Recipes of dishes and drinks from wild strawberries, soup, porridge, jelly, marmalade, compote, jam, jelly, jam, marmalade, cream, pear and tea with wild strawberries.

To dry the berries of wild strawberries, its fruits must be sorted out, but not washed. Pour a thin layer on a sieve and dry it in the oven or in the oven, first at a temperature of 40-50 degrees, and at the end at 60 degrees. Drying time 2-4 hours. 

Recipes of dishes and drinks from wild strawberries, soup, porridge, jelly, marmalade, compote, jam, jelly, jam, confiture, cream, punch and tea with strawberries.

Strawberry soup (Latvian cuisine).

Peel strawberries (400 g), rinse (immerse in a sieve in water and let it drain). Put in a bowl, pour with sugar (3/4 cup) and leave for 6-8 hours. Dissolve the remaining sugar (3/4 cup) in water (1.2 L), boil, pour diluted starch (1/2 tablespoon). Let it boil again, add to the strawberries with the juice that has formed, stir and cool. Serve with whipped cream (100 ml).

Recipes of dishes and drinks from wild strawberries, soup, porridge, jelly, marmalade, compote, jam, jelly, jam, marmalade, cream, pear and tea with wild strawberries.
spoon) and give a little more to boil. Serve hot or cold with noodles or rice cooked separately.

Rice porridge with wild strawberries.

Cook viscous rice porridge (2/3 cup rice) in milk with sugar. Mix with yolks (2 pcs.) And vanilla sugar and allow to cool by laying in a mold or a deep dish moistened with water. Sort and wash strawberries (500 g), sprinkle with powdered sugar (1/2 cup) and leave for 10-15 minutes. Beat egg whites (2 pcs… On the rice porridge lay the strawberries, whipped whites on top.

Strawberries with ice cream.

Arrange washed and peeled fruits (1 kg) in vases and sprinkle with powdered sugar (100 g). Top with ice cream for each serving (500 g).

Strawberry Jelly.

Wipe the fruits (200 g) through a thick sieve, squeeze the juice. Pour the pulp with hot water, bring to a boil, strain, add sugar (to taste). Reheat to a boil, add starch diluted in cold water (20 g), remove from heat, add citric acid (2 g), strawberry juice. Stir well, pour into glasses or cups, sprinkle with sugar.

Strawberry Marmalade.

Wipe the fruits (1 kg) through a fine sieve so that the grains do not pass. In 85% sugar syrup (850 g of sugar per 150 ml of water) put 1/4 of the mashed strawberries, cook until tender. Add another 1/4 part of the mass, cook again until tender, and so on until the last portion of the berries has been consumed. Place the mass in molds moistened with cold water or greased with butter.

Strawberry compote.

Fruits (1 kg) pour sugar syrup (450 g sugar per 1 liter of water) at a temperature of 50-60 degrees for 3-4 hours. Then drain the syrup, heat to a boil, add citric acid (2 g). Arrange the fruits in jars, pour in syrup, cover, pasteurize at a temperature of 85 degrees. Half liter 20 minutes, liter 35 minutes. Cork.

Strawberry Fig.

Fill fruits (1 kg) with sugar (600 g) for 3-4 hours. When the juice is secreted, transfer the berries to another enameled dish and cook over low heat. Constantly stirring and removing the foam, until the mass begins to easily separate from the walls and the bottom of the pelvis. Put the mass on a dish or plate moistened with cold water, level. Add chopped nuts (to taste), cut into pieces, sprinkle with powdered sugar (to taste) and put in jars.

Strawberry jam.

1. Fruits (1 kg) pour 85% sugar syrup (850 g sugar per 150 ml water) for 3-4 hours, then boil for 5 minutes. Infuse for 8 hours, then gently select the berries with a slotted spoon, arrange them in prepared cans. Boil the syrup to 2/3 of the original volume, pour the berries on it and pasteurize. Half liter cans 10 minutes, liter 15 minutes.

2. Fruits (1 kg) layer by layer with sugar (1 kg) for 10 hours. Then bring to a boil, remove from heat for 15 minutes, bring to a boil again. Repeat 5-6 times. Pour into prepared bikes, roll up.

Strawberry Jelly.

1. Strawberry juice (1 l) mixed with juice of white and red currants, gooseberries (300 ml of juice of these berries), pour sugar (600-800 g) and cook over low heat, removing the froth, until the jelly consistency. You can add diluted gelatin. Stir thoroughly, bring to a boil.

2. Dip the fruits (200 g) in sugar syrup (200 ml of water and 150 g of sugar), add gelatin dissolved in water or juice (5 g), bring to a boil, let it brew for 15 minutes, then strain, add citric acid (1 d) and cool.

Strawberry and Redcurrant Jam.

Put red currant puree (1 kg) into a pan and boil over high heat. Add washed and peeled strawberries (1 kg) and with continuous stirring, boil well. Then add sugar (600 g) and continue cooking until cooked.

Strawberry Jam.

Grind the fruits (1 kg), pour water (300 ml), boil over low heat for 10 minutes. Add sugar (800 g), cook until tender. Place the mass in jars, cover with parchment paper or plastic covers.

Strawberry Cream.

Strawberry juice or mashed strawberries (150 g) mixed with water (150 ml) and juice of 1/2 lemon. Put on fire and let it boil. Add sugar (3 tablespoons) and potato starch (25 g), diluted in a small amount of cold water or strawberry juice, and, stirring all the time, keep on the stove until thickened. Add whipped proteins (2 pcs.) To the hot mixture. Pour into molds and decorate with whole berries of strawberries, previously laid in sugar.

Strawberry Drink.

Strawberry fruits (200 g), milk (150 ml), sugar (250 g), salt (to taste) mix and beat until smooth.

Original milk and berry drink.

The prepared fruits of strawberries (1 cup), strawberry juice (3 tablespoons), instant coffee (1/2 teaspoon) and milk (200 ml) are mixed in a mixer. To the resulting homogeneous mass add cream ice cream (2 tablespoons), 2 cups of milk and continue to whisk. Pour the foamy mixture into glasses. Put on top a hat of whipped cream and a few berries of strawberries.

Strawberry Punch.

Peeled and washed berries (500 g), sprinkled with sugar (200 g), put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Drain the resulting juice into a jug. Add insoluble sugar and lemon juice (100 ml) there. Stir thoroughly until sugar dissolves. Arrange the berries in wine glasses. Then pour the infusion, add mineral or sparkling water (600 ml), mix gently.

Strawberry cocktail with champagne.

Pour 10 ml of cognac, 10 ml of liquor, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass, put several berries of wild strawberries and add chilled champagne to the glass.

Kefir with wild strawberries.

Grind fruits (2-3 tablespoons) in a mixer in mashed potatoes. Combine with cold kefir (1 cup), honey or sugar syrup (1 tablespoon), cinnamon and mix well.

Strawberry milk.

Fruits (130 g) knead. Add sugar (1 tablespoon), mix and squeeze juice after 1-2 hours. Combine it with milk (750 ml |, stir and pour into glasses.

Strawberry tea.

In a porcelain teapot, pour a mixture of strawberry leaves (10 g), St. John’s wort (2 g) and peppermint leaves (2 g). Pour boiling water, insist 7-10 minutes.

Based on the book Universal Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.
Putyrsky I., Prokhorov V.

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