Recipes for a coffee drink from the leaves, fruits and roots of plants, coffee from dandelions, carrots, barley, oats, rye and burdock roots.

The following are recipes for making a healthy coffee drink from the leaves, fruits, and roots of individual plants and their most common mixtures. These coffee drinks are good for your health and will leave you with a special taste experience.. 

Recipes for a coffee drink from the leaves, fruits and roots of plants, coffee from dandelions, carrots, barley, oats, rye and burdock roots.

Dandelion Coffee Recipe.

The roots of this plant accumulate, especially by the fall, a lot of nutrients. To make coffee with a wonderful aroma and a delicate peculiar taste, you need to dig up the main root, clean it from small side roots and thoroughly wash it from the lumps of earth. Large roots need to be cut and dried in a darkened place. Before use, the dried roots should be browned until a pleasant pungent odor appears..

Recipes for a coffee drink from the leaves, fruits and roots of plants, coffee from dandelions, carrots, barley, oats, rye and burdock roots.

During frying, the roots dry out very much, so they should be taken in excess. To make coffee, grind the roots in a coffee grinder or grind in a mortar, pour in boiling water and continue to boil until a light brown color appears. Strain the drink, pour into cups, add milk or cream to taste. You can use this coffee in a mixture with chicory. For 200 ml of drink, 10 g of dandelion root powder is needed.

Carrot Coffee Drink Recipe.

1/2 kg of carrots, 200 g of cream, 60 g of sugar, 1 l of water. Peel the carrots, grate, dry in the oven until brown, put in a pan and fry, making sure that it is not overcooked and acquires a persistent brown color and a solid consistency. To prepare a coffee drink, carrots can be put in this form in boiling water, or can be ground. Cook for 5-10 minutes, then let it brew for 10-15 minutes.

Strain, pour into cups, add warmed cream, sugar to taste and serve. It is permissible to replace the cream with milk. This tasty and healthy drink, especially for children, can be prepared quickly if you prepare carrots for future use and store it in a glass dish with a ground stopper.

Barley, oat and rye coffee drink recipe.

Take equal parts of the fried grains of barley, oats and rye, mix, pour hot water, boil for 2 minutes in a closed coffee pot, and then let it brew for another 5 minutes. Pour into cups and serve as regular coffee. This “coffee” does not contain a drop of caffeine. Usually coffee prepared in this way is served for breakfast and dinner..

Burdock Coffee Beverage Recipe.

Grind the peeled and washed roots of young burdock (better than the first year of life), first dry in the sun, then in the oven until brown, grind in a coffee grinder. Brew at the rate of 1–2 tsp boiled water.

Sunflower Seed Coffee Drink Recipe.

40 g of coffee, 20–40 g of sunflower seeds, sugar to taste. Hull the sunflower seeds and fry until light brown, allow to cool. Grind in a coffee grinder separately or together with natural coffee beans. In the future, proceed as in the preparation of standard coffee.

Cane Rhizome Coffee Drink Recipe.

Dig out the rhizomes of the reed, wash it well with a brush, dry at a temperature of up to 80-100 degrees, divide into small slices, fry until brown, grind in a coffee grinder. Then proceed as in the preparation of regular coffee. Bookmark rate: 20 g of rhizomes, 20 ml of water. Let stand 7-10 minutes.

Barley and Carrot Coffee Beverage Recipe.

1/2 kg of carrots, 1/2 kg of barley, 50 g of sugar, 1 liter of water. Peel or wash the carrots well with a brush, grate on a vegetable grater and dry. Rinse barley grains, sprinkle on a baking sheet, dry well and pass through a meat grinder. After this, mix the carrots with barley and fry them all together, but in no case do not overcook.

Put the barley-carrot mixture in boiling water at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 1 cup, cook for 10-15 minutes, let it brew for another 5-10 minutes. Strain coffee, pour into a heated coffee pot, put sugar and pour into cups. If desired, you can serve boiled hot milk, and if you add cream, coffee will be even tastier.

Rosehip coffee.

A delicious fortified coffee drink can be prepared from dried rose hips, for which they are washed in hot water, put in a warm atmosphere, poured with boiling water and insisted for 12 hours. Approximate proportion: 1/2 cup of wild rose per 1/2 liter of water. The resulting infusion should be used instead of water to prepare coffee in the usual way. The concentration of the infusion can be varied as desired, diluting it with water.

Rosehip Seed Coffee Drink Recipe.

Rinse the seeds to free them from the hairs, dry them, fry in the oven, ceiling in a mortar. Store in tightly sealed glassware. It is better to prepare coffee from seed bearing mixed with powder from burdock roots or natural coffee. Dosage as usual.

Beetroot Coffee Recipe.

Wash beets well, cut small roots, remove damaged leaves, pour over boiling water, cut into small quadrangular pieces, and dry in the oven. Fry in the same way as all coffee substitutes, then grind. You can cook beets in reserve, but you should only store them in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. According to many lovers of this drink, the longer the beetroot is stored, the tastier it is. Norm: 2 teaspoons with top powder for 180-200 g of water. The preparation of the drink has no features, only after boiling it is necessary to let it settle.

