Reddit emergency radio manual. Part 2: Activities on the ground

In the second half of his improvised textbook on emergency radio communication Covers the directions of the signalman, gives recommendations.

Activity amateur radio emergency service It’s not a problem. first hand.

On arrival

Listen to the setting. Know what surrounds you. Do not take everything on faith. If you are in dangerous areas, specify what is meant by this. I was in a “dangerous” city. I asked how many murders are answered. My idea of ​​a dangerous place. People are almost always good. If you ask for help, you will often get it. Most crimes are petty and unplanned. If you have an expensive watch, leave it at home. Do not put your money in your wallet.

If you are a foreign country, you can use it. It may be different at first. Understand that you have stereotypes, and overcome them. Endanger yourself for your sake of compatibility; It may be harmful to bring you illness. Try to respect and recognize, despite the differences.

Rumors and distorted news. Ordinary communication methods violated. “Mill gossip” from this only is a gaining momentum. He had just heard. He was trying to find out if North Korea really struck the United States. The situation was aggravated. We have been able to find out how the United States has been turned into a nuclear wasteland. It was quite funny when it happened. I felt relieved that I survived. It turned out that North Korea did not attack us.

When traveling. The map shows you a convenient way. The road can be destroyed. Get ready for road obstacles. See if the traffic lights are turned off. You will get help before you arrive at the work site. Record any obstacles encountered.

When you arrive at your destination, try to reach your destination. emergency radio station. You can be sent to the exact location. You may be assigned a specific address. Find out where you need to be. It is advisable to find a supply, if possible. You can find your clothes, where you can find it. If it is possible to combine in one, then even better. It is not a problem. Those who have no experience in amateur radio, may not understand what your needs are. You can’t understand what the dipole is. Extend your understanding of radio communication. civil portable or sibishki with a six-meter antenna.

You want to be as close as possible to your equipment. Preferably sleep next to your radio. You never know when to send an emergency message. Easy to find you. If you have to leave


I always thought that the deployment radio emergency stations – the most pleasant thing in a hobby. I like Lego more than Monopoly. This is the time for fun. If you were sent one thing – it’s time to make friends. All these personal belongings come together. Do not be afraid to come.

Work with electrical connection

It may be necessary to access the power outlet. It is important to understand that the grid has been taken.

Standards for electrical networks, strikingly different in characteristics. Voltages range from 100 volts to 240 volts in many other states. If there is a wall outlet, it is not guaranteed. Even adapters. There is no need for an adapter. It is better to consult about electrical standards with the organization that sent you.

Volunteer radio amateur, It has been noted that this is a scam. However, it is important to remember that nothing is guaranteed. Damage to the power supply can lead to power surges, interruptions and blackouts. If possible, you can use batteries, generators and solar panels. For a long time, they are also subject to surges. If you’re working, you’ll be able to protect the equipment.

When working from emergency headquarters (for example, hospitals, police stations, emergency stations, fire stations, emergency shelters, etc.) It may be possible that it will be possible to use it. Whatever you do, get permission to turn off something, even if you don’t need it. It is not a business. Get permission to threaten anyone with your actions.

Electricity can be in danger. Take all necessary measures to avoid contact with the mains. Watch where you go and what you touch. It can be used if there is a problem. It is important to take care of the situation.

Antenna placement

If you are in a hurricane zone, then there may be no trees nearby. Think outside the box when placing the antenna. If you can be stretched above the street between two tall buildings. In the San Juan,

You need to keep in touch. You do not need to “reset” the main station. Antenna positioning is an important part of radio communication.

Station without disturbing others. You are a guest in a strange house, accordingly. Do not leave plastic screeds in the grass. Do not throw in the doorway. You are doing what you are doing or how your equipment works. If you’re trying to make up your wires everywhere.

When everything is installed, check the station for proper operation. Call the main station at the assigned frequency. If she doesn’t answer the windsoder and make sure you’ve heard it.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. I needed a ladder for one task, and I’ve been happy for help. But he didn’t have to be the antenna. You can always expect to be helped. And be grateful for any assistance.

Be resourceful. If you need an adapter, you can get it. Are you close to the ocean? Marine stations meter range using the same UHF-connectors, as amateur stations. Are there local rescuers here? They also use the radio. They may not be operators amateur radio service, but at the base they have a cable. Commercial radio stations may have accessories that you need. Amateur radio stores will not be at your service. Get it right.

When you got settled

The real work begins. emergency radio service. Call the main station. Tell her your exact location and situation. Street address. If you’re at this time, you can. If you run out of fuel for your generator, it can take time until the fuel supply is replenished.

You should also tell you what the obstacles you have encountered. Explain any restrictions that apply to you. Ask for help if you need it. It is a possibility that you have fallen into these places. “Draw” for the main station.

