Radio and Survival: Listening to nearby radio sources

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Level three. Short distances within 1-20 miles

This is where the real battle of opinion begins. And here is my point of view.

I always stick to the stingy pays twice. You will not save money by buying junk. If you buy a box of conditons, You play in preparation for your problems.

At the same time, it is a quality control. You can start by looking at the intercept conversations near you. The scanner works like a trap for you. It can be said otherwise. Electronic equipment emits signals. Interlacing of your signals. Your local emergency services, police, garbage cleaner, contacting the dispatcher. Neighboring children with unlicensed walkie-talkies, hunters with the same, survivors with their zamorochkami.

Taking into account the idea of ​​an ordinary air show?

So, I need a scanner, right?

True, but not any scanner from the flea market. You need to understand the threat that is brewing today. Not sometime later. You can’t keep the scanner on the shelf. You can listen to the talks.

From the translator:

  • If you are modifying your voice, you can use it. This is “stingy pays twice”;
  • Radio repeater systems are a repeater. Typically, less often – commercial enterprises. The number of frequencies can be more interlocutors. More details can be found here: – here you can find it on your choice.
  • A “signal output device” (“input”) is at the same time. This is the radio station where the radio station is connected to the radio station. settings are even more, you need to assign conversational groups etc). It’s a little fun. ” As a rule, effective transmitting antennas are installed on the repeaters (the colloquial name “repeaters”), which makes their use even more profitable. This is the name of the spacing, or the offset between the VHF or the UHF. There are repeaters.

I recommend Uniden products, Uncat BCD996P2 Digital T.T. IV, Close Call, 25000 Ch, 4Line Alpha display Base / Mobile, Phase 2.

So, well, why do you need it?

It is a question of what is a massacre or substance. The order is 30 seconds. If you are not there.

Most of the dead were killed unexpectedly. This is caused by a lack of vigilance and an irresponsible attitude to their own safety. Look at the cold bodies, they look alike. The expression of surprise and disbelief froze on their faces.

Thus, it is an element of training used now, and not sometime later. What is happening around. This is a tidy tweeter. Check all that you can forget.

I have been working effectively with it. In the case of the local police station. It is the most economical way to live.

From the translator:

  • It is worth explaining. There are no radio frequency gains. This is the same radio station. The frequencies in unlicensed radios are eight, seventy-seven, etc. Supported by the radio. If you are talking about a channel frequency

I’m found out what I’m talking about at once. The program enters the program:

  1. This is where you can see your well-being.
  2. In the second list, it can be used to coordinate actions to rob caravans.

It is important that you work on the air. How they use the radio at what frequencies. Most people, when they get their hands on the radio, do predictable things. Most often, they’re working on the clock. And they won’t shut up. Never.

It is a rule that you can’t make it.

The Bratella is the number of people who are on the phone. . This is a watchmaker. You can “see” at a distance that can be 15-20 miles, if – if – you have the right antennas. And if you know, you can chat.

LPD / PMR and their local counterparts, as well as CB. Probably running commercial channels, if this type of assignment is used in your area. Consider the VHF / UHF bands.

Well, great, and what does it all mean?

You can’t actually find out what you’ve been comparing yourself with. In the area closest to you. Many people think that they have been a wireless receiver. Alas, it is not.

Decide whether your radio equipment will work or not. Do not receive the desired signal. Antennas are key to everything.

Is it a disco cone, discone. It leads to you. It is convenient, easy to fit, or easily accessible.

But the main thing is that it works well.

From the translator:

DVB-T dongle TV tuner, also known as rtl-sdr whistle. It is not a smartphone or a smartphone, a smartphone or a smartphone. . Naturally, his antenna will definitely need to be changed.

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