Providing a good rest in emergency and extreme situations.

Having prepared a shelter from the weather or having equipped a long camp, you need to think about the minimum comfort that is necessary for a good rest. Fatigue is perhaps the most dangerous enemy of those who fight for survival. Therefore, rest in normal and most comfortable conditions should be given maximum attention, since both mental and physical well-being depend on it.. 

Ensuring a good rest in emergency and extreme situations.

Even in the most difficult conditions, rest requires a normal sleep. It is desirable that it is 6-8 hours. Never go to bed on bare ground. Heated by your body, it will evaporate water, which will moisturize clothes, cool your body, which can cause colds and even pneumonia. It is especially cold to sleep in the morning. Therefore, there is a wonderful rule for travelers: in order to sleep warmly, you need to have as many blankets under you as on yourself.

In addition, sleeping on bare ground is simply inconvenient, a tired body will not get rest, and the next day a person feels overwhelmed. It is dangerous to sleep on the ground and because of personal safety reasons. Possible bites of forest and meadow mice shrews and other small rodents that are carriers of serious infectious diseases, spiders, snakes and the like.

With daily movement of litter in a hut or canopy, branches of spruce or pine can serve, spruce is preferable. They break or chop, if there is anything, lower, large and sprawling branches, which then stick at an angle into the ground with their lower ends and stack on top of each other, like tiles. Along the edges are two long poles in length and two short across. In the corners they are fastened with pegs with flyers driven into the ground. The bed is ready, it is springy and retains heat well due to air between the needles.

For normal relaxation, heather bedding is good. It is soft and supple, in addition, exudes a pleasant aroma that refreshes and invigorates. Roll-up clothes replace the pillow. But if there is a backpack or any bag, then it can be stuffed with willow seeds of willow-tea or white fluff of meadow grass, which grows on swamp bogs and moist meadows. Cotton grass down reminds cotton.

Providing a good rest in emergency and extreme situations.

During long parking in the absence of a sleeping bag or blanket, they can be made by yourself using a primitive loom, which will help to make a mattress, a sheet, and a fairly warm blanket. To do this, 6-7 stakes are driven into the ground at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. Two stakes are driven against them at a distance of 1.5 meters, to which a stick is tied across. 6-7 ropes are tied to this stick, which are tied with the other ends to the pegs driven in opposite.

Then, ropes are attached to the same pegs, but already 2 meters long and their ends are fixed on another stick. Raising and lowering the stick, bunches of straw, sedge, sedge, cattail, grass are laid between the ropes from below, then from above. The thick bundles turned into a mattress, a thinner blanket, and a thinner sheet. When raising a stick with ropes, in order to lay the next bunch, you need to somehow fix the stick in the upper position, since it is impossible for one person to hold the stick and lay the bundles at the same time.

To do this, two sticks with forks at the end are installed and the next time you lift the stick with ropes placed on them. After weaving, you need to tighten the ropes, untie them from the sticks and secure at the ends of your product. Ropes in the tropics can be replaced by vines.

If the circumstances are such that you find yourself in a place where there is no way to make any of the types of litter described above, then you can use another taiga method. It consists in making a strong bonfire out of the blue, but better in a hole or groove in the size of your body. When it burns out and the earth warms up well enough, it is necessary to very thoroughly clean the earth of coal. Having prepared a place for rest, so as not to burn clothes and not to get burns and lie down on this place. Heated earth retains heat for a very long time, almost all night.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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