Psychology of survival in an autonomous existence, in case of accidents and natural disasters.

To survive, you need survival skills, but they alone will not save you. First of all, you need the right attitude and the psychology of survival. All knowledge in the world loses its value if you do not have the will to live. The will to live is a fundamental factor in a peak situation. It is known that the mind can surrender faster than the body, but with the aim of survival, a person gains tremendous opportunities to get out. 

Psychology of survival in an autonomous existence, in case of accidents and natural disasters.

Think about it. No matter what difficult situation you are in, remember that you have the necessary resources to overcome any difficulties. This is your fortitude and your physical abilities. Make them work effectively for themselves and you will achieve excellent results..

Psychology of Survival How to Focus Your Mind on Survival.

Two huge dangers to life lurk in our own brains. This desire for comfort and passive contemplation. If they are not suppressed in time, they can lead to demoralization and death. Fortunately, both of these threats can be easily dealt with by everyone. The desire for comfort is a consequence of modern urban living conditions. Their western standards made people coddled, because most of them are fenced from the aggression of the forces of nature and the environment..

food and water. In an extreme situation, you probably won’t have anything like that, at least not at first. You will only have clothes that are on you, no food, no water, no shelter.

The sudden disappearance of the usual comfortable conditions that you enjoyed without hesitation is in itself a big blow to your composure and can lead to complete demoralization. How to deal with this dangerous state of mind caused by the loss of things that you considered unconditionally necessary for a normal life? Firstly, it is necessary to understand for yourself that the values ​​of modern civilization are not fundamental for solving the problem of survival.

Just drop them. After all, you can do without delicacies for lunch, TV or air conditioning. Secondly, you will have to understand that the discomfort that you experience is nothing compared to the troubles that will fall on you if you indulge in despondency and self-pity. Passive contemplation is also the result of familiarization with the benefits of civilization. Bureaucratic society saves a person from situations in which it is necessary to make a critical decision for life.

Almost all the decisions we make are everyday and banal. The initiative is dropping and most people are prone to passive, almost sheep’s contemplation. However, in the event of an emergency, you will be required to act independently, absolutely independently make all decisions. If something bothers you here, think that the result of passivity, nothing to do, is likely to be your death. An alternative is the psychology of survival, taking control of the situation and long life. What do you like more? Do not bury yourself ahead of time, choose a goal and act!

Psychology of Survival Victory over Enemies of Survival.

There are other enemies of your survival, much more material, and you must use adequate countermeasures against them.


There is a language of your body with which it tells you that something is wrong with it. It really bothers you and can undermine your will to live. But it becomes much more portable if you discover its source and nature, understand that it is something that needs to be overcome, and concentrate on other tasks. Remember that the pain will seem much stronger if you don’t do anything, just lie down and think about how it hurts.


It slows down the flow of blood and causes drowsiness. Cold also dulls the mind. This is very dangerous, you urgently need to find shelter from the cold and a razvestikoster.


Like hunger, it dulls the mind. It is important to be able to control the amount of water consumed. If water is in short supply, reduce your food intake, as your body needs water to cleanse itself of food slags..


This condition can lead to weight loss, weakness, dizziness, blurred consciousness, slow heartbeat, increased sensitivity to cold, increased thirst. The only way to combat eating.


May lead to coma. She can end such mental states as hopelessness, aimlessness, apathy. A person struggling for survival needs a good rest.


It may result in a loss of interest in life, indifference and a depressed state (especially in the absence of hope for outside help). To defeat apathy, you need to understand for yourself your main priority to survive and be aware of how your actions fit into the basic plan of survival.


Prolonged isolation from people can lead to a feeling of loneliness, which in turn will lead to a feeling of helplessness and despair. Loneliness is overcome by the constant engagement of oneself in some business, as well as the cultivation of self-sufficiency.

Feeling of powerlessness.

It is overcome by focusing on achieving a useful and objectively feasible goal. Set and complete simpler tasks before moving on to more complex ones. In addition, you need to correctly assess the situation in which you find yourself, and act in accordance with it. Do not set unattainable goals. And do not sit idle work!

Personal qualities necessary to successfully overcome a critical situation:

Ability to concentrate the mind.
Ability to improvise.
Ability to live alone.
Ability to adapt to the situation.
Ability to keep calm.
The ability to remain optimistic while preparing for the worst.
The ability to understand their own fears, tame and overcome them.

Psychology of Survival Do Not Panic!

If you just survived a plane or car accident, shipwreck, your brain is disoriented. You may be injured; there may be injured and dead people around you. Despite possible pain or fear, try to do the following two things:

Get out and move away from the wreckage that you protect yourself from injuries and burns as a result of possible gas tank explosions and fire.

As soon as you are in relative safety, stop driving. The worst thing you can do is start wandering around unfamiliar territory, especially at night. You just get lost and risk mutilating. Sit down, do not panic, look around and analyze the situation the calmer the better. If you manage to keep calm, it will pay off later..

Based on the materials of the Survival book in extreme situations.
Peter Darman.

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