Psychological preparation for an extreme situation

Preparing for an extreme situation without leaving the comfort zone is impossible. It will not matter how much you store it. Why? Yes, simply because of survival psychological the phenomenon of readiness to survive! There is no mysticism here, and, nevertheless, this phenomenon lies beyond our ordinary life. The nature of the society of consumers of comfort.

One such adaptation mechanism is fear. It is a man who is used to avoiding his fears. It’s a challenge to prepare for your fears. The greatest fear is the fear of death, physical destruction. It is impossible to get rid of him. However, you can take it under control. How? Immersing yourself in a situation of controlled risk.

It can be attributed to the extreme situation. Passing through a metered impact. Of course, the importance of applied knowledge manage your emotions – It is not a question of whether it is preparing for a survival or not.

It is a very important skill to help you get the first aid to victims. You can pull it out into a bloody reality, you can’t even imagine it. Terrible accident or terrorist attack? What does it matter if you are not ready for not? It turned out that it was turned out to be true. Will you run away? Are you watching? Do you swoon? Our training center? The choice is yours.

You cant imagine it. People also worry about pet exchange and share exchange news. It is dead. It becomes a scary, a cold, a cold, a crawls on the back. It’s a fun way to make it. And then return to yourself today and continue to live.

What is really worth, and, most importantly, what do you really want? For example, the fear of death! Professional actors know about it. Use your opportunity to strengthen your emotional sphere every day. Do you work in an office? Wonderful! Use it. Take part in presentations, take part in leadership meetings. Learn to just chat, finally! Not in social networks, but in person. It is not useful after the onset of BP?

Someone will ask: “How will this help me in the forest?” Friend, read carefully the beginning of the post. Your emotions are, in essence, not your emotions. You have been trained. Kindergarten, then in school. From the age of 16, your psyche, formed under the influence of others, has finally been hardened, lost flexibility. You no longer perceive the new; you only find out what you are. Does it suit you? Honestly? I am not.

It is clear that you can understand the situation. It’s not a problem. It’s your composure. Your fears can be reduced.

Therefore, first – the psyche, then applied skills. Of course, you will have to go. Think of something else: a person who can’t live in the city! Paradox?

Not at all. It is important to set yourself a task. What is the task of the Survival Master? Right, survive. It’s not. It should be noted.

The second method of substitution is the training method. Do you wear camouflage and feel comfortable in it? You’re doing fine. Try to walk in a strict suit. Moreover, feel yourself in camouflage. And vice versa. Daily routine is your worst enemy! But shey, you’re your best friend, yin into yang, and sun into take out! ??

However, it is not enough to mastery. Try to create an alternative personality. You can. Personality should be as different as possible from you everyday. Everything should be different. Aerobatics: it is not possible to recognize you!

For the alms in crowded places. No, not in order to raise their level of material well-being. Where it is usually done in totalitarian sects, where personal self-development is not provided. This is what you need to do.

Personally went through this training situation. Without documents and cash, it was necessary to get from one city to another. Time to exit the finish point is limited. Violate the Criminal Code – is prohibited. With only what fits in your pockets.

Three out of ten starters retired (there was such an opportunity). One was in the “monkey”, and then relatives helped him out. Only two got on time. It is still implicitly proud of it. ??

Not everyone is lucky with a mentor. It has been achieved. So go. You have no time for chewing snot.

Here is the question: “ inner confidence in their actions. Not overconfidence, namely, confidence! It is a special feeling of “peacefulness”. This is a phenomenon called “Willingness to Survive.”

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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