Radioactive products of the last century

Once in the article on “Radiation and Radioactivity” we talked about It is used in daily use.

Today, any child knows that radium is very dangerous. This substance is used in the manufacture of atomic bombs. But even 40 years ago, people use it every day:

Radium toothpaste

In 1945, a toothpaste called Doramad was made in Germany. It was written on the back of the body that it gave the teeth a shine and whiteness. . “

Radium water

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was the people of radon from a ceramic barrel. Radium Ore Revigator advertised products as a “natural way to health”.

Radioactive toy set

Atomic energy laboratory for radioactive substances. 1951 and was sold until the 1970s. The kit was labeled “safe” and actually had a low level of radiation.

Radium suppositories

This is a radioactively active macho, “overflowing with a joyful vital energy.” Surprisingly, suppository. They were injected into the rectum to stimulate care. “

Radium Chocolate

This chocolate produced by the Burk factory & Braun, could be purchased throughout Germany from 1931 to 1936. It was advertised as a chocolate that promotes rejuvenation.

Radium bread

Hippman-Blach bakery in the Czech bakery radioactive water. The amount of radium in bread was considered safe.

Radium watch dial

In the early 1900s, watches with a dial covered with radioactive paint went on sale. United States Radium Corporation. The dials were painted by young women. Usually they were moistened with the brush. This is what turns the radium on. Bones, as well as other dental problems.

Radium medicine

In the period from 1918 to 1928, the medicine Raditor (manufacturer Bailey Radium Laboratories) was known. This is a consistency of 226 and 228. It has been used for medical care. It was an insignia of the Eben Byers, a woman who has been a victim of health care.

Radioactive products of the last century

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