So you also need to get in your area. You can choose your backup route. Good emergency signaller – a good scout.

Know what you have arrived. You could not be expected. If you don’t know about them. Meet the local authorities. Find out what conditions they face. Make contacts with the area and keep records of them. Learn the names and positions. Explain your capabilities and what you can do. If you can send an e-mail, you can provide access to the Internet.

When you are on a mission

You – amateur radio operator, leademergency radio communication. You transmit messages. Do not complicate. You have been called to keep in touch. Hold it and do it properly.

While you are at your radio stations, try to help as you can. You should always remember. You may not be associated with the group. You are also a messenger amateur radio community.

Help with household chores. Keep your workplace clean. Keep things neatly folded in bags. Lay your bed neatly on the bed. This will facilitate and move to another position. A good standard, if you are ready. If your belongings are scattered, you need to reconsider your approach to using equipment and personal items.

In the morning You can cook dinner for a group. You can help with unexpected accidents.

I know few people for whom ham radio became a job. If you’re trying to find the right person I do not propose to go to work, rely on common sense.

I used my previous experience and knowledge in different circumstances. I always asked permission before doing anything. Once I shot stitches for a doctor. Another time put a bandage on the burns. I was here and considered it natural to help. My advice is not to make yourself a boss. It may be relevant to local specifics.

There is something that I discovered in other countries. In the US, it has been found that it has been a realtor, and it has been once the case for a person. You can meet people who are mechanics, scouts, doctors, or engineers in the military. These careers may not have a place in civilian life. After serving in the army, they can delve into the business world. AT ham radio many versatile sharp-witted people. Use your talents where they come in handy.

What to do in your free time

You can expect to be very busy at times. First few days of doing emergency radio communication will be the most difficult. Do not be surprised. When things go wrong, try some fun. Work 24 hours a day is impossible. Rest helps maintain concentration and productivity.

It is a great time to talk about the radio. Radio amateurs. I enjoyed contacting FT8 and JT65 in the evenings. If you are not successful from home.

What worked for me

Voice communication

Voice modes for me have always been effective. If I can’t call the main station, I can always connect with teammates who hear. There is a possibility that you can hear from outside. Use it to your advantage. Someone sitting in a radio room may be this hero.

My equipment

Modern transceivers are very reliable. They can not be fragmented. Only one item let me down; it was a coaxial cable. My Icom 7200 – well made piece of iron. It’s easy to handle. Only a few times I climbed into the instructions for communication digital modes. It is also very easy to use.

Improvisation and reliance on my previous experience

If you radio amateur, You have been tested in your life. The exam was supposed to be in the radio. Try to remember what you were taught. Each skill becomes a tool in your arsenal. I wish it was an antenna, which we didn’t have. It was a distance. We climbed to the tallest building in the city. But it was unattainable for our portable stations.

We had to improvise. We are literally put together to create a fully functional product on the fly. It is a shocking wave channel from the roulette canvas. The best thing about him is that he worked.

What didn’t work for me


Winlink did not work. Yes, it was possible to transmit messages through it. Yes, it is a valuable messaging tool. I have not had any problems with the software. There are few places where you need to go. It is interrupted. You have to start over. This is not a reliable view. emergency radio communication and it cannot be considered as such. I’m not trying to get a good job. They provided us with substantial support. I think this tool can be used in the future.

This can be a very simple way to deliver messages. You know the email address of each member of your group. This address is written as lt; callsign gt; It can not be easier. This would work much better if we deployed a node nearby.

I strongly recommend deploying a node for a peer-to-peer data transfer. Probably, on the continental part of the USA, where there are a lot of nodes, a winlink will work better. It does not work. Look at the list of nodes if possible. I recall a handful of units in Mexico, not one in the Caribbean. And very few outside of north america.

It is unlikely to be the same. “Zero” another. You will have a swivel antenna. It is hardly possible. Winlink, has been used for Internet connection.

Actual messages that are not forwarded by thread

As an amateur operator, it is your choice. It is not a list of conditions for the population.

There are only a few cases where the chain. Commercial purposes, playing music on the air or playing recorded messages. This is an exam for the initial amateur category. It is also forbidden to use language on the air. The rules are very clear.

I was in a critical condition. Let me make it clear that everyone understands this. HIPAA It does not apply to amateur radio. I hope that everyone will understand. HIPAA are those who receive remuneration for medical services. The situation is different.

And what’s more, organizations like Red cross are exceptions from HIPAA. Red cross the patient’s information. It makes it possible for the United States of America to agree on a patient’s case.

If you are a patient, then you need to accept it. These conditions are quite sufficient. If the patient is unconscious, verbal consent. In the medical world, there is a term “implied consent.” If he could speak for himself.

