Reconnaissance training units of the airborne troops. Textbook.

radio intelligence.
4. The work of calculating the posts of radio interception and direction finding and information processing groups.
5. Radio reconnaissance platoon actions.

Chapter Four Organization and planning of combat training of reconnaissance units.

1. Organization of combat training.
2. Organization and methodology of the camp gathering with intelligence units.
3. Educational material base for intelligence training.
4. Requirements and recommendations for the selection of personnel in intelligence units.

Chapter Five The technique of reconnaissance training of paratrooper units.

1. General Provisions.
2. Forms and methods of training personnel.
3. Organization and methods of single training.
4. Observation post.
5. Patrol Department.
6. Platoon in reconnaissance (combat reconnaissance) patrol.
7. Platoon (squad) in ambush.
8. Platoon plaque.
9. Platoon in search.
10. Control tactical lesson with reconnaissance platoon.
11. Combat firing as part of a platoon.
12. The company in the reconnaissance unit.

Chapter Six Methods of organizing and conducting company tactical exercises with intelligence units.

1. The procedure for preparing the doctrine.
2. Conducting company tactical exercises.
3. Recommendations but to derive an assessment of the company and intelligence agencies when summarizing the results of company tactical exercises.

Chapter Seven. Organization and methodology of commanding training for officers, warrant officers and sergeants of reconnaissance units.

1. Forms and methods of command training, its organization.
2. Methods of theoretical training of officers.
3. Methods of preparing and conducting group exercises.
4. Preparation and conduct of tactical flies.
5. Methods of training and conducting training on the management of intelligence agencies.


1. Directory of proven targets.
2. Private combat training plan for reconnaissance units.
3. An approximate list of the educational and material base of classes in the subjects of training for the reconnaissance unit of the Airborne Forces.
4. The training field for the training of the reconnaissance unit and reconnaissance training of the paratrooper, engineering, artillery and other units of the Airborne troops (option).
5. The plan of the tactical drill lessons on the topic “Platoon in combat reconnaissance patrol” (option).
6. The plan of the tactical drill on the topic “Platoon in ambush” (option).
7. Plan for conducting a tactical lesson on the topic “Platoon actions in a raid” (option).
8. Plan for conducting combat firing of a platoon on the fly (option).
9. A possible list of stages and training questions for company tactical exercises.
10. Plan for conducting tactical exercises with a reconnaissance company (option).

Reconnaissance training units of the airborne troops. Textbook. To download a book

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