Refuge for Survival: How to Survive a Natural Disaster

We briefly reviewed the following points: survival shelter, how to settle for the night. In this part, let’s estimate a specific action plan for natural disasters and natural threats.

Suppose you are in the area of ​​misfortunes – floods, hurricanes, and the like. In this case, you can quickly dump, in which case the bad. It was not a good idea. Well, what have you got?


The first is a place to hide and live. It is good to have a tip, (a wigwam is more understandable), a yurt. Ideally, of course, to have a forever natural disaster. Regardless of which it is accepted. In the winter periods. Do not forget about ventilation!


Asylum is good, but There is nothing to do about it. It also should not be forgotten about your campsite. Water purification products. If you’re a little girl, you’ll be able to live? Something simple and not requiring complex care. It can be useful.


Settled in or near the forest. Cooking and heating. Firewood in advance, plus they will dry out. This is not a renewable resource, thoughtfully.

It’s not a problem. natural disaster or another scourge. If you have a roof over your head, do not worry about survival.

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A refuge for survival. Part 3: how to survive a disaster

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