QSPR: a gun made for catacombs

“War. War never changes. ”

But the conditions are changing in which this war is being waged, as well as weapons, in order to perfectly meet these conditions. Which, sometimes, very specific, so that it was necessary to get out in every possible way.

Since the wide spread of firearms, the war gradually increased the distance between the combatants. After all, there are much more chances to survive if you hit the enemy even before he reached the distance of effective combat. However, then all this resulted in a positional war of the First World War, when most of the clashes took place in conditions of limited space of trenches. However, to this adapted and developed an effective tactic to counter. But could the soldiers at that time assume that they would soon have to fight in even more limited conditions? Most likely no. And in 1967 the invasion of Vietnam began. Where local fighters very quickly mastered a unique method of protection against superior forces and equipment of enemy troops – a war in underground tunnels.

You yourself must have seen the schemes of the “Vietnamese catacombs in the section”, abundantly studded with various traps. And how could this be resisted? Especially if, when fired, your powerful and long-range weapon gives both a flash and a stunning sound, what is worse in the low tunnels? Therefore, gunsmiths were commissioned to develop something that would help to effectively fight in such unusual conditions. The call has been accepted. The result was a rather interesting firearm, almost silent, slaughter at short distances, compact and very effective. QSPR (Quiet Special Purpose Revolver) revolver.

So. Conditions of limited space, normally you will not turn around, you have to move almost crawling. Clashes occur at a distance of several meters, so slaughter is extremely important. The flash and crash of the shot stun the shooter, turning it into an easy target. It should also be possible to quickly pull out the weapon, bring it into combat readiness and shoot. Therefore, the more compact it will be – the better.

To meet all these needs, a special cartridge has been developed. Silent special-purpose cartridge chuck 10 mm. The meaning was this. That sound, that flash – the result of the action of powder gases. Therefore, if these gases do not go out – there will be no problems. So it was decided to make the cartridge on the principle of a piston. Powder gases push the piston forward, which accelerates 15 tungsten cartechins, but rests against the narrowing of the steel sleeve, blocking the exit of the powder gases. And the canister flies itself further.

The basis was taken the Smith-Wesson revolver model 29. Stuck powerful, simple, reliable, proven. Double-action trigger mechanism, 6 rounds. But absolutely not suitable for the conditions in which it should have been used. Therefore, it was necessary to remake a new cartridge and new conditions. For this, we had to slightly increase the drum chambers and replace the barrel with a shortened version. To make it easier to swing them in narrow tunnels. And everything else was not bad – a reliable and simple system, low weight, easy operation. And now also high slaughter combined with noiselessness. And when a chest holster was developed for this case (almost the first one in the world), then in general everything became wonderful. QSPR revolver went to mass production. True, in small batches.

In 1969, it was issued to the troops. Not everyone, of course, but only to those who specialized in the “cleaning of the catacombs”. Yes, yes – thus the “tunnel rats.” And the weapon really showed itself well. That’s just in practice, it is often used in ambushes. The shot almost point-blank (or from 10 meters, the declared effective range of hitting the target) very quickly stopped even the most resilient Vietnamese.

And then the war ended, the need for such a highly specialized weapon was gone, and copies QSPR revolver taken away for souvenirs. And now you will not find them, except that you can contemplate replicas. But the principle of developing weapons for specific conditions has not gone away, and even, on the contrary, is flourishing and improving.


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