Rat sappers help find mines

Continuing the theme of min. Seriously, for the survivors, this is an extremely important moment. After all, where the fighting is, there are mines, unexploded shells and other surprises. And you need to be ready for this, at least theoretically. If you’re on the same day, you’ll be able to use it.

This is why I’m not sure if I’ve been invented by Belgian experts. The essence of what. Metal detector – a good thing, and even reliable. It is a scandal. It is great for cleaning roads, but its effectiveness on rough terrain drops dramatically. Trained dog? It’s not perfect either — you’re losing your dog’s vigilance. Yes, and its weight can still trigger. Therefore, the Belgians will be absorbed by the best of the above. Specially trained animals – rat sappers.

The object of work became african hamster rats – pretty clever rodents weighing up to one and a half kilograms. Yes. Hefty and pretty smart rats. For local – also a source of food. And they smell great explosives. Small rats can be measured. It can be a little bit, even if it really wants to.

So. Rats regarding dogs:

  • eat less
  • It is easier to carry it where it is necessary. She don’t care
  • don’t risk being blown up
  • I don’t have to go further
  • not attached to the owner
  • they learn to live faster, up to 7 years. That is, they work longer and get up faster
  • get tired faster – up to 200 square meters. But very carefully

The method has been used in practice. In Africa. More specifically – in Mozambique and Tanzania under the auspices of the organization “ARORO”. Rat schools. On average, 7 out of 10 rats successfully pass the “final exams.”

The learning process is as follows. At the age of 5 months, begin to teach. At first, rats get used to loud sounds, light, noise and people. For the rodent, leadingly nocturnal leading, this is perhaps the most difficult. Let’s say adults rat sappers they’re not sensitive to sunscreen. But the animals do not complain.

Accustomed to humans, animals begin to train specific sapper professions. First create a food-click reflex chain. Then they modify the chain of the explosives – click – food. First, in the laboratory, then “in the field” and on training grounds with real, but safe mines. Moreover, they check that they don’t cheat. Food is issued only if it has been found. Gradually, the desire to “shalturit” disappears.

Actually, there are 2 ways to use rat sappers.


Dangerous territory is marked on the plots. Defined safe paths that you can walk. A “stretching” is the structure of a wire. Wire clips on a harness. It is clear that it sets the direction. Having found a mine, it is a spinning in place, scraping the ground with its paws. At the specified point is checked. Pegs are shifted, the procedure is repeated. Then sappers come. No false signals. The strip of 5×20 meters is covered in half an hour. For fidelity, a second rat is allowed along the same route.

“Express Method”

If you need to handle a large space and drive rat sappers – too long and inconvenient. The sample is taken from each square (approximately 100 meters). And then give it a try. The animal will react. And then this square can be processed by the classical method. But this technology is only being tested.

Is it possible to recognize explosives? Is complete. Even the usual home. And then it’s hooked up. Such a bio-mine detector. In vain laugh, by the way, so too do. In the same Africa. So, if you have to face it. Seriously, you can find a mine detector, but there are usually no problems with rats. Plus, they can be trained.

Unusual way of demining: rat-sappers help find mines

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