Radioactive Leakage at the St. Petersburg Radium Institute

It is not a question of a catastrophe. That’s only when the information has been secreted. What is in fact? Petersburg, where by quite a chance, information about a large-scale leakage of radioactive materials under the Khlopin Radium Institute. But about everything in order.

So, on July 6, an unremarkable project site Khlopin Radium Institute I was looking for a contractor radioactive waste. Everything is cultural, decorous, peaceful. Only some 48 million rubles. It was a large scale. a leak radioactive waste, who got into a large quicksand under the institute. And the devil knows where then carried out. There were no plans for this project. This is a process that has been going on since 2012.

Actually, what is the problem. The Radium Institute has been operated since 1922, and the liquid waste collection system has been functioning since the 60s. That is, from 1967 to 2006. Then with radioactive substances But the cleaned pipes. All this time, the collection system has not changed. For simplicity, where it can be used for pumps. Here, on a similar principle, all this worked. Only the “shit” turned out to be extremely caustic.

It was established that it was a 2 S Sv / h. This is a complex mixture of devil knows what radionuclides, in which “foreign objects” are also periodically detected, emitting almost 2000 μSv / h. The surrounding cover is about 4 µSv / h, and the surrounding soil is 0.12 µSv / h. It seems to be not much, considering it to be less than 0.4 mSv only from cosmic radiation. It is a liquid fraction of the radiating substance.

So if not leakage of hazardous substances in groundwater – to hell with him. Well, you’re no stranger, plus there is protection. But then there is a risk for ordinary people. Where the groundwater goes already, radioactive substances. We will have bad news. If not, it’s still too early to relax.

There will be another 2 months for its implementation. Meanwhile radioactive leakage and portions. And how many of them since 2012 got there is not known.

Manual Radium Institute comments on the situation does not give. At all. It seems like a regime object, secrecy, everything. Even a contractor must have permission from the FSB. That is, too, will have to be silent. So there are no details. And on June 11, the head of the institute suddenly announced that no leakage of radioactive substances no, that the “hypothetical situation” has been described. Say, “give it a little bit more, and give it money.” Frankly, hard to believe.

Well, we will observe the development of events. It may well be that everything will cost. Here is a suppression of information will remain.


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