Simple Bean Coffee Drink Recipe.

This type of coffee, like coffee from chickpeas, is in some ways considered even medicinal. For these purposes, you must choose the smallest variety. After falling into water, boil for at least 10 minutes. When the water has cooled, drain it, rinse and dry the beans in the oven at a low temperature. Fry in the same way as coffee, but do not grind, and first grind in a mortar (beans are very strong and can damage the coffee grinder).

Cook like a regular coffee, which can be added for better taste. To prepare 100 ml of the drink, you need 1 teaspoon of ground beans, 1/4 teaspoon of coffee. Boil the mixture for 2-3 minutes, let stand 5-7 minutes.

Viburnum Seed Coffee Drink Recipe.

Seeds from the extracts of viburnum berries (berries are used for their intended purpose) are washed, usually dried in air, then fried in the oven. To prepare “viburnum” coffee, grind the seeds in a coffee grinder, pour 1 teaspoon of the powder into boiling water (100 g), boil for 1-2 minutes, let stand, sweeten to taste. This coffee is good in combinations.

Hawthorn Coffee Drink Recipe.

20 g of hawthorn powder, 15 g of sugar, 200 ml of water. Scalp the ripened fruits of hawthorn with boiling water, dry on a canvas napkin, then dry in the oven. Grind the dried fruits with seeds in a coffee grinder. Rinse the coffee pot with boiling water, pour in the required amount of hawthorn powder, pour boiling water and let it brew for 5–8 minutes. If desired, either chicory or natural coffee can be added at the time of settling. Serve with sugar.

Barley and Wheat Coffee Drink Recipe.

Sort the grains, choosing the largest, rinse on a sieve, dry, pour into a roasting pan (pan), add 1 teaspoon of sugar to 120 g of grains and stir constantly, fry over low heat. When the grains have a golden chestnut color, remove and cool. Grind in a coffee grinder or hand mill. Brew with boiling water as usual, but take this coffee 2 times more than normal. Do not give a boil, but let it brew well in warmth. You can pour coffee into boiling milk and let it boil.

Acorn Coffee Beverage Recipe with Honey.

1/2 kg of acorns, 1 liter of water, sugar, honey to taste. Dry the acorns, husk and, pouring water, boil for 30-40 minutes. Dry boiled acorns, fry and pass twice through a meat grinder, then pour in a glass jar and store in a dry place. It’s good to add chicory to this coffee. 1-2 teaspoons of ground acorns put in boiling water, boiling a little, strain through a strainer in a cup, add honey and serve.

Acorn Coffee Drink Recipe.

In their nutrition, acorns are little or no inferior to cereals, and the substances contained in them reproduce the taste of coffee to a certain extent. Dried mature acorns are peeled, cut into quarters, poured with boiling water and left overnight. The next day, the water is drained, and the acorns are dried in the oven and fried. It is preferable to do this not in a pan, but in a closed roasting pan at a temperature of 200 degrees with the addition of 1 tbsp for every 400 g. tablespoons butter.

Before frying the acorns, sprinkle with finely ground sugar at the rate of 1 piece for 2-3 cups of quarters of acorns. Storage of roasted acorns, like coffee, impairs their taste and aroma, so you do not need to make large stocks of such coffee. The best option: it is better to grind immediately after roasting and to prepare a cup of coffee, use 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water. Such a drink is recommended for all stomach disorders..

Acorn Milk Coffee Drink Recipe.

1/2 kg of acorns, 1 liter of milk, 50 g of sugar. Acorns must be dried, husked, and, filled with milk, immediately boil. Cook in an open bowl for 30–40 minutes, adding milk as it evaporates. Dry boiled acorns, fry and pass through a meat grinder. Acorn coffee is not prepared for one serving, but in reserve. Grinded acorns put in boiling water at the rate of 1 cup 1-2 teaspoons. After briefly boiling, add milk and boil again. Sugar served separately. Milk can be replaced with cream. Chicory can be added to coffee to improve its color and taste..

Egg coffee.

1-5 eggs, 1 cup cream, 100 g chicory, rye flour. Beat eggs, add cream, ground chicory and as much rye flour to make a thick dough. Roll a thin tourniquet from the dough and cut into pieces the size of a coffee bean, bake in the oven and grind. Pour ground coffee with boiling water or milk. Bring to a boil, let stand. Serve hot with sugar.

Chicory Coffee.

10 g of chicory powder, 200 ml of water. Preliminary preparation of coffee from chicory is the same as for natural coffee. In the future, do the same as when brewing coffee according to a standard recipe.

Recipe for a coffee drink from Jerusalem artichoke (earthen pear).

In autumn or early spring, dig up Jerusalem artichoke tubers, wash well in several waters or peel. Cut into small pieces and pour boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Dry, fry in the oven until light brown. Grind in a mortar or coffee grinder. Brew according to the standard recipe for natural coffee, but let it boil for 2-3 minutes.

Bookmark rate 1 tbsp. spoon with top of Jerusalem artichoke powder per 150-180 ml of water. You can add cream or milk to the prepared coffee drink, sugar if desired, to improve the taste – 10% natural coffee.

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