Recipes of dishes and drinks from marsh cranberries, salad, soup, juice, fruit drinks, compote, pastille, mousse, jelly and cranberry jam.

Salad of apples, marsh cranberries and grapes is prepared as follows. Dice apples (250 g). Blanch cranberries (50 g), mix with prepared apples, mayonnaise (80 g), lemon juice and honey. Put it on a green lettuce leaf and garnish with grapes (200 g). 

Recipes for bog cranberry dishes and salad, salad, soup, juice, fruit drink, compote, pastille, mousse, jelly and cranberry jam.

Radish Salad with Cranberry Juice.

Chop the radish (100 g), add cranberry juice (2 tablespoons), sunflower oil (1 tablespoon), salt and mix. Leave on for 30 minutes and serve..

Marsh Cranberry Soup.

Marsh berry cranberries (100 g), knead, add water (500 ml), cover and leave for 15 minutes. Then strain, add sugar (to taste) to the broth, slices of peeled apples (150 g), bring to a boil and cool. Before serving, season with cream (150 ml) or sour cream (30 g).

Recipes of dishes and drinks from marsh cranberries, salad, soup, juice, fruit drinks, compote, pastille, mousse, jelly and cranberry jam.

Roasted turkey with cranberry jam.

Salt the prepared turkey carcass inside and outside 2 hours before frying. Around the knee joints, incise the skin and extend the tendons to prevent the legs from becoming stiff. Press firmly on the sternum so that the brisket is flattened and wider. Grease the turkey with softened butter, put on a baking sheet with boiling fat, pour a glass of water and put in a heated oven.

Fry for 2-3 hours, covered, often pouring juice and, if necessary, adding water. Before being ready to remove the lid and brown the turkey over low heat. Before serving, cut into pieces, put on the dish upside down with the skin in such an order as to make a whole turkey. Preheat and serve with fried potatoes and cranberry jam.

Semolina porridge on cranberry juice.

Rinse cranberries (2 cups), mash and squeeze juice. Pour squeezed water, boil, strain. Add sugar (1 cup) to the broth and bring to a boil. Dilute semolina (1 cup) with marsh cranberry juice, pour into a boiling syrup a thick porridge. Put hot porridge on a baking sheet, cool, cut into pieces and serve with cream (2 cups).

Soaked cranberries.

Pour cranberries (1 kg) into prepared dishes, pour in chilled water, add Antonovka apples (200 g), sugar (50 g), salt, pepper, cloves, bay leaf, let stand in the room for 7 days until fermentation ends. Then cover and store in the cold. Use as a side dish for meat, fish dishes, for vinaigrettes, salads.

Natural cranberries.

1. Arrange the marsh cranberries in glass jars, add water and close with plastic lids. Store in a cool place. Use as needed.
2. Arrange the marsh cranberries in sterilized jars, pour boiling water, cover and pasteurize. Half liter 10 minutes, liter 15 minutes. To cork. Berries used to make jelly, jam, etc..

Cranberries with sugar.

1. Blanch cranberry berries (1 kg) blanch for 3-4 minutes, then rub through a sieve or colander. Mix the puree with sugar (1 kg), warm to a temperature of 90 degrees, put in hot sterilized jars, cover and pasteurize at a temperature of 90 degrees. Half liter 20 minutes, liter 25-30 minutes. Cork.

2 Wipe the marsh cranberries (1 kg) through a sieve or pass through a meat grinder with sugar (1 kg). Lay out the mass in jars, cover with plastic lids. Store in a cool place..

Cranberry Juice.

Squeeze the juice from the berries (1 l), add sugar (500 g), pour into jars and pasteurize at a temperature of 80 degrees. Half liter 5-10 minutes, liter 15-20 minutes.

Cranberries in their own juice.

Marsh cranberry berries (700 g) mixed with juice (300 ml), heated to a temperature of 95 degrees, put in sterilized jars and pasteurized. Half liter -15 minutes, liter 20 minutes.

Cranberry juice.

Put the juice from the berries in the cold. Pour the pulp with boiling water, heat to a boil, strain, cool slightly, pour in the juice, add honey, sugar, xylitol to taste.

