Redkino massacre: 9 dead, the killer caught and testifies

What do you need for an ordinary person to take a weapon and just go kill people? Either serious mental problems, or substances that distort the perception of reality. The same alcohol, for example. And if the situation usually ends with a quarrel, stabbing and the use of various improvised objects, then if the alcoholic has a firearm, everything becomes much worse. But that is exactly what happened in the village. Redkino, that in the Tver region.

So. June 3 Evening. The company peacefully drank in the courtyard of their own summer cottage on the occasion of the birthday. Everything is peaceful, decorum, cultural. Until a local electrician appeared, a man who was very famous for his craving for alcoholic beverages. Already a drunken citizen began to insist on joining him to the feast. He was denied, of course, in a rude manner. And the situation on this would have ended if the electrician had not turned out to be 1) too drunk 2) very touchy 3) owner Saiga 12th caliber carbine. The citizen went home, took his weapon from the safe and went to take revenge.

The feast was already over by that moment, so there was no drinker on the spot. However, the electrician knew where his offenders live. And he went straight to them. Further events restore forensic scientists and criminologists, because the culprit massacre in Redkino not too well remember the details. Something like this happened. Seeing his “offenders”, the electrician opened fire. Surprisingly accurate, despite the intoxication of alcohol – most of the hits were fatal (some of them – in the head). And the citizen did not forget to kill the wounded victims with a butt. So, in a few minutes, there were 9 dead bodies. Nobody escaped, but one young lady managed to hide under a blanket and call the police. However, the neighbors in the dacha shots heard the shots and also called for help.

After making sure that the victims did not show signs of life, the electrician began to pull the bodies together in one pile, so that it would be easier to take it all out or burn it. Behind this fascinating affair, he was caught by the police outfit. Resistance during the arrest was not provided. Sober up, the killer began to testify. He shines at least Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 2, paragraph “a” – “Intentional murder of two or more persons.”

The reaction of the public is logical – “BAN WEAPONS! TO TASTY ISSUE LICENSES! WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE REPETITION OF A TRAGEDY! ”. Well, yes, of course, the reason massacre in Redkino it was precisely the presence of weapons, and not an altered state of consciousness. Nothing prevented a citizen from just ramming the rest with his car (FORBIDING CARS, TO STRENGTHEN RENDERING RIGHTS), to take an ax and go to act (FORBIDES THE AXES, TO RESTRAIN THE RULES OF ISSUE OF POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TOOLS, TO RESTRAIN THE RULES TO ISSUE POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TOOLS! How regularly do other touchy alcoholics. So maybe the problem is not in the weapon itself?

In general, it is very interesting, as nowhere officially officially working a chronic alcoholic could legally get hunting weapon. How did he go through a psychiatrist, if we consider that the memory of residents Redkino, sober he almost never been? And how did the local police officers allow the person to keep their weapons, who probably had administrative violations, albeit minor ones, by a blueness? Seriously, if all the usual stages of issuing a license for a firearm worked NORMALLY, there would be no such nonsense. But, as we well remember, “The severity of the laws is compensated by the non-binding nature of the laws.” So all attempts to tighten the rules will only enrich the main participants in the process of issuing licenses. And to the problems of law-abiding sober citizens.


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