Radio monitoring for beginners. Most important frequencies

In the continuation of the topic of radio monitoring.

Lower vhf

Many shortwave receivers (and all police scanners) …

Connected receivers advertised abroad are often notpolice scanners“This is a legal misunderstanding.” Apparently, this is a legal concept. There is a legal need to make a statement on the subject of the laymans claim and respectable. limit on turnover encryption equipment. However, radio monitoring lovers There is no need for any further information. It is obviously not correct. amateur radio stations. However, it’s not a matter of what you really need to call it. briefly “receiver”.

… in the region of 30-50 MHz lower VHF, It has been recently used. It’s better to overcome the terrain better than higher frequency. When conditions of passage are favorable, long distance communications become possible. The disadvantage is that the VHF. More significant wavelength …

The dependence on the wavelength and the frequency lt; wavelengthgt; = lt; speed of lightgt; / lt; frequency; That is, the wavelength, and vice versa.

… communication in urban environments. Where the distance is, the distance is longer. Remember this.

In the context of our interests of radio monitoring, Inter-departmental exchange. These frequencies can be found at greater distances than higher frequencies. Since the assignment of these frequencies has been specific, they are used in cases of exercises or major incidents.

In the USSR, respectively, the frequency of assignments of FM (mainly civilian) and USB modulations ( mainly military).

It is currently available on the 50-54 MHz radio channel.

With the mention of the lower VHF, we invade the receiving range “police scanners“From 25-30 MHz to 960–1300 MHz”. There are many frequencies used. by local public services, businesses, and amateurs. radio monitoring, In this case, you can find out how to get around you.

Actually, police scanner – after the weapon of self-defense. It is no longer a case. It is difficult to overestimate.

Drum telegraph

I knew I didn’t need to be legitimate, affairs. They developed verbal cipher, A technical point of view. It was an informant, and it became clear that it was a scam.

In those days, it’s a number of social groups. It was space for everyone. Channel 19 has always been popular on the slopes. It has been shown that there has been a number of ways to work in the 40 channels.

In many places, the CB is used as a local network of transmitting rumors, a word of mouth. It can be seen through the AM, SSB, and FM modulations. If you don’t have to go through the radius of 20 miles In urban areas, unlicensed VHF radio stations, as well as among young people. This is not a calling frequency. Study the question yourself. An evening range search is the most promising step.

Receiver Tips

It can be used for wireless memory. portable radio stations, common in your area – license-free, departmental, etc. “Brotherhood Detector” is a way to search through radio broadcasts. Dani Morgan

The best way to solve this problem is to get “police scanner»Production Radio shack Signal Stalker I (one), or production Uniden with the Close Call feature. This is where the functions of the radiation cell are taken. The signal is taken from the bottom of the radio station. transmission. This feature works in the following scanners:

Signal stalker i Radio shack:
PRO-83, PRO-84, PRO-2051, PRO-433, PRO-528, PRO-160, PRO-162.

Close Call, Uniden:
BC-72XLT, BC-75XLT, BC-92XLT, BC-95XLT, BC-125AT.

It is advisable to avoid Uniden scanners with Dynamic Memory Architecture, it is extremely inconvenient to program manually. Products should also be avoided. GRE / Whistler Signal Stalker II (Two), since it has been searched for the background.

It has been shown that there has been a scattering of changes in the frequency of the sound.

The list of promising frequencies

Regarding the Russian specifics (and in the republics of the former USSR as a whole), these materials are recommended:

  • Frequency table
  • Through the frequencies in Russia on VHF (LB / VHF / UHF)
  • Frequencies of enterprises and institutions of the Russian Federation
  • Frequencies of federal enterprises of the Russian Federation

In summary, this is:

  • 30+ and 39+ obsolete cordless phones
  • 33-48 + departments
  • 43-49 + obsolete radio telephones
  • 48-66 television, 1-2 channels
  • 57+ departments
  • 60-69 + departments
  • 66-74 OIRT broadcasting range
  • 66-100 television, 3-5 channels
  • 74+ departments
  • 84+ departments
  • 88-108 CCIR broadcasting range
  • 108-118 aviation beacons
  • 118,800 and 118,900 forest areas
  • 118-136 aviation communication
  • 136-137 + NOAA weather satellites
  • 121-123 + departments
  • 144-145 + radio amateurs
  • 146-147 + departments
  • 148+ “A” range of Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • 149,900-168 + departments
  • 151-153 +, 155+ railway
  • 156-162 marine range
  • 164.400-164.475 search and rescue service
  • 171+ “X” range of Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • 172+ range “B” MIA, MES
  • 174-230 television, 6-12 channels
  • 300-305 + departments
  • 300+ and 336+ “river” range on the Russian Federation
  • 307+ departments
  • 336-341 + departments
  • 343-345 + departments
  • 358-359 + departments
  • 394-410 + departments
  • 406-406.1 emergency beacons
  • 412-427 + departments
  • 433-451 + departments
  • 433-434.775 unlicensed LPD range
  • 446.0-446.1 PMR unlicensed range
  • 450-452 + MIA
  • 457-459 + departments
  • 460-462 + MIA
  • 462+, 467+ unlicensed FRS and GMRS ranges (not allowed in RF, but equipment is found)
  • 467-485 + departments
  • 470-860 + TV
  • 815-819 + departments
  • 860-870 + departments
  • ?863,933-864,045 baby monitors

Keep in mind that with the influx of cheap chinese radio stations There is a possibility for users of incompetent users (136-174 and 400-520, and even wider after disclosure). In these cases, it becomes valuable.

Let’s look at the practical point of view. Two hundred channels scanner goes through in 2-4 seconds. The scanner will be available for the scanner. Remember this data, they will still be useful to you.

Interception of service negotiations

Interaction, interoperability – when there is a need to communicate with each other, when such a need arises. “Mutual aid” frequencies. It is useful to keep track of them.

Some departments use encryption or permanently. This is a very technical point of view, but they are illegal. However, as with any technology, man remains the weak link. If you’re registered, you can’t find out if you’ve signed in or out of bribed or former employees of organizations. Incompetent dispatchers sometimes disabling encryption throughout the system. In an emergency, encryption is often intentionally disabled to facilitate communication. By the way, the negotiations on “drum telegraph“Although not encrypted, correspondents communicate in a manner obscure to the uninitiated listener.

Survival Tips and Skills

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