Recipes of homemade grape wines, general rules for the infusion of wine and juice, special medicinal wines.

General rules for infusion of grape juice or young homemade wines with spices.

For home-made wines, take any spices (to taste), crumble and crush, put in a linen bag and drop into a fermented and settled wine. It is good to clog and insist 10 days, drain, strain and bottle. 

General rules for insisting homemade wines on berries.

Collect any berries. After that, put in the barrel a layer of dried sage, on it – a layer of berries, then again a layer of sage, a layer of berries. Thus fill the barrel. Then fill the barrel with young wine and let it brew well..

at home, you need to take 10 kg of ripe grapes of one of the following varieties: Chasla white, Chasla pink, Chasla muscat, Aligote, Pink muscat, Hamburg muscat, Lydia. Sort the berries, separate from the brushes, remove rotten and damaged ones. In small portions, put the berries in a colander and knead with your hand over an enameled bucket.

Collect the resulting juice and oilcake in a 10 liter container, cover with gauze and put in a warm place with a temperature of 25-28 degrees for 2-3 days for fermentation. It is better to use a special culture of wine yeast. Depending on the temperature conditions on the 2nd or 3rd day of fermentation, the cake rises, and the juice is collected in the lower part of the container.

After about a week, it should be decanted through a colander into an enameled bucket, and the cake should be pressed with your hands over the colander. Then the juice needs to be drained into a clean container, set a water lock and put in for fermentation. Fermentation lasts from 12 to 20 days (depending on temperature conditions). Under the influence of grape yeast, the juice becomes cloudy.

Pour the resulting wine using a siphon into a clean bottle, reinstall the water lock and take the bottle out to the cellar, where it should be kept at a temperature of 8-12 degrees for 2-2.5 months. At this time, tartaric acid settles on the walls of the container and on its bottom in the form of small crystals, the acidity of the wine decreases sharply, it becomes clarified and becomes transparent.

Pour pure wine into bottles or cylinders, leaving a small air space between the cork and the wine, and clog. This wine is called dry, since the sugar contained in grape berries is almost completely fermented into alcohol. Sugar content of dry wine is negligible. If the sugar content in grape berries is small (less than 20%), the wine will not have enough alcohol and may deteriorate (mold will appear). To prevent this from happening, add sugar to it (50-100 g per 1 liter of juice).

Homemade Brinzent Wine.

Take 3-4 slices of toasted bread, put in a linen bag and lower it in grape juice or grape wine for 8 days. When the wine ferments well, it will taste very good.

Homemade wine with quince.

10 liters of white grape juice, 1 kg of quince. Peel quince, cut into slices and dip in white grape juice. Allow to ferment for 1 month, bottle, cork and store in a cellar or other cold place.

Homemade Italian Wine.

20 l of grape juice, 100 g of cinnamon, 75 g of clove, 15 g of wormwood root, 10 g of nutmeg, 10 g of ginger, 8 g of chilli, 8 g of cubeba. Thoroughly crush the spices, pour into a linen bag, tie and dip into a barrel in which to pour grape juice. Allow the juice to ferment and settle. Strain and bottle.

Homemade Hungarian Wine.

6 liters of grape wine, 8 kg of raisins, yeast. Put raisins in a barrel, pour grape wine and put in a warm place for 2 days, then add yeast and cork well. Bury the barrel in the ground for a year. After a year, dig out a barrel and pour wine into bottles.

Homemade Grape Wine Recipe with Water.

To make homemade grape wines according to this recipe, you need to take fresh grapes, peel the brushes and slightly dry in the oven. Then put them in a clean linen bag, cover with ash chips and lower them into a barrel. Put 6 kg of grapes on a two-barrel barrel. 1.5 buckets of water a little warm and pour on the berries. Allow the mixture to ferment. The result should be a young grape wine. Leave the barrel until spring, adding a handful of flowers of cornflowers and elderberries. Tasty grape wine by spring.

Homemade Scented Wine Recipe.

Take a variety of fragrant herbs, put in a barrel and pour grape juice. Do not take out the herbs until the fermenting wine itself knocks them out through the sleeve. The wine will be very tasty and aromatic.

Homemade Wine with Cherry.

Collect ripe cherries, peel the stalks, take out the seeds and crush them. Pour cherries and crushed bones with white wine and insist 1 month.

Homemade Wine with Clove.

To prepare this wine, you need to take an arbitrary amount of cloves, crush it, sew it into a linen bag and drop it into a barrel with grape juice. When the juice ferments and settles, drain the wine into another container.

Homemade wine to improve vision.

10 l of grape juice, 60 g of concrete, 60 g of Benedict root, 60 g of elderberry flowers, 60 g of anise, 60 g of dill. Grind spices, pour grape juice, insist 1 year. This wine is good to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Homemade Wine with Elecampane.

Take a well-dried root of elecampane (wild sunflower), cut into slices and, strung on a thread, dip in grape wine. Thus, you can make wine from the roots of other plants..

Homemade Spanish Wine.

To prepare this wine, take copper utensils such as vodka cube, the diameter of the mouth of which is 4.5 cm, and the descent is located at a distance of 6-7 cm from the bottom. This container must be filled with clean water almost to the brim and for every liter of water put 400 g of molasses. Then tie a bunch of rosemary and lower it on a thread into the liquid. Cook over low heat until the foam no longer appears, which must be carefully removed.

Cook for another 30 minutes, remove the container from the heat, pour water into another container and add a handful of lavender. When the water has cooled, pour it into a barrel containing sweet wine. The next day, take 2 crushed nutmegs, ginger, cloves, coriander, cinnamon and peel 1 lemon, sew into a linen bag and lower it into a barrel in which to leave for 6 weeks.

