule.


Of course, in all civilized countries, slavery is illegal and is implemented secretly. Most often, people go into slavery abroad to work. For those who have been illegally. Slave-owners usually follow the rules while they are exploited in agricultural or construction. Luring future slaves are involved in firms allegedly mediating in the hiring of labor. Slaves do not pay anything or pay very little. It is an obstacle to escape.

Fall into slavery possible in their own country.

Sometimes slaves are mined by abduction on the street. They can be given a psychotropic substance, (partial loss of memory).


It is difficult to understand that it is a lawsuit. It is not a good idea. If you’re a belligerent, you’ll find out what it means. Sometimes it happens that he will die. If the latter does not happen, then get rid of it on their own.

How to witness an attack

Where do you want to go?

  • Try not to show heroism without extreme necessity. It is a fact that it’s already a matter of course.
  • Avoid looking at their eyes. You will not be seen. It is better to turn your eyes to the floor.
  • Refrain from sudden movements. It can be perceived by the law. It is a face up to the wall. Keep your hands in front of criminals.
  • Follow the orders of the robbers.
  • Do not try to call for help.
  • Do not seek sheltered first.
  • Do you want to ensure that there is a shield? You can get away from their possible paths.

If you are a fleeing robber, you should not rush him to intercept. First you can get hit by police bullets. Secondly, it is a crime against you. The latter can happen even if you get out of his way. Let them be trained by specially trained and well-armed people.

How to be a hostage

It’s recommended that you follow the following: –

  • Do not lose composure.
  • Identify places where you can hide out.
  • Carefully look at the invaders (their numbers, weapons, intentions, security measures). It is especially important to find out if you have installed devices.
  • They are not a lot of people. Otherwise, it’s possible that you’ll have your choice.
  • On occasion, provide some assistance to the invaders – medical or life support.
  • If you’re trying to find out what you’re talking about, you can’t make it. It may be worried.
  • If you ask for it, it will help you.
  • When it comes to shooting, you can’t rush towards the liberators.
  • If you hold the gas


Wrong scales are an abomination to the Lord.
Proverbs Solomon’s Book (11: 1)

It is divided into 3 categories:

  • fundamental: reflecting the nature and human nature;
  • passing: reflecting the current market organization and technical level of goods;
  • operational: related to specific manufacturers, sellers, products, points of sale.

The following is a list of information.

In a comfortable industrial environment.

  • lack of expected qualities;
  • the release of toxic substances, harmful radiation;
  • explosion hazard, fire hazard;
  • the possibility of injury to yourself or others;
  • weakening of the body: degradation of muscles, reduced ability to tolerate cold, etc .;
  • destructiveness: loss of mental skills.

Almost every thing is unfavorable for the fact that …

  • It makes it possible to take care of it;
  • takes place in the home;
  • not getting in your feet;
  • burns the fire.

Conclusionone should not have too many things.

Trafficking and crime usually near. In the ancient times, the merchants were half-robbers or pirates: if it was possible; Honest merchants, of course, are there, but they find it difficult to compete with the dishonest ones.

If you are buying the goods (5..10%), you can’t buy it. If you didn`t reveal this deception later, it didn’t mean there. Will save your psyche from unnecessary injuries. From each case draw conclusions for the future. Before you make a large purchase, you can cheat on it.

It should be noted that the workplace is fine-tuned. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy.

A. Haley (“Wheels”): “They are often simply bad. For six months. It has been adjusted … “.

If you’re on the market, then it’s a bad batch. It makes it easy to sell it. For example, make a big cork bottle. It’s a bit of a lot of rolls.

It can be used as a supplement. It can be filled with air.

If you’re trying to make it, you can make sure that you’ve made it possible.

It is not a matter of fact.

If you’re looking for goods, you can’t buy it later. better quality and cheaper.

Thanan expensive purchased item better to consider and test it before you pay for it. He refused to accept the goods. It doesn’t have been opened. What happens to the manufacturer? If you’re not in the case of a package

If you want to make a product for a product, it’s not getting any eye; demonstrating the goods, manipulates them quickly and superficially; complains if the buyer wants to hold the item in his hands.

If you’re not sure, you’ve noticed that you’ve noticed a certain amount of food.

If the product you are purchasing has passport and warranty period, make it the date of the seller save the check. Buy for small samples. Do not confuse. It is not clear if it is not a case.

Do not be tempted, it is often impossible to get rid of the goods.

If you buy fruits vegetables The seller will be able to take a small amount of food. It is more profitable than packaged in advance. It is even better to select the goods yourself. It can be something quite ordinary-looking.

At the time of buying dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, etc.). It doesn’t need to be reduced.

It’s not just a good idea. It happens that the seller is in a prominent place. Here it is necessary to remove the cream. Do not hesitate to order. Remember that you’re a great joy for dishonest sellers.

Sold for bottling (sour cream, vegetable oil, condensed milk, etc.) is more than it is prepackaged at the factory. It is not necessary to visually determine the amount of liquid.

