RECON – & nbsp; Special Military Intelligence Unit of the Philippines

“Philippine Special Forces” are silent killing machines in the jungle. You can see them only at the second when the knife touches your heart …

As I said earlier, the Philippines Marine Corps is divided into several areas: serving on ships, all kinds of land services on the land, demining units, vehicles and armored vehicles, artillery, as well as Scouts-Rangers, an elite unit of RECON, and much more. About Scout-Rangers full of information on the network, a lot of videos on YouTube. About this unit everything is known. I want to talk about what you will not find on the Internet – this unit Recon (Force Reconnaissance Battalion).

RECON – this is intelligence. But intelligence is not quite in the usual sense, here the group is one person. As a rule, one fighter is thrown into the jungle, without firearms, only cold arms, with the task of identifying terrorist groups Abbu Sayaf, NPA, etc. (terrorist organizations banned in Russia). When such fighters are found, the fighter either liquidates them himself or, at a certain time, calls the “Division X” (this is the name of the division) through a coherent one, which destroys the communist terrorist group (the communist one is not the one that the Russian or Chinese an association between terrorists and China, as well as Russia).

Fighter RECON more than just a commando. An ordinary employee, well-trained. Parachute training. Knife fight Underwater training swimmer. Sniper training. Survival in any environment, no matter what – jungle, sand, etc. Particular attention is paid to the preparation knife fight and psychological stability in a stressful situation.

So the system PMCMAK it is designed for the fighters to memorize all movements precisely by repeated repetition, bringing the performance to automatism. Training starts at 4 am and continues until 23 pm every day, with three breaks of an hour for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between meals – two desserts, these are small bananas in caramel or something very similar to fruit jelly, very sweet, perfectly restoring strength after underwater work. 3 days of such a load the brain still maintains, for 4 days you become like a robot. The heat is 32-35 degrees in the shade – many Filipinos fainted from thermal shock. I can’t even believe that I myself have never lost consciousness. In the case of health problems, 72 hours of medical care was given for the course.

& quot; Salute & quot ;. A special traditional gesture in the brotherhood of the special forces RECON -

RECON &# 8212; Philippine military intelligence unit

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