Pyrotechnic, electrical and sound alarms for distress signals.

In an extreme situation, it is vitally important to be able to give distress signals clearly visible on the ground. The accident history knows many examples when the inability to give a distress signal cost people their lives. To increase the effectiveness of the visual search, victims need to use additional technical means. These include, first of all, pyrotechnic signaling devices of various power and purpose, signaling light and sound pyrotechnics (parachute rockets, rocket launchers, mortar cartridges, PSND, a raised beam, smoke bombs, etc.). 

Pyrotechnic, electrical and audible distress alerts.

There are few serious emergency and survival kits, which would not include pyrotechnic means for giving distress signals. For example, one or more signal flares. There are many types of signal, lighting and other missiles (one and multi-star, red, white, green, etc.) designed for emergency and other signaling, lighting, and other highly specialized purposes..

guns. There are also various signal pistol and rifle tracer cartridges. All of them are intended for giving an alarm signal from combat and hunting rifles.

In addition, there are special raised flares, torch candles, smoke bombs and the like pyrotechnic products that can burn up to 10 minutes or more. Typically, such pyrotechnic means are used for search and alarm systems in transport, environmental and other departments.

Electrical Alarm.

Flashing lights, as well as ordinary electric or mechanical flashlights, cameras in which there is a flash, are most useful for people in distress. Knowing Morse code, using a flashlight, opening and closing the reflector, you can transmit a distress signal and other messages.

Remember that the most well-known and universal SOS signal in all respects. SOS signal: three dots short pause three dashes short pause three dots. A minute pause should be maintained between each group of signals.

It is very important to protect the electrical communications available to victims from exposure to freezing temperatures and dampness. If the batteries run out, they must be tapped from the sides, and this will help, even if for a short time, to restore the voltage.

Sound Alarms.

There are special firecrackers for sound signals, their signal is heard at a distance of 6 to 8 km. The sound “additives” are supplied with some signal rockets and their whistle, the howl lasts until the light signal is on. A whistle is heard at least twice as far as a scream. Rhythmically sounding shots, knocking on wood can also attract the attention of rescuers.

When applying sound signals, you must take the highest possible position, since any obstacles reduce the strength of the sound. You should try to use the direction of the wind, as well as various natural phenomena, such as fog, as it enhances the propagation of sound.

Based on the book Methods of Autonomous Human Survival in Nature.
Artyshko S. V.

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