Reate and Tashi Baruch introduced 2 new knives for EDC

Knife master Tashi Baruch (Tashi bharucha) re-united with by Reate in order to create two new knives – “Starboy” and “Baby Machine”. In both cases, the style of the master is fully preserved, but it is embodied in the form of a compact knife for EDC, which is not typical for the French manufacturer of knives.

Baruch burst into the world of knives swiftly and brightly. Complex integral structures and impressive appearance attracted the attention of true connoisseurs and collectors, but this was not enough for the knives to begin to be actively bought. Therefore, the master decided that a pair of compact knives for daily carrying would be able to attract the attention of the general public to his works. “People can really like them. Nowadays, many are switching to subcompact knives for EDC with a blade less than 3.5 inches. “

Unlike its predecessor, “Future” blade “Starboy”, made of steel RWL-34, is only 3.35 inches, which is at least half an inch smaller. The handle also had to be proportionally reduced so that the knife was better suited for the EDC format. “He looks like his younger brother’s predecessor, “Future” – considers Baruch. “The same style and design, only in a more compact form.” And although they are visually similar, some differences are striking. In addition, the master had to abandon the integral structure in favor of a simpler one, in the form of two pieces of titanium with a built-in backspacer (spacer between the dies from the back of the handle – editor’s note).

Concerning “The Machine”, predecessor “Baby Machine”, then he was one of the smallest models of the master. But he was also able to be reduced, while preserving both the style and the cutting properties. Blade length “Baby Machine” – only 3.15 inches, which will make it the smallest knife that Tashi Baruch ever made. As he said, “The founder of Reate, David Dang, considers him ideal knife for EDC“. “I specifically designed it as a slicer, as can be seen from its lowered cutting edge and grinding features.”

In addition, this cooperation allowed Tashi Baruche Spend more time developing your other knives. “As a knifemaker, I prefer to work with blades 4 inches long and beyond. And when I work on large-scale production, I still try to bring my own vision of design there. ”

“Starboy” plan to present in October, but the way out “Baby Machine” may be postponed until next year, sources from Reate say. As for the price, it has not yet been announced.

Well, what can I add. Knives have not yet appeared in the “Reate” catalog, so it’s too early to talk about any specific parameters. As for the catalog of knives specifically for the master, I didn’t have a bit of a variety of products, but I didn’t get to the “predecessors” of the new models described above. Again, ofigel slightly on the number of versions of each of the models, but nowhere did not find anything on sale. All disassembled, and the new is not delivered. I suspect that the same fate will befall the new knives, unless, of course, the master bends the price. Alas, essentially I can’t add anything more.

Original article – Reate Taps Tashi for Two New EDC Folders

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