Rainwater harvesting: considerations, recommendations, calculations

It is a water source for all types of terrain. It’s a good idea to survive the shipwrecked season collected rainwater and dew. It is not possible to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity that nature provides us. The main thing is to do it right …

If you’re planning to use water, you’ll be able to use it. I (Mtnforge, The author of the text – approx. transl.) selectively used to create own catchment basin.

The key points are the selection of the tank and the system itself. rainwater harvesting. Actually, this is where the main countries lie.

Collection system

In discussions rainwater harvesting It is often ignored or omitted – use “asherIn the future, we follow this particular term. heating pipe.

Vosher“Or float cutter – to put it bluntly, a node in rainwater harvesting system from the roof, the accumulated debris. It should be noted that the pipes should not enter the water tank. Rainwater condensates and falls down naturally. So on. In the case of the precipitation of the loss of water it was spent. ”Rubric.

It is not necessary to ensure that there is a direct line to the air duct. It is for the cleaning of the storage system.

This is the second stage of the flow. The design is very simple and can be made of wood, metal or concrete. It doesn’t rust. It is also recommended to use “fork” on the pipes coming from the drains.

Water storage tank

In short, to get to know the potential amount of rainwater, the amount of precipitation, and then we divide by 1.6. The formula is obtained empirically, so it corresponds to reality.

Next, we define water demand each family member for 365 days, in gallons. We need you to multiply by 365 days – it turns out 9125 gallons of water. But it may be different – say it, cooking, canning, drinking for pets, sanitary needs, etc.

It is important that it can be used to make it. rainwater harvesting.

It should be noted. There is not too much clean. drinking water.

In my locality, the annual precipitation is 47 inches, subtracting one-third for 53,000 gallons of water. 6x6x12 feet tank with internal dimensions – a volume of 2537 gallons. It is not a problem. For example, if it’s not a bad weather, it’s also a matter of course.

Water supply

Water shouldn’t be collected and stored. And we are talking about what you accomplish during startup, use and maintenance. It makes it possible to choose the water tank. There are two options – to supply an electric pump. It is important that it can be used. Than you can cost it. There is something to think about.

We use the so-called gate valve or wing pump. It is a 12-volt pump powered by an autonomous battery assembly. It is a water treatment system. A paci (pounds per square inch) and 6 meters of lift. There are no problems with the battery or wind turbine.

Self concrete tank for rainwater harvesting It has been completely drained for maintenance when precipitation allows it. Six inches from the bottom, which allows minimizing turbulence. So the incoming water flow Do you need to clean up your car?

It was the time when it was time to start up. Soda, being a strong alkali I’ve also been able to see the water in the water. Apparently, it is correct to understand the chemistry of the process.

It’s harder to make it.

Rainwater Harvesting: Tips, Recommendations, Calculations

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