  • What information can you transmit? Patient name, condition, and location.
  • How can you convey this information? By any means possible. You can use the police ham radio. You can also search for family members in these ways.
  • Who can you tell about a patient? Individuals who should not have this information. US Department of Health is very clearly defined. It is not a family member. Use common sense. Patients and their loved ones.

Receive feedback from the station.

Every time he received his request. Locals crave feedback. They want to know what they received. Communication works both ways.

If you are looking for your zone, it’s helpful to know about it. This information can be shared with personnel and resources.

Operators, radio amateurs, leaving the post

Another point I want to highlight – amateur radio operators, irresponsible regarding the tasks assigned to them. If you are sent to a disaster area as radio volunteers, Please do not shy away. Do not suddenly decide to go into disaster management. Do not make it work. Of relevant organizations. If you wanted to conduct emergency work, you had to ask for this role. No one is strong emergency signalers did not drive.

You shouldn’t have to leave it to the organization. Your job is a volunteer. Fema (shtatovskaya Ministry of Emergency Situations – approx. translation.) does not accept volunteers. Fema works with organizations that accept volunteers. If you want to work for FEMA, send them your resume.

Sending radio operators one by one

Keep two amateur radio operator at every position. But you need to make teams of at least two people. If one of the partners is not radio operator, he is nonetheless able to provide valuable assistance. For example, help receive messages. The operator can mutually assist in the tasks of the partner. Your partner may need to contact him to clarify an incomprehensible task. You can legally allow him to contact your radio stations under your supervision.

You can monitor the message flow in turn. You are a licensed radio amateur.

Lack of suitable equipment for solving problems

You can not find out what particular situation. Our personal equipment with us. I can understand your reasons. There may be a unique communication equipment. You will suffer damage. Also, you hardly want to carry it. It is not necessary to use unfamiliar equipment.

I thought it would be my mission. I also know what to prepare for such a short time. Should not be stripped for the best.

To take my personal portable radio station. Portables take up little space. Laptops are also the most complicated programming keyboard. Each radio is different. I would take my equipment from the HF from home.


First of all, let’s talk. (Cited from

In particular, it is not a problem to understand the situation in the field of firefighters. It is incredibly important that it can be carried out. also in ham radio In the case of the environment, it’s not a problem. Radio amateurs mistakenly believe that they’re still a license.

You were not sent to supervise you. You have been sent to work. If you take a leadership role, then you give up your role in providing communication. If you are assigned to support a particular group, then leave it to them. Do not make yourself who you are not. If you are sent to support a charitable organization, do not walk around in Fema-vest and penetrate meetings that you don’t need to attend. If you are directed to promote Fema in establishing communication, then do not meddle on meetings at headquarters.

It will help you. There will be more than enough people arguing over authority. When you have a hundred bosses, they have a hundred opinions. Information stops and no positive changes occur.

If you want to be a team member, you can choose one person. In the United States, there are about four thousand people. radio amateurs of the highest category. You are a very valuable and rare resource. Public relations officer. You don’t need to be FEMA coordinator. You need to be first class radio operator.

Such events attract a variety of people. Intensive care. If you have been working for a law enforcement practice. If you worked on a contract Defense ministry, There is a long understanding of military logistics and tactics. It is a damn clear Fema or another public service. You can laugh, but you’re talking.

I have never met people with emergency conditions. I was not sure. The only thing I could do was trust our opinions and advice. Do not undermine such trust by being caught in a lie.

If you are a poser, you should be telling your fables. You can be in the military intelligence. If you declare your involvement in Fema or law enforcement, you enter a sloppery slope, which you can roll directly behind the bars.

The current situation. This is far from maintaining emergency radio communication. It’s not a problem.

Do not meddle in the heroes. There is a good reason for your alarm radio styling does not include the cape [superhero]. I like you. Trying to become famous. If you do your job right, the journalists will come after you. It is a fact.

Proposals for the main station

A master station may need more operators than field stations. If you have operators in the field. [At the main station] to cope with this task. If you have any changes, it’s a matter of course. Field station received their information. All operators must be aware of. The correspondent callsigns.

The main station may need some transceivers. It will take at least one separate VHF transceiver, if you use this kind of connection. If you’re having teams with different groups. You even need a third VHF radio to operate as a simplex. If you need to use it. If possible, the main station should be located in a place with uninterrupted power supply. It is also very useful if there is a connection. The main station should not be located in an emergency. It can be coordinated with emergency operations.

It is not a case for the radio station. It is not a problem for you to get this information. This may result in unaccepted messages, albeit very important ones. Which brings us to the next point.

It is highly recommended daily radio networks. Perhaps more than once a day This is a way to make sure that everyone is up to date. In addition, decisions and assignments. Communication is a two-way street. You can’t see the situation or obligations.