Strawberry Compote.

Unfolded cranberry berries (1 kg) in sterilized jars, pour hot 50% sugar syrup (500 g sugar per 500 ml water) and pasteurize at a temperature of 90 degrees. Half liter cans 10 minutes, liter 20 minutes.

Swamp cranberry pastille.

Pour cranberry berries (1 kg) with water (250 ml), cook over low heat until tender, mix thoroughly with sugar (1 kg) and boil until pastilles consistency.

Marsh cranberry mousse.

Mash the berries (200 g), pour boiled water (300 ml), squeeze the juice. Pour the pulp with water (300 ml), boil for 5 minutes, then strain. Pour semolina (50 g) slowly into the broth and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Pour in the chilled juice, whisk until the mass doubles. Put on cold.

Marsh cranberry jelly with kefir.

Squeeze juice from berries (100 g). Pour the pulp with water (300 ml), bring to a boil, strain. Add sugar (50 g) to the broth, pour gelatin (5 g) diluted in cold water, bring to a boil, cool slightly. Pour kefir (200 ml) and juice, mix and pour into cups.

Marsh cranberry jam.

Blanch cranberry berries (500 g) blanch for 3-4 minutes, put in a colander. When the water drains, throw the berries into an enameled bowl and pour them with hot sugar syrup (1.5 kg of sugar per 1 liter of water) for 8-10 hours, then cook until done.

Marsh cranberry jam with walnuts.

Boil the kernels (200 g) for 30 minutes, then pour sugar syrup (700 g sugar per 500 ml of water), pour cranberries (1 kg) and cook over low heat until cooked.

Marsh cranberry jam with apples.

Blanched berries pour half the norm of sugar syrup for 10 hours, then add the remaining syrup and cook over low heat. 15 minutes before being ready, put peeled blanched apple slices (500 g). At the end of cooking, you can add vanillin, cinnamon, citric acid.

Marsh cranberry jam with lingonberries.

Blanch cranberries (500 g) for 2-3 minutes, add lingonberries (500 g), pour hot sugar syrup (1.5 kg of sugar in 500 ml of water) and cook until cooked. The jam will be tastier if the cranberries are kept in sugar syrup for 10-12 hours after blanching, and then cooked with lingonberries until tender..

Radish with cranberry juice.

Grate radish (100 g), add cranberry juice (50 ml), vegetable oil (15 g), salt (to taste). Half an hour later, set to the table..

Cranberry and Potato Drink.

Cool cranberry juice (1 l), add freshly squeezed potato juice (100 ml) and sugar (400 g).

Cranberry Blast.

From the berries (2 1/2 cups) squeeze the juice. Pour the pulp with boiling water (200 ml), boil, squeeze again and cool. In a cranberry broth, dilute rye flour (1 tablespoon). Boil the juice with honey (75-100 g) until slightly thickened, pour the broth with flour, boil and cool.

Cranberry drink with honey.

Sort the berries (1 cup), wash and knead in an enameled bowl with a wooden pestle. Squeeze the juice. Add water (200 ml) to the remaining pulp and bring to a boil. Without cooling, strain and add hot infusion to previously squeezed juice. Stir with honey (4 tablespoons), cool, serve in glasses.

Northern drink.

Prepare juice from carrots (1 kg) and cranberries (1.5 kg), mix them, dilute with water (500 ml), add sugar (to taste).

Pavlinka drink.

Combine fresh apple juice (500 g apples) with sugar (100 g), boil and strain through a sieve or cheesecloth. Let stand and gently, without agitating the precipitate, pour into another bowl. Cook cranberry juice (200 g cranberries) as well. Mix juices, add cold water (200 ml), vanillin, cool. Serve in a jug with an ice cube.

Drink North.

Grind the egg with sugar (3 tablespoons), add cold boiled milk (400 ml) and cranberry juice (400 ml), mix thoroughly and refrigerate. Put ice cubes in glasses before serving..

Based on the book Universal Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.
Putyrsky I., Prokhorov V.

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