Psychological preparation: Do not be afraid of fear

Do not be afraid of fear: use it. Let him not paralyze, and forces to act.

Of all the emotions, the brain provides to fear. Why? Fear is one of the guiding threads in an emergency. Unfortunately, types of fear, experienced by military and rescuers now become part of experiences the whole society. We are under the yoke of news about floods, fires, snowstorms, hurricans, and many other natural disasters. Anthropogenic amusements such as electromagnetic impulse, terrorism and constantly looming nuclear threat.

This news brings straight to your home. fear in high resolution. Even if you don’t watch them, continuous festival catastrophes The question arises: “How will you keep yourself in this situation?”

But our goal is to fire wood in the firebox. forcing fear. We will explain what fear, what happens to you terrible.

Note: we are not talking about phobias, such as fear of clowns, intimacy or public speaking. If similar situations for you a matter of life and death, you should not choose another article. We continue.

Anatomy of fear

What is fear? This is not just an emotion. Fear – this:

  • evolutionary survival mechanism;
  • a particle of each DNA cell;
  • natural instinctive reaction on dangerous situations.

Feeling of fear not related to physical or emotional weakness. It leads us to action. For example, bounce off a fast-moving car, or consider the protection from danger. Fear it can be learned to control it.

Where does fear come from?

The amygdala-shaped structure is the structure of the body. fear. Accumulations of neurons transmitting alert signals about fear and reactions to other parts of the brain.

It is the cell responsible for the electrical system. There are two neural transfer routes. signal of fear at different speeds:

  1. The Moro reflex is fast. fear passes 20 milliseconds. For example, to hear a shot.
  2. The thought process is a slow path (300 milliseconds) to the amygdala. For example, intuition, memories of mistakes.

How fears grow

Scientists believe that we have only two fears: fear of falling and loud noises. Nevertheless, people can manage both life and real life threats.

Previous frightening experience

Past experience that ended up negatively and reproductively fear. To overcome will require training, practice and expert advice. This is a way to cope with situations in the future.

Imperfect role models

As noted above, one can learn to control “fear reaction“- but you need someone who will teach. If parents lost heart you will respond as well. Fortunately, when growing up, the role models of people are not always saved. You can choose to fear and the right thing.

Lack of training

Lack of training leads to abnormal reactions to fear. Train according to your specific situation. If you like to relax in nature, do not care. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the route of the field. reactions to fear.


Fear, experienced in an emergency, strong enough. To the extent that he can paralyze the thinking process. Altogether. Next, connect panic or anxiety, slowness, indecision, self-justification or inaction.

Physical symptoms may include:

  • goosebumps;
  • sweaty hands;
  • dry mouth;
  • stomach upset;
  • voice change;
  • stuttering or difficulty speaking
  • hand shake;
  • weakness in the knees;
  • confused breathing;
  • blurred vision;
  • dizziness and headache.

No one experiences all the symptoms at the same time. Mentally return to moment of fear and remember your the reaction. Make a list of symptoms. It is very important to understand your reaction to fear, since she is your early warning system.

Extreme duet

Focus on the two most destructive fears that manifest themselves in emergencies: fear of failure and fear of escape (stupor).

Fear of failure

What failure? This is a concept from childhood parents, teachers or peers who are accountable for wrong action. Then failure becomes something to prevent it: avoiding difficulties, giving up the initiative giving up after the slightest disappointment and, ultimately, remaining in the shadows. More than the results of persistence.

However, it would have failed. A frequent example is Thomas Edison. He spent thousands of experiments for the incandescent lamp. And if the pioneers and researchers surrendered after the first failure? “I’m waiting for the flight, we have nothing happens“.

Analyze your behavior on a survival course, training in hand-to-hand combat or shooting. Does it interfere fear of failure to improve their skills? Bad experience motivates. There are many mentors who have been willing to lead you to failure. Fear of failure can be a behavioral pattern of avoidance and degradation of skills. Failure not the end, but rather a bump on the road to success.

