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Psychophysical training – It is a complex of people who develop physically. There is a risk of increased risk (risk) associated with significant physical and mental stress.

The physical factors in combat conditions are largely influenced by the mental factor. The following tests were conducted in the Airborne Forces:

At first, the fighter was on the ground. The time of passing was noted. The height of 5 meters. He turned out to be on his way. It is a spirit of loss. It was confirmed that it was confirmed that it was confirmed by the tests. Their performance was less than when performing exercises on the ground.

All these tests showed mentally, the better his physical performance. And vice versa. This is the path to the risk of risk. The fighter will be able to fear.

Fear is a protective function of the body. This is a signal of danger. A soldier without fear. Fear – a jewel, if a fighter knows how to own it. Everyone is scared to jump with a parachute for the first time. This is normal. This is an inborn, salutary fear of heights. But if you succumb to fear, then he wonders himself later. The body goes out of the obedience: it is a handshake, it’s not possible. Fear makes a person powerless. And you can learn how to manage fear. The main thing is gradualness. First, the soldier is taught to move on. But fear is no longer a master. It makes it easier to make it faster.

All trainings should be on your goal. Man’s possibilities are infinite if he conquers fear.

Or take the mountain training. There are also ways to help you test and increase your capabilities. In the mountains, it turns out. On steep puzzles descend down psychologically harder than climbing up. It is hard to move backwards or downwards. Looking over your shoulder, it seems like a magnet pulling down to its depth. Of course, first of all climbers, climbers are mastered, as they say, “God is commanded.” It’s not a problem. Such is the psychophysical training.

Without a habit of height Where the hell is his fight, he wondered over his weakness and doubts. It is necessary that they put the fighters over the precipitation, on the very edge. At the beginning, newbies just get numb with horror. They are afraid to move. But man has a wonderful property. If you’re looking for a friend, you’ll have to … The first step has been taken; it is possible to continue the “running in” slope of the slope.

It is necessary to always fear, to support the instinct of self-preservation. It is achieved by the group of physical training exercises of increased complexity (transitions) and the training of fire fighting. In addition to the overlap of the “enemy”, it was necessary launchers, etc.).

RDG Routes (Rintelligence-Diversion Rruppy – note LastDay.Club) should be chosen for degraded areas, mines – traps and “surprises.” In the forest, it is in the forest, it is a scorching sun.

It wasn’t a habit to ensure that you’re becoming a habit for intelligence officers. It is a regularity.

An approximate set of exercises of which psychophysical training consists of:

  • exercises on the “scout trail”;
  • “Risk zone”, the area of ​​fire fighting;
  • mountain training exercises;
  • exercises from an airborne training course;
  • crossing by means of a fast-flowing water barrier;
  • overhead wire current;
  • actions with explosives and throwing combat hand grenades;
  • “Fighting with tanks” – “running in tanks”;
  • simultaneous solution of tactical tasks;
  • exercises to eliminate the fear of heights, water, fire, explosions, confined space;
  • rope crossing across a river;
  • swimming in uniforms and with weapons;
  • diving to a depth of 3 m
  • diving from a height of 3 m with a gun and blindfolded;
  • hand-to-hand fight with two or three opponents;
  • This is a combination of a cross-country march with a train at 2–3 frontiers;
  • it is a knife;
  • biases and dodges of a combat knife flying into a fighter;
  • withstand blunt objects;
  • resistance to painful and suffocating techniques;
  • adaptation to cuts, sight of blood and wounds to a living being;
  • If you’re a little bit harsh, you can’t make it a little bit harder than you can.
  • visiting morgues, observing the autopsies;
  • hand-to-hand combat with animals;
  • overcoming the route of 25-35 km over rough terrain at night in azimuth. The nature of the obstacles has to be studied.

Experienced spetsnaz officer Sergey Kozlov shares of psychophysical training of scouts:

“We’ve made a dummy, we’ve made a dummy jumper. After that, they were placed in the unbuttoned jacket. All the bloody paraphernalia borrowed from a stray dog. It was this “corpse” that the intelligence officers had to search for.

It is simply necessary. The dog can also be useful. It’s hard to keep up with the bang. However, if this is not the case, then this will be the case.

Of the soldiers of the murder. I remember how in our first “overflights”.

After a collision with the enemy, I decided to finish off the badly wounded “spirit” with a knife. Maksudyan almost fainted. Do you need to prepare for a program of psychological stability? A bit later, him. When a group of insurgents is committed to the maneuver, he is his partner.

Many will object to killing stray dogs. If you are not aiming, you can work out. It is possible to eat this dish. Overcoming disgust for extreme conditions. In the environment, including insects, frogs and snakes.

The post-syndrome is significantly lower. It is often a case that people are not always ready to receive medical care. “

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