A day after the water is transfused into the barrel, when the wine stops fermenting, pour 2 glasses of vodka into it so that the fermentation starts again. The keg should always be full so that the drink breaks sediment through the sleeve for 6 weeks. At the end of fermentation, the barrel must be well corked. After 2 days, check whether the drink has settled, and leave for another 6 weeks. After this time, pour the wine into bottles.

Homemade golden wine.

Take ripe oranges, lemon balm, mint. Put good ripe grapes in a barrel and add old wine, adding 1 liter of grape juice for every 6 liters. Winemaking and gaining a pleasant taste from spices dipped in a bag in wine.

Home made wine.

1.2 l of grape wine, 400 g of sugar, 50 g of white ginger, 25 g of coriander, 15 g of cardamom, 15 g of cinnamon, 6 g of red rose petals. Pour the spices with grape wine, add sugar. When the drink is infused, decant and bottle.

Homemade blood purifying wine.

Mix white young grape wine with a small amount of water, raisins, oregano, licorice root or sugar, mix thoroughly and let the wine brew well. This wine is very healthy..

Homemade Herbal Wine.

200 g of elecampane root, 100 g of violet root, 100 g of grass of the nightingale, 100 g of calamus, 100 g of benedict root, 75 g of rhubarb, 50 g of angelica root, 50 g of galangal, 100 g of dill, 6 handfuls of juniper berries, 4 handfuls of rosemary , 4 handfuls of thistle, 2 handfuls of sage, 3 handfuls of oregano, 2 handfuls of small cherries, 1 handful of marjoram, 1 handful of tops of wormwood. Grind the herbs, put in a barrel and pour grape wine so that it covers them, let it brew and strain. Filtered herbs can be poured again with another portion of wine.

Homemade cough wine.

Insist on young wine or grape juice anise, dill, licorice root (2 times more than anise and dill combined). Drinking wine is considered a good cough suppressant..

Homemade Medicinal Wine for Fever.

Pour water and wine into a large bottle (for every 3 glasses of water, 1 glass of grape wine). Thus filling the bottle, clog it and lower it into hot water, hold for a long time. Then let cool. It will turn out wine, which is used as a diuretic, as well as with constipation and high temperature.

Homemade Lemon Wine.

10 liters of grape juice, peel of 1 lemon, peel of 1 orange, a pinch of mint, a pinch of lemon balm, 1 kg of grapes, sugar to taste. Dry the lemon peel, tie in a bag and put in grape juice. Let the juice ferment well, add the peel of orange, mint and lemon balm, grapes and sugar and let it brew.

Homemade Almond Wine.

Peel 800 g of almonds, finely grind, rub through a sieve. Dilute the resulting powder with a small amount of grape wine, mix and pour with white wine. Let it brew.

Homemade Moselle Wine.

Boil water with mint and elderberry flowers, pour into a barrel, let it stand with this broth, so that it absorbs the aroma of herbs. Pour the decoction from the barrel and fill it with grape juice, add mint and elderberry flowers, let it brew. Elderberry flowers should be put a little more than mint.

Homemade Muscat Wines Recipe.

When the young wine wanders, put elderberry flowers and sage seeds in a linen bag. Let it brew for 2 weeks, take out the spices and pour the wine into bottles.

Homemade wormwood wine.

Crush 600 g of wormwood tops and tie into a bag. Dip in a barrel with white grape juice, allow to ferment and stand for 2 months, then remove the bag with wormwood. This wine is good for the stomach..

Homemade Gray Champagne.

Good champagne is obtained from red grapes, from white – worse in quality. Collect ripe berries, place under a press, squeeze juice. Pour it into a container and let it roam for 10-12 days. When the wine stops fermenting, clogging the container, leaving small outlets. While the wine is wandering, the capacity should be full. It should be added (within 2-3 weeks – every 7 days, after two months – every two weeks) with old wine.

The recipe for home made early wines.

When the grape juice ferments enough, you need to add fresh juice into it, mixed with a small amount of tartar, crushed into powder, which makes the juice begin to ferment again. When the wine has settled, add fresh juice and crushed tartar again to fermentation again. Repeat 3-4 times. The result is a tasty and strong wine..

Homemade Sweet Ordinary Wine.

Ordinary wine can be either red or white. It is done as follows: take a sufficient amount of ripe grapes, crush in a tub, and drain the juice into a barrel with iron hoops. Hammer and grind the bushing. For two weeks, lower the barrel into the water, then transfer it to the cellar. Optionally, add cinnamon, ginger, cloves to the grapes.

Homemade Sage Wine.

Take 3-4 handfuls of sun-dried sage and a handful of walnut sawdust washed and dried outdoors, but not in the sun. Tie in a bag, put a container with grape juice and cork well. After the fermentation ends, you need to add capacity and let stand a little longer.

To improve the wine, take 10 g of cloves and cinnamon, grind coarsely, put each separately in 500 ml of wine and bring to a boil. Then pour the decoctions into sage wine. Filtered cloves and cinnamon in a linen bag are also dipped in wine. When the wine is infused, bottle.

Homemade Apple Grape Wines Recipe.

To prepare this wine, drop a few apples into a barrel of grape juice when fermentation begins. After some time, remove the apples, replace them with fresh ones and do so until the juice is completely fermented.

Based on materials from the book Making wine, moonshine, liquors and tinctures. Preparation technology, equipment, formulation, storage and use.
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