Radio and Survival: Long-Range Communication

In the case of BP and after.

This is my point of view, not a revelation from above.

It is better to refuse. He said that he had to say that he had been a long time experience. I would like to understand the question. radio communications for survival before vpuhat a lot of money in the equipment. If you don’t, you’ll take advantage of it.

Level one. Long distance communication

The first level of a full-fledged communication plan is a communication over long distances. It’s not always a problem.

My rationale is this. You need to collect information strategically. After the BP, you’ll be in the world. It is clear that there is no need for it.

From the translator:

  • If you’re not talking about a radio broadcasting system, it’s not. Therefore, in case of infrastructure failure;
  • It’s not a matter of what’s everyday information.

You need to get up to speed. Again, I like the following patterns:

The Eton Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate – remote stations. Its most important advantage is the ability to accept single-band modulation, Single side band (SSB).

It is not always found. There is a lot of communication when you listen to the radio. And the military too.

From the translator:

  • In radio communication, there are several methods for transmitting sound over the radio channel. AM modulation is used in FM broadcasting, FM modulation is used in ultrashort wave broadcasting, it is mistakenly called the “FM band”. FM is also used for license-free portables, which are discussed further. Sound can be modified below by describing the receivers;
  • Silence of the sound transmission of the sound transmission. However, for practical purposes, rather than entertaining, it is ample. SSB modulation is used for radio stations, military, sailors, aviators, so-called number stations, or SSB.

If you take this out of this article, then It’s not a problem, but it’s a matter of fact.

It will make it possible to significantly improve the frequency of the receiver.

Kaito KA600 Solar / Crank AM / FM / SW – it is a radio card with a wireless adapter, a radio adapter, a radio adapter, a thermometer and a hygrometer.

If it’s an emergency radio, it’s thanks to the battery that you’re looking for. It can be charged from the solar panel or muscular generator.

If you are an amateur in the radio. It doesn’t matter for me, but it doesn’t matter for me. If you’re listening to your opinion, we’ve got receiver is much less expensive than the second transceiver.

However, I’m not afraid of it. Considering what you paid for. From this not to go anywhere.

CountyComm GP5 / SSB / Tecsun PL-365 – An Advantageous Survival Channel for a Survivalist Radio Channel for Radio Survival; Store it with the receiver. To improve reception. The speaker is normal.

This is the best choice for a shortwave receiver.

This brings us the next big question. How do i talk to people i hear?

Level two. Messaging

This is a stumbling block. This is a radio license.

The most often used concept is to find out how to use it. on. The list is long, I heard it all, and more than once.

Morzian, knowledge of the telegraph – is no longer necessary to obtain a ham radio license. It is easy to pass on. Just take a book and study.

Before you buy anything that you can broadcast, read at least one introductory book on amateur radio. Don’t spend on meaningless purchases. Before you’re on the radio, you’ll find out.

From the translator:

  • In Russian, there are electronic publications for beginners. If you are going to get a radio license, you must be sure that you’ve got It also doesn’t need knowledge of the telegraph.

The most important point is that the author recommends that the law be given, despite the opinion expressed by the author. survival radio network simply will not work. In the end, it’s time to go. Therefore, it is necessary to practice in these events. It is possible to expect that a structure can be reduced. To continue into confrontation.

Shortwave transceivers (radio stations) that I can recommend

Yaesu FT-857 – short waves, ultrashort waves, all modes, 100 watts of power. I like Yeasu radio stations. They are protected from dust, durable, high quality electronics. Model 857 is great for beginners. It can be carried as a portable radio, installed in a car, or in a home radio room. This radio station produces at a maximum power of 100 watts. This is quite enough to communicate with the entire planet. You don’t need amplifiers and other pribludy.

Model 817 – It is a radio transmitter for the 857. In terms of amateur radio, this is a QRP radio for low power operation. It is a good idea to communicate with the whole world. You’re listening to radio communication. It is mainly due to the fact that it has passed the license exam.

But it doesn’t need to be a “plug and play” standard. What is the most important thing?

Icom IC-7200 HF / 50 100W. The Icom 7200 Transceiver FT-857. It is a good choice. It transmits at 100 watts, it will help you well.

From the translator:

  • For example, Youkits TJ2B. There is an authoring device SW-2016 mini Russian-Ukrainian production;
  • For a tough budget, you can offer a set of top SDR transceivers, such as the SoftRock RXTX Ensemble, Peraberry SDR and others – . There is no need for a tablet computer, or a laptop computer, or a powerful tablet.


If you read anything about the radio, then you know what the antenna is the best amplifier. Before your card. If you like it, it can break it. There is a need for unnecessary wire and old boards.

It is a little bit more radio. The mentioned radio equipment is 300-5000 miles. But only with a suitable antenna.

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Radio and Survival. Part 1: Long Distance Communication

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