Real knife fight

This is what happened in the city of Minsk. and in the final bloody):

What is it? No fights. Only one clear blow.

Note that the killer is not a knife luminary. That is, the saleswoman didn’t see the knife at all. Well, the woman fell to the floor – maybe she was sick. And he has already left – look for fistula. And yet – he wanted to strike with a knife immediately. He chose the moment. The hand was already in the pocket with the knife.

It is not a trick. blow). And he left as – calmly, without fuss, again without attracting undue attention. Killer with knife is the “pro.”

Remember this all, because you can face such a “belmondo”.

If you still have a knife

  1. Do not let strangers close range.
  2. Moreover, do not let the strangers from the side or from the back.
  3. Alert yourself if a stranger looks around (preparing to strike).
  4. Especially if he put his hand in his pocket.
  5. Either hit first and run, or just run.

And what happened to the woman in the end? Chronicles say that:

“Where she was diagnosed with liver disease”, despite the fact that she couldn’t have been saved.

It was a 41-year-old man lived together. Previously, he was repeatedly involved under Art. Breathing Hazard and Under Art. Breathing harm or destruction of property. Moreover, in addition to imprisonment, were elected such punishments as treatment for alcohol. “

From the Editor:
Hey, this video was published on our Facebook page. The teenagers were expressed by teenagers, it is very cruel and bloody.

What we would like to answer this. Our project is about survival, not about pink ponies and vanilla cakes. And for survival, it’s not a problem. This is tourism. “Test your strengths.” This is a dolby … rev.

Survival – If you’re getting lost, you’re getting lost. Or a killer with a knife. and you have to fight for life. Straight with all my might. Realistically. And the video is about it. What happens in life except for joys, movies and popcorn.

Yes, hard, yes, blood. But there you can get a closer look at it. With us, with you. It is our “daily routine” and “ass” happens.

They should always be aware of their own. Internet sites.
We have everything.

Self defense

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