Reddit emergency radio manual. Part 1: Preparation

Translator’s Preface:

After the disaster of September 2017, US amateur radio organization, ARRL, threw a cry, call for volunteers, radio amateurs to help in the aftermath of hurricane “Mary.” Among those who responded to the call was NS0S, The author of the document below.

Preface of the author, Jeremy Dougherty, amateur radio call sign NS0S:

Ipod emergency radio communication. This is only a guide. I need community support to make it better. Together we can come up with great ideas. This is normal. We recommend you to prepare for a report. Driver, fireman, paramedic, soldier, boy scout and radio amateur highest category. Others are based on their thoughts. Replace the instructions or local regulations. This is a joint initiative to be used in. emergency radio communication all over the world.

“Be ready”

Failure in preparation - preparation for failure.Failure in preparation – preparation for failure.

You may not know when they will call for help. Hone your skills. If you are immersed in digital modes. If you need several digital modes. If you are familiar with the telegraph. You need to have as many tools at your disposal.

Learn to exploit your equipment. AT emergency situations hentai For example, software for radio settings If your computer fails, it can be a radio program. Know what your equipment depends on.

List of fees:

  • VHF and HF radio equipment
  • power supply
  • antenna matching device
  • multiband antenna
  • VHF antenna
  • portable radio station
  • 60 meters or more cord (paracord, Dacron)
  • 15 meters or more power extension cord
  • two 15-meter lengths of coaxial cable (for connecting antennas – approx. transl.)
  • one shorter coax cable for VHF antenna
  • adapters and connectors
  • insulation tape
  • multimeter
  • batteries
  • instructions for you

Useful additional equipment:

  • headphones and adapters from 1/4 to 1/8 inch
  • slingshot
  • slingshot shells
  • multitool (with pliers and screwdrivers)
  • jackknife
  • ink pens / mechanical pencils
  • a notebook
  • frequency range of amateur bands
  • navigator (for example, the phone on your phone)
  • tablet or small laptop
  • Usb stick

Radio, power supply, and matching device

Everyone has their own preferences in terms of manufacturers. Based on your field experience emergency radio communication, I recommend Elecraft? ? KX3, since it has a built-in power-matching device, built-in power supply, it also works on the VHF. However, choose any equipment that suits you. It will be a burden to your personal belongings. Including drag and drop at the airport.

Second place I would choose Yaesu? 8,897. Also worthy of mention Icom? ? 703 ?? Icom ?? 706,? Yaesu ?? 817 ?? Yaesu ?? 857. It is also recommended to install a bandpass filter in your transceiver. Other radio stations are under control. If you worked on a busy field day, then you know what it is about. I love you, then I will.

Whichever radio you choose, it is advisable to combine the functionality as much as possible. HF and VHF radio stations. It is a power cord. Built-in power supply.

(At the reception on duty, while simultaneously transmitting to another. However, a commentary received from a real situation. – comment. Transl.)

You should be more interested in the size and weight of the radio, rather than the radiated power. For a situation in which there is a loss of life, it’s not a problem. You can use it for a laptop power supply. It takes only 3 amps at 12 volts to issue 15 watts.

Another way to mentally prepare your future emergency radio communication on the road – field communication during a hike. I would not rely on emergency communication at less than five watts. But if you’ve taken it, you can’t take it.

This is where you come in handy. This is a very reasonable and convenient way to deploy communication equipment. There is a connection. If you need to move up, it is up to you. Try to make sure that everything works before you leave.


HF antenna

The statement is more important than the radio itself. It’s right. Antenna is a key to a disaster zone. If you are a woman, you can pump in one of the watts with a resonant dipole. At home I have a doublet, a six-band vertical Refrain from recommending some type of antenna compared to another. The options are the same as the types of antennas.

Antennas Buddipole – a nice concept for field work in Field day. But in most cases, this translates into a walk of 15 meters from your car. In fact, they are much more fragile and uncomfortable than the good old wire. This is what I wanted. Spoil the exit. If you are somewhere away, your trouble will destroy your mission.

In emergency situations, a tactical magnetic frame may be suitable. Once set up, it usually doesn’t need to be tweaked. Often you just occupy one frequency and stay on it. Finished products sell LNR Precision,?? Alpha antenna and Chameleon? ? Antenna.

Regardless of your particular choice, I suggest using emergency radio communication with the bands that you are familiar with, and that works with several bands. But there is no need for any disruption.

VHF antenna

With VHF antennas, I strongly do not recommend anything that includes telescopic parts. These antennas are very fragile. If someone touches such an antenna Magnetic antennas can be very useful in many situations. You can use it to make the most of the base station.

Option – BNC or SMA connector ? Stick ( These antennas are almost invulnerable and take up very little space. It’s not possible to use specialized mobile antennas.

Portable transceiver

Take care of your equipment, know how to use it. If you have two, take both. What does it mean to you? It is a malfunction or a route change. You can be left alone on the mountain. It is always helpful. I do not know what circumstances you will face. In my case, we were lost all communication. We gave the firemen both stations that we were given. Fortunately, my partner and home from home. You also need to know how to program them.

May be completely inapplicable. Long periods of time. Portables can save a lot of time.

If you don’t have to be a radio station or a radio station, you can do it. It will not be blocked by your phone.

If you want to make a decision on backup or abnormal method of communication, make sure If you are a person, you need to do it. It’s not a problem. If you have any plans, it’s easy to use. If possible, avoid snapping to a band. Calling frequencies are often overloaded and disorganized, which prevents effective communication.

