Recipes of herbal teas, fortifying, calming, vitamin, medicinal, cold herbal tea, drinks from winter needles.

Herbal tea is brewed like regular black or green, but there are some nuances. To brew herbal teas per 200 ml of fresh boiling water, they usually take 1 tablespoon of herbal tea and brew it in an earthenware teapot, wrapping it with a cloth.

Recipes of herbal teas, fortifying, soothing, vitamin, medicinal, cold herbal tea, drinks from winter needles.

Fresh boiling water is saturated with oxygen, so re-boiling herbal teas leads to the fact that they turn out tasteless and lifeless. If you use a thermos instead of a teapot and infuse tea for a longer period, the drink will turn out to be more saturated and aromatic. Usually, to take the taste and smell of herbs, you will need:

3 minutes to brew tea on delicate leaves and flowers.
5 minutes to brew seeds and ordinary leaves.
10 minutes insist on roots, buds and coarse seeds.

After brewing herbal teas should be filtered.

Recipes of herbal teas, fortifying, calming, vitamin, medicinal, cold herbal tea, drinks from winter needles.

For medicinal herbal teas, the following fees will be most suitable:

Preservative Herbal Tea Recipes.

Recipe number 1.

Badan leaves (3 parts), marjoram grass (1 part), raspberry leaves (1 part), black currant leaves (1 part).

Recipe number 2.

In equal parts: catnip leaves (or lemon balm), thyme (grass), chamomile (flowers), yarrow (grass).

Soothing Herbal Tea Recipes.

Recipe number 1.

In equal parts: lemon balm (or catnip), hawthorn (leaves or fruits), mint leaves, lime blossom.

Recipe number 2.

Helps with bloating, promotes digestion. In equal parts: chamomile (flowers), thyme (herb), mint (leaves).

Vitamin Herbal Tea Recipes.

Recipe number 1.

Improves digestion. In equal parts: blackberry (leaves), nettle (leaves), strawberries (leaves), apple peel, raspberries (leaves).

Recipe number 2.

In equal parts: nettle (grass), wild rose (fruits), blackcurrant (fruits), carrots (dried root).

Herbal Tea Recipes.

Recipe number 1.

With neuralgia, back pain. Linden (flowers) 1 part, black elderberry (fruits) 2 parts, thyme (herb) 1 part.

Recipe number 2.

With a stomach ulcer, gastritis with high acidity, take up to 3 glasses per day. Thyme (herb) 1 part, St. John’s wort (herb) 2 parts, sage (leaves) 2 parts, chamomile (flowers) -1 part, mint (leaves) 2 parts, incense (leaves) -1 part.

Recipe number 3.

It treats arthritis, gout, rheumatism. In equal parts: rose hip (fruits), mountain ash (fruits), nettle (leaves), black currant (fruits).

Recipe number 4.

To cleanse the blood, normalize metabolism. In equal parts: raspberries (leaves), blackberries (leaves), blackcurrant (leaves), white acacia (flowers).

Iced herbal tea.

For four servings: fresh mint leaves 2 handfuls, ginger root 2 cm, lemon 1/2 pc. or lime, black tea (tea bags) 3 pcs. strawberries (fresh) for decoration, ice cubes. Cut ginger into thin slices, scald a lemon and cut into slices. Put mint in a liter jug ​​(washing and putting aside some leaves for decoration), ginger, lemon and tea bags, pour boiling water.

After 2 minutes, tea bags should be removed, allowed to cool and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After the drink is filtered, poured into glasses or glasses of transparent glass. Ice cubes, strawberries are placed in glasses and decorated with sprigs of mint.

Cold Herbal Teas Recipes.

If you have your own garden, it’s a sin not to cook herbal tea for colds. This is a mixture of tea leaves and certain garden herbs. First you need to make a mixture of crushed dried herbs: 2 parts of mint, 2 parts of St. John’s wort, 1 part of thyme, 1 part of valerian root. Mix the mixture. On 1 tbsp. tablespoon herbal mixture add 3 tbsp. teaspoons of regular tea.

Now mix the herbal mixture and tea leaves. You need to brew like regular tea. In a porcelain or enameled kettle, previously scalded with boiling water, pour medicinal tea at the rate of 1 teaspoon with a slide for 1 cup of boiling water. Pour boiling water, cover with a towel, insist 10 minutes. Therapeutic tea is ready.

Drinking medicinal tea is better in its pure form, although it is possible with honey. This tea with milk is very useful, it removes toxins from the body. For the treatment of colds, we consume up to 8 glasses a day. For prevention, you can drink up to 4 glasses a day. We do not drink 1 glass immediately, but within 10-15 minutes, so that there is no water shock to the kidneys. The course of admission is up to 10 days, then you need to take a break for 2 weeks.

If there is a tendency to hypertension, you need to control the pressure. To drink this tea, if you feel that you have a cold, you should, breathing in the aroma of the drink, you can several cups in a row to sweat. Then take a rest. The cold will quickly recede.

Winter needles drinks.

The winter season is extremely stingy on plant wealth. And still do not lose heart. Even in the snow, nature leaves a chance to find real treasures for health. Needles have been known to people as an assistant in promoting health for a very long time. So, a handful of spruce or pine needles will give a healthy drink.

It is prepared very simply: for 1 teaspoon of needles 1 cup boiling water, brew for 10 minutes. An equally ancient method of treatment is to take a decoction of needles. Since ancient times, it has been a good remedy for scurvy (vitamin deficiency).

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