Recovery from forced starvation in extreme and emergency conditions.

Leaving the danger zone and coming to the village, in no case do not pounce on any food. This can destroy yourself. The recovery stage is much more responsible and difficult than fasting. If you look impatient, you risk provoking the worst consequences.. 

Recovery from forced starvation in extreme and emergency conditions.

So, if you didn’t eat for 10-15 days, but drank only water, then start the restoration with the following products that were in stock and some of which were obtained in the village.

The first or second day of recovery after fasting.

Drink in small portions up to 1.5 liters of various juices, approximately 200 ml every 2 hours (berry, fruit, carrot, tomato, etc.). If there are no juices, then in summer you can suck the berries, spitting the peel. In the absence of juices, recovery can be started with compotes (liquid only) or 0.5 liters of milk diluted with warm water to 1 liter (on the second day, milk is drunk already undiluted to 1 liter).

should be approximately equal to the fasting period. Food should not contain salt, which retains water, sometimes causes swelling and other undesirable effects. After a week and a half, fresh fish cooked without salt, unsalted fish stock, one hard boiled egg are introduced into the diet. To replenish the diet with vitamins, it is useful to diversify the menu by adding to the dishes the well-known edible herbs and grains that are consumed raw and boiled.

The above layout is approximate, it can be changed based on the availability of products. It should be remembered that fatty protein foods (meat, stew, mushrooms) are contraindicated. Their consumption, especially in large quantities, can cause serious complications. With the recommended regime, observing a milk and vegetable diet, you will completely maintain your health and performance.

The main obstacle, due to which not everyone decides on a voluntary fasting for many days, is an unpleasant feeling of hunger. There are many ways to overcome it. For example, the Indians of one of the South American tribes living in the Amazon River Valley, to eliminate hungry stomach contractions, which are also associated with hunger, pull the upper abdomen tightly with a rope.

You can go another way: drink at least 0.5 liters of water at the same time. The walls of the stomach will be stretched, the feeling of hunger will stop or become noticeably weaker. Finally, there is a universal way available to everyone to not feel hunger, the ability to distract from him, to concentrate on some important work, a useful occupation, not to leave time for idleness.

Based on the book Methods of Autonomous Human Survival in Nature.
Maslov A.G., Konstantinov Yu.S., Latchuk V.G..

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