Cords, coaxial cables, extension cords

Your base station for emergency radio communication may not be located in the best place for communication. Where you are power. This may be a hospital, fire station, police station. You can not have access to fuel. Therefore, you often depend on external resources. If you are in the hospital? If you are on the road to the anchor? ?

You can expect more. If the antenna is worn, it takes you to reach the ground and tie it. If you have 40 meters long, then you have another 20 meters of cord left. Your radio station should reach your antenna. Your radio station needs power. These amenities may not coincide geographically.

You will need to complete the task. Shop to correct your forgetfulness, will not. Will be impossible. Connect the cable ends and connect the cable ends. This will keep the cable in a collapsed state on the way. This will also protect the connectors from damage.

Practice using coax, cut, chop, and cut. It does not need to be done. Get some cable cuts and practice. It’s a limited time resource. It is easy to damage the shielding of the cable. If possible, try cutting up different types of cable (RG-6,? RG-7,? RG-8)? Until you are comfortable with each. You could find it. It can be no choice. Sp sp sp Most radio amateurs have experience in handling while you can. If you want to go around the corner. You need to work with coaxial cable. If you are not able to experience any physical factors, physical factors, or other factors,

Other items

On a lot of extra equipment. Forgotten thing will not.

Headphones are very helpful. If you are trying to accept a weak signal, they are necessary. 20 people doing other things. You can’t accept a message.

Slingshot can be a useful tool. I know it sounds a little childish. For devices for throwing an antenna. It is easier to pack with. I can’t get 15 meters up for a long time. It is almost impossible. Antenna device is often overlooked when emergency radio communications equipment is discussed. In fact, it should be an integral part of your kit.

Also useful multitool in one form or another. Crimp the wires. The screwdriver will serve in a variety of tasks. I used a pocket knife every day on my departure. I did not have a multitool. I had pliers, a narrow pliers, a set of screwdrivers and a folding knife. Save space and weight.

Writing materials and a notebook are also required. You should always have a fountain pen with you. Small notebook with you. A larger notebook will be needed at the base station. I would abstain from writing on a spiral. If you’re simply falling back. A stenographic notebook or notebook for abstracts is usually much stronger. You can even get wet if you want.

Navigators are cheaper. Especially if you are alone. Someone must know where you are. Other team members may not be familiar with the terrain. They may not know the landmarks near you. Your location may not even have a street address. Report. If you are in danger of finding your way. Where there is a collection of shelves, a working cell tower.
You can use a modern smartphone as a navigator. If you want, you can check it out. Do you need some kind of cell phone towers? This can be seen in the settings for your phone. Before you go, you can be. It is quite difficult to do. Where do you go? If you are going to be able to use it, it’s not a problem. If you are going to another country, install the translator application. If you take a smartphone, make sure you’ve been able to work offline.

If you use a tablet or laptop. It should not be big. You need to make sure that the software is in good condition. You may need a driver. Check if everything works. Get ready for more than one type of digital communication. PSK31 ?? Winlink, ?? APRS many others have advantages and disadvantages. It makes sense to prepare for each species. I would recommend to set and keep in readiness RMS Express ?? FLDIGI and WSJT-X?.

If you want to use it. If you try to understand that cable core has torn. You can check whether the electrical outlet is grounded.

Personal items and preparation

Putting your personal belongings on. The whole next month. If you forgot, you have been prepared for a sad experience.

I would pack clothes that dry quickly. You can wash it out. Lay a camping towel if you have one. They are better and dry faster than normal. I couldn’t help you, as it’s been the case, it’s the most important subject of a jerk, it’s a pillow, a scarf and a handkerchief.

Take a repellent, a cream You need to take. You also want to take protein bars and long-stored snacks. Food can be cut off. If there is no electricity, there are no restaurants. I took about 20 protein bars.

I strongly advise you to wear a pair of boots. You can buy in a department store. You will also need some durable backpack. Again, I wouldn’t trust whats sold in the supermarket. This should be a reliable backpack. Under the weight of the flasks, portables and notebooks, a backpack will just burst. Look for something with a bunch of pockets. The bag in a single-piece case.

Do not take a suitcase or bag on wheels. For my trip, I visited a local voentorg and purchased a used backpack from the ALICE system. All my belongings and toiletries fit into it. It will take you a lot of space.

Take with you individual medications for a month. Where you are going. Visit your doctor if you have time. Sometimes you can get sick. It is a great opportunity to suspect.

Take your money. There are no telephones and the Internet. You can find yourself where the elements hit. If you can buy your own food, do it. It will be a matter of need for it.

Before you go

Make sure everything is set right. Manually stack each item in your baggage. Keep your list of things to forget nothing. Get ready as if you are going to distant wild places. You need to be as maneuverable and prepared as possible.

Obtain contact information for all the resources you may need. You need a list of all the actors on your departure. Make sure that there are all your teammates. If you know what you are going to do.

Understand your mission represents. It will be a bit more than once. You must be given a message on your phone. It is much easier to send messages. Be prepared to be flexible.

You need to know the local hierarchy. Understand your main contact person. If you are reporting to.

I was not established. They only prepared instructions Much time was wasted without a clear plan. To use led to arguments. Everyone wanted to express their opinion.

I love the rules. I love you know what to take. I didn’t think so much about the army. Everything was thought out for me. I didn’t have to write a CPR manual; the red cross and the cardiologists association for it. I only needed to memorize the steps.

Try to work out a course of action before you arrive. You need to be in a state of emergency. At the very least, you need to know a few simple things. What frequency do we work at? What is the spare frequency? What mode of communication do we use? What time will the station be on the air? Will we check the condition of each of us every day? What work do we do? What is the description of these works? Write it down your paper and your alarming set.

Survival Tips and Skills

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