Fear of cowardice

Most destructive fear – fear seem like a coward. “I can’t let you down my tribe.” Signs of this of fear traced in the history of all communities. This fear Lead your family, friends, or mates, leaves deep emotional scars.

Fear of failure everyday avoiding responsibility. It takes place during wars, catastrophes, civil unrest and most survival scenarios. Unfortunately ways prepare for fear this kind of very little. Idle, however, they are not available for civilians. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques available among prisoners of war.

Methods of dealing with fear

Method 1 – break out of the “what if?” Trap

Negative internal dialogue is one of the most important. destroyers of success and builders of fear. During this dialogue, questions arise like:

  • What if I don’t have the strength?
  • What if I get hurt or die?
  • What if I’m wrong?
  • What if I can’t be a leader?
  • What if I make a mistake?

Focus on your task.

Method 2 – a box for fear

It is a moral challenge, a moral torture and a death day in captivity. Equipment “boxes for fear“It is a box of relationships with lids. It is a box for relationships, work, past, aspirations, failures and fears. Usually box of fear accommodates terrible experience from past.

Consider the principle of operation. You are playing on the radio. Immediately there are moments in memory when you heard it. What happened? Mentally, you’ve reached the box where you’ve been associated with the song. This process takes place in the neurons and synapses. After some time the lid closes.

Control “a box of fear“. everytime when you are afraid and fear paralyzes your thinking, imagine the word “fear“Put it in the box and close the lid. It will take practice. It takes your stuck car. Get started now.

Method 3 – Breathing

Shallow breathing If you are taking it in, you can take a few breaths, inhaling with your mouth. Allow your shoulders to lower, which will prevent sprains from stretching. Although the exercise is simple, it sends amygdala biochemical signal stopping panic.

As an example, I’m a lot of shooters on the shooting range. There are many breathing techniques. Choose the one that suits you. Breath control – For example, it is a rule. The desired effect.

Method 4 – Analysis

Think before you act. Think over the situation, mentally make a list of pros and cons. It usually comes down to three solutions: action, inaction, and retreat. As with breathing, analyzing the situation sends a signal amygdala stop panic.

Method 5 – Mobilization

After analyzing the situation, you usually come to one of three options: do nothing, run away, or confront. Each action depends on the two previous steps (breathing and analysis).

Final Considerations

Fear – that’s not bad. Adrenaline addicts are not easy experiencing fear, they enjoy it. However, regardless of the degree of your adventurism, you can get scared. Understand which of your fears natural is extremely important.

What kind fears it is normal without fear climb a sheer mountain, or boldly wander in the dark along the ghetto teeming with gangs. These fears save a life. You work out frightening situations. It is necessary to develop mental escape routes.

Bottom line: thinking is needed to cope with modern fears survivor. This question is: “Do I have to overcome my fears?”

New fears

Fears Mortality of millions of people. Mentally unstable individuals, striving for fame and notoriety, created a new field for of death and use the Internet as a launching pad. These tragedies have penetrated our homes through round the clock news releases.

Mindset, you can prevent the initial paralysis of fear and increase the chances of survival. In the first few seconds Here are a few points to consider:

  • Do not ignore your intuition. If you look at your situation, you can stop your work and evaluate the situation. Do not assume that everything is in order. Think it yourself logically and rationally response to fear.
  • Have a plan in an emergency. Is always have a plan, even if you are in a restaurant, even go to the movies. It will take a few seconds to know where the emergency exits are. If you want a gun and starts shooting.
  • Practice. Find hand-to-hand or self-defense courses. Choose schools to practice in reality. Appropriate training will also be required.
  • Encourage learning. Help to inform and prepare evacuation plans at work, schools and organizations. Knowledge is the most powerful tool. against fear.

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Psychological preparation: Do not be afraid of fear

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