Psychological and physical preparation for emergency response.

With physical fitness, everything is clear. Physical fitness has never harmed anyone. And in emergency situations and conditions, it only helped.

Psychological and physical preparation for emergency response.

A person who has greater physical strength is able to more easily descend from a burning house, hang longer on the edge of the cornice without falling off the roof, hold the heaviness that has fallen on him for a longer time, quickly release his loved ones from the rubble, rather get out of the water, falling through the ice. All this increases his chances of salvation in comparison with the untrained, who found himself in exactly the same situation as a victim.
, situation. And having kept the mind, look for ways to salvation, do not become like a herd of sheep stupidly bleating and rushing from side to side, trampling and butting others. Unfortunately, today such psychological preparation has become much less typical for us than a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, life at any cost, even the most humiliating and dishonorable, has become more important to us than spotless honor. And that is why we began to live less and worse. How else?

The more afraid you are, the less capable you are of defending yourself. Because you are afraid. I think that no modern gangster would ever look at the wallet of an officer of the cavalry guard, because he wouldn’t get anything from him without taking his life in a fierce struggle. And not because the officer would be sorry for losing his wallet, but because it would be a shame to give away what does not belong to another. Because honor is above life! And by the readiness to put his life on the line, that officer would defend not only himself, but all the other officers. And society as a whole.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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