Psychological preparation for battle – how to overcome fear

It has been noted that the process has been taken. For example, the Prussian king Frederick II (reigned in 1786-1797) declared that “a soldier must fear the sergeant“It received the order of the order” (or ordered himself). and rushed into battle.

It was his death. However, it’s not a matter of where you want to go.

To number exactly psychological methods should include, above all, taking psychotropic drugs. So, according to one version, the famous berserks taken before the battle tincture of mushroom. As a result, their fear completely disappeared, frantic rage arose, reactions intensified, muscular strength increase. This is a difficult situation.

How to overcome the fear of battle

Next method is that all attention fighter focused on the process of action. At the same time, consciousness is not tied to possible outcomes and consequences, both positive and negative. It has been noted. It is absolutely calm, relaxed, acting, decisively and consistently. It becomes possible to follow the conditions of the corresponding stereotypes that have been developed in numerous trainings (sparring, work on simulators).

One more method – this is the entry into the image. It was widely used in wushu, in nin-jutsu, in some Indian schools. If you’ve become something like that. For example, it’s a creature of divine origin. This is a subject during the fight.

Psychological preparation of a fighter

Another method is associated with the ecstasy of self-sacrifice. An example of this can be a suicide bombers in Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, India and other countries. It is essential that they are all deeply religious people. In particular, they’re sincerely believe that they’ve been in paradise, where they’re a reward for their feat.

Finally there is method of gaining equanimity spirit. It is cultivated by the Taoists, Ch’an and Zen Buddhists. In any extreme conditions. Holistically and spontaneously, acts with lightning speed. Here you cant influence the behavior. However, after several years of daily psychophysical exercises.

Thus, it is in the “ordering” and “entering the image”.

Self defense

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