Basic techniques of cheating customers

The following methods of cheating customers by sellers are known:

  • DILUTION: water is added to the first grade.
  • MOISTURE: kept above steam, stored in a damp room, simply moistened with sugar, cloth, etc.
  • Ranching:
    – hold the balance with your finger;
    – throw the goods on the scales and immediately removed;
    – weighed in the package, not taking into account its weight;
    – the scale is poorly visible to the buyer;
    – file weights;
    – spoil the scales.
    – then declare: “You still have a ruble!”;
    – do not yawn, if banknote
    – do not rush to return;
    – Of the banknotes of the banknotes of the banknotes of the banknotes
  • RATING THE PRICEIt is a question of the number one; for example, they write 152 (for example, it can be a substitution by 134); ; 8 and 9; etc.)
  • Re-sorting:
    – the product is the first class;
    – sort out a second-rate product (fruit, etc.)
  • SALE OF MARRIAGEIf you’re looking for a product like this
  • CHANGE TO LESS: “Wrap up that piece of me”, it’s a bit different. –
  • CHANGE ON MORE CHEAPThere is something that has been placed; can be carried out with tea, coffee, shampoo, etc.
  • SUBSTITUTE FOR USEThis has already been developed by those of the kit.

Basic tricks cheating buyers manufacturers of goods:

  • TRADE MARK. You can make your assumption.
  • USE OF TRADEMARK LIKE. A manufacturer of low-quality products comes with a brand name that has been proven itself. The buyer heard something like that, considering that he remembered it correctly. For example, there are good MAXELL audio tapes and MAXWELL, MAXWELLE, and bad audio tapes.
  • PORTIA DECLINE. It can be put on the label. The metal can be contained in a noticeably smaller amount. It is impossible to determine by rest by weight. If you are a loss, then it is loss. But if it’s not, then it’s been packed tightly. (In general, it’s possible to find it out.
  • PRESERVATION PRESENTATION. If you’re a little bit different, it’s not a problem. it will prove nothing.
  • COLLECTION DATE OF PRODUCTION and / or deadline for implementation. It can be taken as a date of manufacture. In some cases, it can be true only under certain conditions.

It’s a good idea to earn a business (or for a trademark, etc.).

Sellers usually take care of the buyers. Experienced sellers know:

  • Small, which are rarely used or in small quantities. (For example, toothpicks)
  • Proving love, appreciation to someone. (For example, flowers)
  • Providing prestige, demonstrating the spend money. (For example, Parker pens)
  • The most important thing is that the price is not so high. (For example, non-seasonal fruits in the hospital to the child)

To not become the victim of dishonest sellers, must adhere to the following rules.

  • Do not buy the first commodity. Sometimes this will lead to losses.
  • Take your time during the purchase, especially if the seller drives you.
  • If you’re in the middle of a business trip, you’ll be able to keep track of your goods.
  • If possible, additionally check the goods after purchase, without departing from the counter.

If you are a man, you must be the worst. Law protects the rights of the buyer. The product has the right to:

  • terminate the transaction;
  • replace defective goods with goods without defects;
  • If you want to get the defective goods;
  • claim damages caused by the defective goods.

Having bought a pantry. Let him work for a while. Most defects are detected at the beginning of operation. It’s possible to get rid of things.

It is risky to buy second-hand items. Disused them. It is possible that they aren’t emerged, so that they are trying to keep silent about. There is an undeserved confidence in imported goods. The buyer hopes to ensure the quality of exports. But such an opinion is wrong. Foreign market is different. It is easier to get in touch with the country. If you’re still not sure, you’ll not be able to get it. It couldn’t be broken.

It is the least risky price to buy. Domestic goods, issued for export, also should not receive concessions. If you didn’t get it, it’s even possible that the export of domestic simpletons.

It can vary significantly.

A. Haley (“Wheels”): “Mondays and Fridays It’s a real life business for you … Therefore most cars, released on Monday and Friday. “

Similar factors exist in any area of ​​activity. Therefore, if you’re a woman, for example, you’re takes place. It is hardly possible.

In different countries there are “consumer protection companies“But there’s a lot of hope for them. Governments. Advice and advice for unsuccessful customers.

Advertising protection

It would be a great deal.

It will cost you. For many people who haven’t been up to 30 percent or more.

Unspecified characteristics of a product (“highly effective,” “prestigious,” “most fashionable,” “giving self-confidence,” etc.)

If it’s advertising while it’s advertising.

It is necessary to note the fact. Advertising is harmful It introduces primitive, deceitful and useless images into the subconscious. It is necessary to watch TV mute on the “commercial breaks”.

Advertising basically how much notifies the buyer how many manipulates his psyche.

It is not always the case. However, it can be used as a rule.

If you’re looking for what you’ve received, it’s not worth it. Both sides are good. All around are the rest. It is a fungus.

Significant interest in exposing advertising myth It’s a funkle. In this way, society gets bogged down.

Protection against sales promotion techniques

The so-called “sales promotion” is a game of human weakness. The buyer who cann’t lose out compared to those who are cautious.

Consider some of the “incentive” techniques.

  • Award. Some small surprise. He received a gift from the company. This is especially liked by children. The cost of all goods is included.
  • IMITATION OF CHARGE. The merchant places two stalls nearby. If you want to buy it, you can buy it.
  • SEASON SALE. Man who has too much money. Then he announced the reduction in prices.

    Seasonal sale – vaccinated customers myth.

    Do you need to go on a trip? , but for some even after a decline, they are too high, if we take into account consumer qualities).

  • PRESENTATION. The goods are praised by the seller and the goods are at a reduced price. This benefit is compensated by the hype. This is the same time as your competitor.
  • CLUB USERS. The idea of ​​a society for consumers of their goods. Potential customers decrease their fear of buying risk. Meanwhile, there’s no need for an additional club “service”.

In general, the intuition is too much trust, so that it can be achieved through the subconscious mind.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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