Use the local radio amateurs

There is a rule that you can turn to your advantage. Everything radio amateurs Is it a valid postal address? You can find the address of the Internet radio engine. Callbooks have a search function by address. I found it the case in the United States. I literally came and asked for help. They were happy to help. One of them even lent mobile VHF station in the emergency work.

Using digital modes to determine passing

Another tool that came in handy to me was WSJT. This is a good way to understand who you can hear. It even came in handy for assessing the signal strength of correspondents. If you are familiar with the signs, you can see where the signal comes from. You can use the same program. If you are transmitting to you. It can be easily used.

(Another way to perform the same check is PSKreporter – approx. Trans.)

Educate local amateur radio

Try to talk about amateur radio everyone who is willing to listen. You can copy to anyone. If you’re not in a disaster zone, there’s a chance. Act as a messenger hobby. It’s not a problem.

One place I got a transceiver Icom 706 Mark II It is a power supply to it. No one in the whole town even knew how to turn it on. I thought that it was a waste of public money. For some days after a devastating storm. It was a reliable communication tool at hand.

It doesn’t take much effort. Both exams can be passed through. I brought in my hometown. Saturday and half the next Saturday. Of all, only one scout failed the exam. One of the adult counselors passed the exam for the next category. And this is all with radio knowledge in the past. The oldest scout at 13

In training, use the method “explain, show, direct, encourage.” This is a proven pathway. Let your cadets touch the radio and practice using the controls.

If you have the option to use it. You make this community literally safer, and help spread a terrific hobby.

Give an opportunity to radio amateurs to help you

In the case of the outside world, it is Hams are curious. You can turn it to your advantage. You may need to help with technical issues. The Morse code. Someone may not know. What you lead emergency communication, does not mean that the broadcast belongs to you. If you need offers, do not reject offers. Also, if someone interferes with communication from the outside, gently ask them to stop. Be polite, kind word and cat nice.

If you hear from

Even if you are not directly involved in emergency radio communications, you can still help. Take notes on the messages being sent. This is a great learning opportunity for you. If you are a couple of miles away. You can fall in on the transmission of messages through an intermediary.

I asked for help. I am interrupted. I’ve heard of the radio operator (KC7FPF?) I couldn’t know

Also, it was not once that I called the station. It became much easier because I could be sure that someone else hears me. So I could not find out my hardware problem.

It is the fact that we used. You should never do that. If you are transmitting. This is the usual politeness that we must exercise. We had the same problem in our team. I can remember that I’ve been recalling the telegram. Pretty unpleasant when you disturb emergency communication only because of non-etiquette.

This is not a field day.

You will not take your tourist trailer with you. This is not a field day. Emergency communication in the field – if you wear it in the park. You will not wallow in a lounge chair with a cocktail. Remember this when preparing to ship.

Field of your choice. It means that you represent. For a casual observer, your callsign doesn’t make any sense. The public doesn’t understand what “RE4XYZ” is, it is much clearer “emergency communication“or”EMERCOM Volunteer“.

Personally, I never wore a uniform. I had an ID card that I always carried on me. I didn’t need an orange vest. When I’m working, I’m not interested in getting too much attention.

What I would like to try

This is another kind of digital communication. I know that there is an opportunity to send Email via APRS. I also know what these messages should be short. This is a benefit. It is your choice. If you want to know how to use it, you can’t get the same thing. After receiving the message, it can wait for the recipient.

If there is a communication software, I would like to know more about it.

Work with microphone

It is important to use the correct microphone handling technique. In the case of a normal voice, it has to be It makes it possible for other users to use this method. Experience is the most important factors of voice modes – volume, speed, pronunciation and structure.

  • The volume level depends on the number of factors, including the transmission of the microphone. Over-the-modular speech and unintelligible speech. Simple advice: speak in a normal tone.
  • Speed: There is no certain pace for all occasions. In general, words are pronounced at a hundred words per minute. The transmission rate is accordingly. It is a great idea to record a message.
  • Pronunciation: for a good reception. Words vaguely pronounced can be misunderstood. All words are spoken in a widespread manner.
  • Pronunciation. Radio communication at a time. It should be passed. To ensure understanding, the radio transmission must be similar to the colloquial speech.

Other voice considerations

If you ever want to transmitting As an example, “Pavel Odin Roman Anna Tatyana, here Roman Zero Boris Olga Olga Tatyana. Please prepare to receive an emergency message. “

In this way, you are applying. If you’re not sure, you’re referring to it. If you want to call you this time.

It is also preferable to make pauses in long conversations. Maybe someone with emergency message need to turn on.

Thanks for paying attention. This is an unfinished text. If you have any suggestions, send them to kc_exactly (&) If you want to go ahead, make a list of participants.


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