Reflections on small arms of Russia

Relatively recently, I had an electronic epistolary dispute on this theme. Of course, it’s not a problem. This was the case.

So what do we have today? It is a small group of small arms. Recall that these tasks – the fight against terrorists.

A weapon set is: pistol, as a wearable weapon officer and crews of armored vehicles, machine, as the main weapon of the arrow, machine gun, as the basis of the fire sniper rifle, There are three types of cartridges: pistol, automatic and rifle.

Do we need new weapons?

Replaces these weapons in the planes.

If it’s a war in Syria. It’s not a problem. At least, the terrorists have no bulletproof vests.

It is necessary to ensure that our troops are in the field. work along the leading edge. Of course, there are far fewer, but they work far less often. It is a good practice for the current moment.

The second moment is moral.

Dragunov sniper rifle or gunner armed with a PC, and cartridge, that was used at the end of the 19th century, and Mosin rifle, This is a legend.

However, this is a hopelessly outdated weapon system. It was not a problem. & Development of the national budget. Expensive pleasure, you see.

As they say – do not change. It is worth it. However, no one can forbid us to chat backstage, either.

Tomorrow’s military industry

The situation with the situation in the military field. Let’s look at the situation in the world.

There are not many arms brands and gunsmiths in the world. Almost all of them are European. Japan, with the country of armory, I can not name. Interesting rules, no rules for you, no rules for you, nothing else. It would be possible to call the gunsmiths of Israel from afar, and the Sa. Czech submachine gun. 23 (samopal vzor 48 vysadkovy), which in Israeli execution became PP Uzi (Heb. ?????) ????. It would not be discussed here. So, only for the USA and the USA remain for discussion.

And what do we see? It is a matter of protection.

The US military has recently seen a steady caliber fashion. 7.62. American soldier replied on the market AK-47, despite the severe repression by the command. This is not the case of the Afghan Mujahideen appeared heavy body armor. Those as walked in their improvised unloading and walk. The reason is that 5.56 NATO, The 7.62 Soviet Union doesn’t have to scourge it. In addition, experts are carefully eyeing the equipment for the Russian army.

Thus, the dispute of arms and the projectile has been through the superpowers to the pre-readiness stage. For example, this will have been a form of firearms.

New weapons of Russia

Let us make an image for ourselves new weapons of Russia. There are several disadvantages of alternatives to it:

1. Small caliber

Small caliber – Where is the world war globalization, where is a soldier? is correspondingly ammunition increased by a third. And for sure: if we are before receiving the machine AK-74 It was worn in their pouches.

To clarify the matter. Then there is the center of gravity, and so on. In fact, the Russian soldier always loved and loves 7.62 Finds out what you need to do.

Is it worth increase caliber wearable weapons? I think no. Is the 7.62 / 39 cartridge optimal? Yes, it is quite. Moreover, since the beginning of the 80s, there has been a lot of ammunition for various purposes and tasks. Up to the light sniper rifle.

2. Barrel length

He has been assuming a rifle-assault rifle and cannonball. The green stuff. But when the war begins, it becomes more difficult. If you’re on fire, you’re on fire, you can’t go on the attack.

This is why we’ve taken a look at the international traffic control system. In the desert is much more convenient. According to the most modest sensations – by a third.

3. Arrangement of weapons

Today’s classic weapons are going through hard times. Many countries, mainly NATO countries, bullpup, hen behaved

Conveniently? I think not, not convenient. If there are no canopies, it is heavily outweighed. Weapons of fighters. Of course, there is a way to make it. It can be a work.

Convenient in this case, and carrying over the trunk. The french didn’t have something similar, while it was dramatically reduced. While no one came up. Here we leave the question open. I think it is probably 70% in the scheme bullpup. Let the soldier choose what is more convenient for him.

4. Engine automation

Gas engines If you’re a little bit harsh, you’re automatic shutter. It is at least incorrectly.

Automation, It gives a lot of effect on the gas engine. There are many weapons and weapons in the future. Auto shutter, It has been confirmed today. 7.62.

5. trigger mechanism (trigger)

Where is the playful hands? Right in USM. It is a delicate thing. This is not the case for the Kalash, AK 12, USM made of removable USM right in the field. It is in my opinion, desirable. There is also an idea to introduce USM instead of shooting an endless line shooting seven shots. First, it will discipline the disorderly soldier in battle.

6. aiming devices

Front and rear sight no one has yet been canceled in Russia. What can be in vain, because even the most primitive optical or collimator gives you a lot of advantages. But not the sights. That’s why it is called. There are no longer prototypes, but experimental samples. It is a little expensive.

7. Fire control knob

Like a grip and grip, what’s special? Well, it can be made more ergonomic, or anthropological, everything?

Not. This is a separate conversation. Only one “but” – it can be a straight handles straight under 90 degrees to the trunk, or gentle. Fire control knob The angle is nothing.

8. Type of weapon

I didn’t need to determine future weapons some particular type. I think that today’s industry is submachine gun (trunk light up to 20 cm), then machine (trunk average 60 cm), then light machine gun (80 cm), then snaps into a light sniper rifle (barrel sniper 80 cm).

The experience of fighting in Novorossiya SCS as a sniper rifle. I think it’s possible to use it, you can’t get it. sniper rifle with working range 1200 meters.

If you use a gun, it’s easier to get around the gun. Therefore, it is not necessary to call it a weapon of any type. For example, by the type of our aviation complexes – USK 2020, or “2020 Universal Shooting Complex“On the battlefield, one cartridge with several versions, USM single and easily replaceable, sights, fire control knob – all one.

That’s all. There are many talented gunsmiths can develop the design.

Pavel shirshov
Editor of the All-Russian Public Organization of the veterans “FIGHTING BROTHERHOOD”

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